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  • UM YEAH... this is the bullshit TWoP became.

    There is no "majority" or "minority" post what YOU think. Don't reference what other people are saying. Don't go boards on boards.

    Follow the site's 15/15 rules. In this case, it means reading the entire thread before posting.

    This isn't the place to discuss where to talk about the show now or after TWoP is gone. This thread is for episode discussion only.

    This also isn't the place to discuss the spinoff. This is for How I Met Your MOTHER discussion only.

    Please try to post something of substance to the conversation. One word posts or "me too!" posts don't cut it.

    Tighten it up. There have been a LOT of site rules violations here.

    Edited by TWoP Roxy, Today, 03:51 PM.
    People commiserating about worst finale ever and OH YEAH, THE SITE IS DEAD. You are moderating nothing, you joyless harpy! You're an impotent hall monitor! What is your damage?! Beeksus.


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      • She's probably making sure nobody runs in and calls Wing a cunt.

        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • Oh God, I am so tempted to spam the whole thread with that. It would take a minute for them to find it. I don't actually care about Wing at all, but that shit would make me laugh SO HARD.


          • I tried my best to get through Pamie's YA recaps, but didn't even make it through all of the pilot. The long form recap was really an artifact of a specific time window, huh?

            And just when I had decided it didn't matter (to me) in the slightest if all the recaps went poof, this announcement was made:

            TVWithoutPity ‏@TVWithoutPity 12h
            Bad news for producers of the past decade and a half's worst shows; good news for our fans: TWoP's archives will stay up.
            Okay, whatever.


            • I didn't actually believe they'd pull the archives. I figured the "outcry" would give the archives (which I'd bet are rarely looked at before this week) a stay of execution.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Ha! What of the people who ran to PTV? They must be foaming there.

                ETA. Scratch that. They're saying the forums are closing anyway.
                Last edited by dada_teacher; 04-03-2014, 09:02 AM.


                • The boards are closing FOREVER in five weeks and all of this will be obsolete and this is what the mods are wasting their time doing.
                  TWoP Lockley

                  TWoP Moderator

                  Posted Apr 24, 2014 @ 2:37 AM





                  Seriously. I have cleaned out this thread and deleted a bunch of boards on boards posting.

                  DON'T talk about other people's opinions.

                  DON't dissect how or why another person expresses their opinions. If you are about to apply an adjective to the way in which another person has expressed him or herself or are using the phrase "you seem to be --fill in the blank--" you have ceased to be talking about the show and instead are talking about the boards. Stick to the show and your own opinions of it.

                  DON'T speak for a group of people in your post.

                  DO be respectful of others

                  DON'T get into an antagonistic back-and-forth in the thread.

                  DO stay on topic...which is the episode of this particular TV show, not insight into how generally a rape victim may feel, act or think. You can dissect the finer points of how MELLIE in particular has handled her horrific situation in the MELLIE thread.

                  Oh and if you're using the phrase "victim blaming" and not applying it directly to a description of a character appearing ON THE SHOW or a scene that happened on the SHOW, you are probably talking about the fandom or your fellow posters which is boards on boards and you will be immediately banned.
                  This Scandal post is just the most recent I've come across but the mod of the HIMYM forum was doing it all over the finale thread for days too. The unnecessary bitchiness, the condescension, the OMB YOU MAKE MY FAKE LAME DUCK ~JOB SO HARD exasperation, and the utter futility of it all. Boards on boards! Oh, the humanity!


                  • So it looks like that promise to keep the archives up was bullshit. The site's been down for at least the past few days.


                    • You have to think that it has so few page impressions it's not worth it to them, I guess? Still kinda shitty. It's not like it takes up SO much bandwidth or money to keep something like that up for a big company.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • New ownership. The comments are grrrrrreat!

                        I got repeated warnings for making posts that were "like an academic paper".

                        I was permanently banned from TWoP for participating in a "rival" message board.

                        I got banned once because one mod saw me say something mean about another mod.
                        On LiveJournal.


                        • I was going to say that I kinda can't believe people are still butthurt over all that stuff, but then I remembered where and who I am. And I still hate Sars and Wing and Miss Alli, so I'm just gonna shut up with my judging.

                          Also, I chuckled when someone in the comments referenced the "being invited into someone's home and peeing on their floor" analogy. Was that one of the Fametracker posters during the meltdown or one of the mods during the Pamie Gilmore Girls Recap brou-haha? Or both? They really loved to remind users that they were getting that content FOR FREE and therefore criticism was WRONG.


                          • Is Linda Holmes the girl from TWoP who wouldn't admit she wrote fanfic? Or am I remembering someone else?
                            Linda Holmes is the author of Evvie Drake Starts Over (3.84 avg rating, 122806 ratings, 13932 reviews, published 2019), Flying Solo (3.61 avg rating, 164...


                            • Your memory is correct - she is Glory, Girl Writer, who was embarrassed to be writing fanfic.


                              • She's my villain origin story.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.