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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Vlog- Whaaaaat!

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    OMG. When she pleads with the viewers my heart just burst.

    We need something uplifting.


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      That is my fave gifset. That tiny little smile and the way he looks away after she touches his arm!


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        I know! It's the TLBD equivalent to

        He is just so hyper aware that she just touched him. But he can't even let himself be happy about it because he believes that she still loathes him.

        Poor Mr. Darcy. I just want to make a green bean cranberry mold so that Lizzie will take it over in the rain in a white dress that becomes completely see through. They will meet up somewhere between their houses in the storm, run to an abandoned cabin with no electricity, and then have to wrap up in blankets and snuggle naked under the blankets for warmth.

        Hee. I'm supposed to be getting ready for work, not daydreaming about P&P, TLBD, and bad fanfic.


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          I didn't even know that was a P&P gif! Was it from the Keira version? I have yet to see that. Keep waiting for it to hit Netflix . . .

          Anyway, new Gigi Domino vid:


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            apparently resistance is futile! I've been marathoning these all day.

            Lydia makes me laugh so hard that I go into coughing fits. Her lines in vid 15 (?) were perfect.


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              Was it from the Keira version? I have yet to see that. Keep waiting for it to hit Netflix . . .
              Yes! I absolutely LOVE that movie! I love it equally with the BBC version. And it surprised me that I did because I went into it with an eyeroll and a "gee, Keira Knightly in another period piece. great." But Matthew MacFadyen just stole my heart with his expressive eyes, and I actually really liked Keira as Lizzie. And Jane is just PERFECT. You NEED to watch it.

              ETA: This is the PERFECT show to be watching when you are sick Res! Hopefully you feel better soon.
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                Teen Wolf/TLBD mashup!

                I didn't even know I wanted one, but why not?



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                  For anyone that has access to The Oxygen Channel (and cares)--the Keira Knightley version of P&P is showing on Friday the 15th.


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                    I didn't like the Keira version. Were was all the wit? I don't know... it used all the tropes and not in a good way imo.

                    LOVED that Gigi defied Darcy!


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                      Super cut of all of Lizzie's Darcy insults and Darcy-bot impressions:

                      Of course, now I watch these and wonder just how badly they must have hurt his feelings!


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                        Wow. Seeing it all together like that just makes me realize how HORRIBLE Lizzie's behavior has been. It's not just bad mouthing him to her family and friends, it's broadcasting it to the WORLD. Name calling, mocking, and insulting him by a manner that his family, friends, and co-workers could see. That is just so BAD.

                        Imagining him watching the videos is actually heartbreaking. He's in love with her and she's trashing him to the WORLD. Poor Darcy.


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                          Oh, no doubt that our Lizzie is a bit of a thoughtless monster, far beyond the book Lizzie. The nature of this medium, too, means that she has to be different kind of person than book Lizzie, who would never dream of being so public about anything of that nature.

                          Her crimes are, honestly, worse than anything she accuses Darcy of in the vids.


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                            Her crimes are, honestly, worse than anything she accuses Darcy of in the vids.
                            Yes, they really are.

                            I feel like there NEEDS to be a scene where Lizzie admits to rewatching old videos and being ashamed of the things she's said and done towards Darcy, to admit that it was her OWN pride and prejudice coloring her interpretations of their interactions that made her act so, and to apologize to him by name.

                            Because we all know that Darcy is somehow going to come to Lydia's rescue, and to have him then grovel to Lizzie without her making some amends for her behavior will leave a bad taste in my mouth.


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                              FYA did a scientific analysis of the casting of Darcy back in November when he first appeared:

                              They link to Wickham's OKCupid profile, btw. ha!


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                                New vid up! 8 mins long . . .:

                                off to watch.

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