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  • Frankenstein's finale was such a dud. I think it felt flat because I just could not get into Eli at all. I'd like to see Victoria in another project, though.

    BTW, Ep 7 of Classic Alice had cameos from Jo (Emma), Brent (Alex), Martin and Harriet! It's turning out to be a very enjoyable show so far.


    • The word around tumblr is that Joanna and Brent broke up.

      <--- Not surprised.


      • Yeah, I was just starting to put that together as well. They haven't shown up on each other's instas since September. And separate vacations are a pretty good giveaway. He was definitely in El Salvador without her, and now she's in Hawaii visiting her folks without him.

        She posted this yesterday from Hawaii:

        And in the comments, it sounded like people were taking the fact of the break-up to be established. Jo often responds to her insta comments, but not this time.

        This one bums me out!

        The last Jo-ent insta moments . . . perhaps FOREVER . . .



        I really hope this doesn't affect a potential EA S2 . . . but it kinda has to, right?

        People who are so fricking fracking adorbs together should not be allowed to break up!

        Oh, well. Here's some DVG to cheer us (me) up:

        With Wickham on Halloween! I love that so many of the Pemberly peeps hang out IRL. But . . . I'll bet that can get messy, too. I keep waiting to hear that we have the first crossover romance, with Jane Bennett shacking up with Frank Churchill or something random like that.


        • That naked DVG pic with the tea... Yeah, I don't know how to describe that pic.

          On a happier EA note, a cute behind the scenes vid.



          • Well, this was clearly recorded pre-breakup. "teammates on and off set".

            *sobbing forever*


            • Awww. *sniff*

              Why must dada always be right about these things?


              • SHE'S A WITCH. BURN HER!

                Still enjoying Classic Alice, even though I'm not really that into Andrew, tbh. And the whole Andrew/Heather side plot has been so thinly done that it's pointless and useless. But Alice is very very very likable, and so is Cara.


                • Have y'all seen MKW's other stuff with the Shipwrecked crew? She did a super cute 20 min short film about love in the Harry Potter wizard rock world called 'I Ship It':

                  And also with the same co-star and team, an eight part mini-webseries called 'Kissing in The Rain':


                  • So I stumbled on this thread last week. Needless to say I binge watched LBD and EA since then. I can't believe it took me so long to discover it. LBD was so amazing. I loved it soooo much! I loved all actors and the storyline was so nicely adapted. P & P is my favorite of all time and it was just so damn enjoyable. Happiness!


                    • Suzie, welcome aboard! I wish I could turn back time and binge watch LBD for the first time too. Those were the days.

                      Ophy, I meant to watch those two MKW project for ages but I don't have time! I still haven't seen the last Frankenstein episode.


                      • I am seriously about to turn around and watch LBD again.


                        • I've got the TLBD DVDS, and just did a re-watch of the whole she-bang a few days ago. It still holds up as the best of the adaptations so far.

                          So you guys . . .

                          2 days ago
                          Our very awkward Christmas family photo! #merrychristmas #happyholidays #grateful #happy

                          YOU GUYS YOU GUYS.

                          I was wondering if things were back to all good for Brentanna, because during Thanksgiving Brent commented on one of her insta pics:

                          Wish you were here!! 😘
                          With a little kissy heart emoticon. KISSY HEART EMOTICON.

                          Y'all caught up with Classic Alice yet? That almost kiss killed me. I can't believe I can't find a gif of it on tumblr.


                          • Wait, is this his family? Awwww.


                            • This gif just made me belly laugh for 5 minutes straight and I don't even know why.


                              • If you can watch this clip of the cast reacting to watching the EA finale without smying (smile/crying) then there is SERIOUSLY SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU.


                                Also, it's chock full of Brentanna goodness. I mean, talk about hand porn. So much hand stroking, beeksus.

                                And according to Brent, Jo's 'feelings button' is her belly button. I don't know what that means but it's adorable and they need to make babiez.

                                This tumblr lays out why this person believes that Brentanna is still split up: http://fuckyeahdarcyandelizabeth.tum...ent-and-joanna

                                Their evidence hinges on the fact that J+B stopped following each other on social media October 23rd . . . but Brent just refollowed Jo on everything Dec 3rd. The key is that it's all been him . . . he refollowed her, but she didn't refollow him. He posted the Christmas card pic, but she didn't respond to it. He has commented on a few of her insta pics since they split ("You're adorable", "Wish you here", KISSY FACES) but nobody has collected any evidence that she's done the same for him. So to me it sounds like they *are* split up, but he's trying to get her back. Maybe?

                                I'm not surprised that he can't let go. I CAN'T LET GO EITHER.

                                ETA What WebSeries Are You?

                                I got 'March Family Letters', which hasn't even launched yet. But now I know what to add to my list.
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