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  • DIY: Hints and Don'ts

    Right - we're on a DIY kick just now, and I decided that I MUST tell y'all about something that we bought off the telly (I was going to start a thread on Telly Shopping, but figured that it would only be me that was pathetic enough to do that in the first place. Though I'm not talking about shonky jewellery from QVC or anything).

    AAAAAaaaanyway. Fee's house has got 3 cast iron fireplaces in them - Victorian, ones that look great. When she moved in they were gloss painted (GAH!!!), and she set about stripping the one in the lounge. For a month. With Nitromores (dunno if it's the same name in the US, but it's toxic as fuck, and stinks) and wire wool.

    Flash forward 4 some years, and the queen of telly shopping enters her life and buys Ready Strip to do the job. OMG! It's fucking INCREDIBLE. It does exactly what it says. It has a slight odour, but it goes on like frosting, and once it's turned white, scrape it off (with your finger if you want, it's that easy) and the paint is gone. It really is the best thing I've ever seen for removing paint. It works on wood, metal, plaster...

    Anyway - I'm aware that I'm a complete dork posting so much about this, but I figure that enough of us own homes/decorate/watch trading spaces that I'd be humoured a little.

    Humour me, dammit!!!

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    Wee! Excellent! I've been meaning to repaint my mom's paint-chippy iron patio furniture and now I won't have to kill myself over it.

    Edited: Bwa! "Back to Strippers"