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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Vlog- Whaaaaat!

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    Do it!

    It only takes a two or three hours to catch up, since the eps are just 5 mins long.

    The ships are generally solid and canon (duh). And no triangle! They even made Fitz gay, so nobody is even tempted to ship Lizzie with him.

    There seems to be only one controversial shipwar in TLBD . . . and that's that there are a surprising number of folks who think Lydia/Wickham is TRU WUV, even if he is trying to get rich by releasing a sex tape of her without her knowledge. They made Wickham just a tiny bit too believably charming, and the actress playing Lydia is a little *too* good at falling in love with him and making their relationship seem epic against the odds. So there are Lyckham shippers on tumblr, and anti-Lyckham shippers. There are even Lyckham apologists who think maybe the sex tape was Lydia's idea and it's all going to turn out happy for them.

    I don't know which way they will go with this . . . it made sense 200 yrs ago that having Wickham marry Lydia was the wisest and happiest solution, but that's obvs not going to work in modern day. I assume they will have Lydia leave him for good, but maybe not? Maybe she will choose to forgive or something and accept him despite his many, many flaws? I really don't know. It would send an odd message if that's what happens.

    Anyway, since Wickham basically equals Chuck Bass, I don't think there is any danger of you being very Lyckham-y, linda.


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      Hand porn is great and everything, but I'll be VERY disappointed if we don't get at least one making out session between the two couples.
      Oh me too! BUT...not till (towards) the end.

      I'm also laughing at dada spoiler tagging something that is basically from a 200 yr old book. If anyone doesn't know what happens next in P&P by now . . .
      Hee! Yeah, but I *get it*. I didn't want to spoil you about Darcy until you'd seen him. It's all the same but different enough that seeing how *different but the same* it is is fun!

      Just popping in to say I love how you guys love all kinds of Diaries.
      Ha! We really do. I didn't notice that either.

      I want to watch this so we will all ship the same way for once.
      DO IT! I double dog dare you to watch and not love this vlog.


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        They put GiGi's second Domino demonstration up on Pemberley's Facebook:

        For some reason it is not up on the main site, though.

        I agree with the commenter who said 'Worst corporate demo ever'. ha! GiGi is not really the most professional of workers. I wonder if she ever got that tour group of kids out of the rooftop pool?

        She is, however, definitely captain of the Lizzie/Darcy ship.


        “I’m totally loving the user interface,” says Georgiana Darcy, who will be demonstrating the Domino app on Pemberley’s public video portal for the next few weeks.

        “I especially love using the video feature, so my stupid brother at least has to look me in the face while he’s being a patronizing jerk. Did he even sleep last night?? God, I’m going to kill him.”

        The development team is thrilled with progress so far and can’t wait to unveil the rest of Domino’s cutting-edge multimedia capabilities.

        “It’s been a real privilege to be involved in this exciting project,” says Domino programming team lead Anne Elliot. “It’s another big step toward the vision of our young Chief Executive, who has shown such determi—Oh god, I don’t think I can do this. I just want him to be happy, why does everything have to be so haaaard.”
        Anne Elliott!


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          Anne Elliot! Persuasion is my second favorite.

          Yeah, I was debating using the spoiler tags on that one but I figured better safe than sorry. They would have banned me from TWoP for that!

          Wow, the casting department was spot on! Darcy and Gigi actually look alike! Seeing them side by side was amazing.

          Linda! Watch! This is actually very fun and I wouldn't mind if you decide to ship Bing Lee with Lizzie or whatever. Oh, Darcy/Bing. That would be interesting. Or Darcy/Fitz!

          ETA: Wow, I do use the exclamation points a lot. I should stop that.


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            Yeah, I was debating using the spoiler tags on that one but I figured better safe than sorry. They would have banned me from TWoP for that
            I hate their policies on what is a spoiler and what isn't. They just don't make sense and have to be explained to EVERY new poster.

            That WAS the worst corporate demo tape ever. They need to hire Charlotte.


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              I've been reading some TLBD fanfiction (shut up) and there's actually some pretty good stuff out there. Mostly one-shots and missing scene stuff, which is perfectly alright with me because I just don't have it in me to invest anything more than a few minutes at a time and half my attention into reading it. But one fun thing is that the stories that go on past what we've already seen on screen and portray ways the rest of the story could play out could almost be taken as speculation. And you know how I LOVE speculation.

              So one story and scene in particular that I found interesting is one where Lizzie reenacts a visit she has from Ms Catherine de Bourgh where she visits Lizzie and insists she deny the rumor she's heard that her nephew Darcy has offered Lizzie a job at Pemberley and that they are sleeping together. Of course Lizzie denies it. Then she tries to get Lizzie to promise that she would never accept a position or sleep with Darcy and Lizzie refuses, causing Catherine de Bourgh to threaten that she will make sure that Lizzie never gets a job in her chosen industry blah blah trashy sister blah blah golddigger blah.

              I love this *speculation* on how things could go down because the idea of an engagement type thing between two characters who have never even gone on one real date or even kissed would be completely unrealistic.


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                I do wonder how much they will incorporate CdB further . . . just the idea of anyone's aunt being that overinvolved in her nephew's personal and professional life is a bit silly nowadays. But they can't leave out a Lizzie/CdB confrontation entirely, because it was pretty pivotal in the book as being the moment that solidified how Lizzie felt about Darcy.

                I guess we'll see.


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                  But they can't leave out a Lizzie/CdB confrontation entirely, because it was pretty pivotal in the book as being the moment that solidified how Lizzie felt about Darcy.
                  Well not only that, but if Darcy is still following Lizzie's vlogs it would be him SEEING her refuse to promise not to work at Pemberly or sleep with him (or whatever acutally goes down in the confrontation) because I highly doubt that CdB would actually go and admit to him that she was meddling like she did in the book.


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                    Interview with cast and crew!

                    Can't wait for today's instalment.


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                      New episode is up.

                      Awww. I can't even...


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                        Poor Lydia. I can't believe Lizzie thought that about her.


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                          A fan created an account for Anne Elliot:

                          Anne Elliot ‏@MsAnneElliot
                          well. i mean. how do you tell your CEO you just want him to get laid already??

                          Anne Elliot ‏@MsAnneElliot
                          "Dear Mr. ___: The programming team has determined that our work environment would be 300% more productive if we weren't constantly...

                          Anne Elliot ‏@MsAnneElliot
                          "… refreshing Twitter to keep up your sister's reports on your love life. xoxo, Anne."


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                            That twitter (and that post) is amazing.

                            I really liked this episode, even though Lizzie kind of got on my nerves.


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                              New GiGi Domino vid:

                              A little bit stilted this time? But anyway, sounds like Fitz and Darcy are on top of things.


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                                New vid. TLBD 86:

                                I *might* have teared up just a little . . . although I was eye rolly about Jane giving up her dream job to come home. The world doesn't stop just because someone is releasing a sex vid about your sister, Jane!