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Geeks Speak, Worms and Viruses, Oh my!

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  • Geeks Speak, Worms and Viruses, Oh my!

    Is anybody else just getting pummelled with that new virus? JEBUS!

    My web site is set up to send me *anything* and DAMN if I didn't get a couple of hundred emails with random names in fromt of my .com that included an attachment with that new worm virus yesterday! I had to change my default to not accept mail that wasn't to an existing address. Grrrr.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.

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    Is there a downloadable player for shockwave videos? Even though I have SW, it doesn't seem to come with anything akin to a Divx or a WMP (or maybe it does and I just don't know how to use it?). I went so far as to dl a SWF -> AVI converter today but it totally didn't work and I have some clips that I'd like to watch somewhere besides the site they're on, because I imagine they won't be up forever.


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      Every time I turn on my computer I get a "Golden Palace Casino has been installed in your computer! Would you like to play? YES NO." I've been eating ramen for breakfast, pal. Does it look like I have casino fun times money? Get off my computer!


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        Ahh, my new favorite spam is from "Dark Profit" with the subject line "Thank you for your order." Inside the email is an invoice:

        Dear customer,

        We are glad to inform you, that your Sales Order
        has been successfully completed.

        Sales order number: 3445096-01.04
        Customer' Number: 1333027
        Amount charged: $149.95
        Time of charge:
        Product ordered: 1 Month Child Porn Unlimited Online Access.
        Customer' Email: <snip>

        Please note, that refunds are not available for this type of transactions.
        Your credit card was charged by, it will appear on
        your next credit card's statement.

        Kings regards, Sales Department.
        [email protected]
        You can also cancel your order by phone:
        call us +1 877 479 7378
        Finally! I was wondering when my order for one month child porn unlimited access would ever go through. Dark Profits to the rescue!

        Kings regards!


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          There are a few really nasty worms spreading fast right now: GaoBot and Sasser. You might want to run Windows Update and force a Norton LiveUpdate.


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            I'm being sent W32.Netsky at least once a day. This morning I received it three times. Oh lucky me.


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              Help! I already know I'm going to sound like a complete dufus asking this, but here goes.

              I want to be able to burn both DVDs and CDs. So if I order a computer with a read/record DVD drive, will it burn CDs (as well as DVDs) or do I need an extra dedicated CD-read/record drive for burning CDs?

              I'm at Dell's website and not sure what to get! (Normally I ask my brother these types of things but we're not speaking... or technically I'm not speaking to him because he's been a shithead.)


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                Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that you do need separate drives - or one that says DVD/R and CD/R. The two technologies are completely different, I think. They have been able to combine reading both in the one drive, but I believe that burning is a whole different issue.

                I could be wrong, and there could be multi drives out there, but I've not heard of one, I don't think.


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                  My computer was infected by spyware so badly and it's been causing all kinds of madness for me lately. The boy finally convinced me that I had to reboot and erase everything (including the fun media stuff I have that I don't have backed up) and so now it's all gone. My heart is a little bit broken.

                  On the plus side, my computer now runs like a happy little virgin in the Internet world.


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                    I listened to my friend who said you should occasionally refresh your hard drive, and so I uninstalled Microsoft Office, and now it won't reinstall! *sobs* I am at a loss. I need that! I keep getting some kind of error message about missing some Access database thing and it vexes me because I don't even need stupid Access.