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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Vlog- Whaaaaat!

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    That was heartbreaking.


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      Watched it again. Cried again. Man. I'm fine until Lydia starts weeping into Lizzie's arms and then I lose it. I know she needs to grieve the loss of the relationship and the person she thought George was, but it's so hard to see.

      Hopefully she gets to the "mad" stage of grief soon because watching her be so broken is just terrible.


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        Yikes! Gigi's new Domino vid:

        She talks to George! He claims to be innocent!

        Man, Pemberley is like the least professional company EVER. So many lawsuits.


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          The Lizzie - Lydia video is so awesome! Very emotional, very touching. Great acting by both.

          <--- runs to watch domino video.


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            So some peeps are making a P&P movie called Longbourne told from the perspectives of the servants.


            I sort of find this troubling . . . not because I have any real issues with it (an interesting idea, actually), but just concerns that it might play into this idea that servants had no lives of their own and lived vicariously through their employers' lives. Sort of Rosencrantz and Guildensternish (even though I do love R&G, tbh). They might do something completely different, though. If you focus too much on Lizzie and Darcy and whatnot (and the servants at Longbourne weren't even around for the really interesting Dizzie stuff), then you minimize the servants as characters in their own right. But if you focus too little and make it just part of the background to new stories and characters, it's not really P&P, is it? I'd prefer the second version, I think.
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              I don't know what to think about that movie. Time will tell, I guess? I'm not averse to the idea and I agree that it'll be more interesting if they don't dwell much about Darcy and Elisabeth.

              Domino helped! Hee. I loved that.


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                I love that Gigi (and Domino) may have just saved the day.

                Does anyone believe George? If Lydia and George are actually going to end up together like in P&P then they will almost HAVE to have George be telling the truth, and instead of a monster who would use Lydia like that he's a weakling who ran when the tape was stolen instead of facing the fallout.

                OR he's a lying asshole trying to get Gigi to fall for his sob story since he knows that Darcy is after him now. I dunno.


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                  New one up on tumblr!

                  off to watch.

                  ETA I am simultaneously:

                  and also this:

                  Basically just:

                  I don't even think I realized I missed having a sister (got two brothers instead) until TLBD.

                  Thank beek the worst really is over. Now I want to see Lydia get her spark back!
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                    Awww, that was so sweet! I think that was my favorite of the three latest. And way to go Darcy!


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                      I don't even think I realized I missed having a sister (got two brothers instead) until TLBD
                      Well I have a few and it is EXACTLY like that. NOT. Except for the bitching about Mom thing, that is exactly right.

                      I'm looking forward to Lydia getting a little more of her spark back too.


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                        I like that in the book Lydia is blissfully unaware while the family is almost destroyed and now the family won't really be destroyed by the video but the most harm is done to Lydia herself.

                        I think we saw a small part of the old Lydia in yestarday's vid.


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                          Yeah, there was a hint of The Lee DEE YAAAA in that one. I just hope she doesn't grow up *too* much.

                          New GiGi Domino vid!

                          They say this is the last one. We get to see Fitz and Darcy (and GiGi tells him to 'go for a swim' ha!).


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                            I feel like that was our *goodbye* to Fitz and Gigi.

                            I don't want this series to end!! Ever!!


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                              Okay, Fitz is going to Fiji? That was a pan, right?

                              Wow, Darcy's nose was quite distracting in the last vid. Other than that, yay for eveybody! Now it's time for fun!


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                                Darcy's nose WAS distracting. Those Domino close-up don't do him any favors because they are a little TOO close.

                                In the last Lizzie/Lydia episode did it seem like Lydia kind of looked away and smiled a little when Lizzie was thanking *whoever* got the video taken down? I think Lydia totally KNOWS it was Darcy--that he contacted her, either by message or phone call, and told her that it was taken care of and probably asked her not to let Lizzie know what he had done. Which totally fits and opens the door for Lydia to let it slip to Lizzie that Darcy helped her.