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  • She's still not re-following him on twitter, so no clue what is going on, but . . . things appear to be moving in a Brentanna-ly direction. Our month long Brentanna-less nightmare might be over.

    Brent Bailey ‏@BrentMBailey 5h
    5 hours agoWith @JoannaSotomura Back stage watching @Courtney and @AdamSandler kill it!! #MerryChristmas

    There was *no* reason to tag her in that tweet (since she's not in the pic) unless he was trying to tell the world they were together, right?

    But really, I'm waiting for another post like this to be sure:

    Anyway, for those of you watching Classic Alice, I'm kind of getting annoyed? Not with the storyline, which is fine, if a bit limp right now and a total bummer, but with the fact that they keep hinting that the show is over in a week unless people give them more money. They are in a constant state of fundraising. I get that it's hard to do this kind of thing without funds, but it also feels a little manipulative the way they are trying to drum them up. I'd rather go into a webseries knowing that there is a complete story to tell already plotted out (like TLBD and EA) and that we are moving towards a resolution, and not watch one that is in a constant state of being shut down unless they can nag the $ out of us. If I had realized there was a chance that the story would be left unresolved, I wouldn't have started watching in the first place. Also, the story has gotten limp. They are dragging the Andrew-near-kiss thing out in an unpleasant way that hasn't been fun and doesn't even seem plausible. Bah.


    • Apparently, Jo and Brent are trying to kill me.

      Vid of them sitting around waiting to start the auditions for Maddy Bates:

      They didn't know they were being filmed, so it's just 4 mins of them flirting with each other adorably. I don't *think* they were boyfriend and gf yet, but I could be wrong. It seems very earlyish.

      Dunno what is going on with these two, but Jo *did* RT the link to that vid after Pemberley Digital posted it. That's encouraging, right? And she posted this pic from the PD holiday party:

      The new Classic Alice was pretty good. At least Alice is all flustered instead of closed off.


      • The March Family Letters launched today:

        Amy is fucking annoying, and I'm meh on Meg already. But Jo is likable, I guess.


        • OMG, I'm definitely NOT watching this.

          <---- Forever bitter shipper.


          • Joanna Sotomura & Brent Bailey Unscripted w/ James Brent Isaacs | Emma Approved



            • Awww they were so cute.



                2 hours ago
                Very happy to ring in the new year with these special people. So many amazing things happened in 2014, but I can already tell 2015 is going to be even better.

                She's being much more discreet on her insta . . . but she did thank him for a xmas present (she spent xmas with her fam in Hawaii, and he was off with his fam elsewhere):

                7 days ago
                Loving my new #Bose headphones!😍Thank you thank you thank you!!😘#ultimatedanceparty #merrychristmas
                And thank you so much @brentmbailey!


                Jo just posted this other version:

                2 minutes ago
                Happy 2015 everyone!!😘🎆🎊🎉 #latergram#semisillypic

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                • Don't mind me, I'm just going to keep on collecting data on Brentanna being back together:

                  Joanna Sotomura ‏@JoannaSotomura 14m
                  About to try snowboarding for the first time! Any tips? #Imnotfreakingout #yesiam [😅] [😳] [😁]

                  Brent Bailey ‏@BrentMBailey 13m
                  Up early to go to #bigbear for a day of snowboarding! Pretty excited to surf and snowboard in the same week. Gotta love #California [😃] [🌊] [❄️]

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                  • Brent took video of Jo's first snowboarding:


                    If anyone gifs the cute couply stuff (cheek kissing! head on shoulders!), I'll post it here.

                    I think we can confidently say 100% that they are NEVER breaking up again (SHUT UP, DADA).

                    Oh, and Classic Alice is finally moving in a forwardly direction, I guess, but it's still not feeling as fun to me as the earlier eps.

                    At least we did get this:


                    • Should I be watching Classic Alice? If so link me up because I somehow missed us talking about it.

                      I seriously couldn't watch past the first 3 minutes of the March Family Letters. Should I try again or is it complete shit?


                      • Yes on Classic Alice. Even though I'm finding it a bit flatter these days, it's definitely worth a watch.


                        I've only watched the first ep of the March Letters, so I have no opinion. I wasn't totally sold, but maybe it gets better.


                        • So I watched all 29 episodes of Classic Alice and it's cute. It took me many episode to get past the fact that Andrew looks like he's 32 years old but I'm over it because he's so adorably into Alice.

                          I don't think I can make myself watch The March Letters.


                          • Is this a new one? I think it's a new one. Brent and Joanna



                            • Yep, there has been new stuff.

                              From Brent:

                              This is an old pic, but Brent just posted it today:

                              From Jo:

                              Bonus! From Dayeanne (Harriet):


                              • Adorbs!

                                But I'm also confused. Is it going to continue or is that it?