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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Vlog- Whaaaaat!

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  • Oh, I'd love to see what they would do with Emma!

    But Little Women could be fun too.


    • OMG! Not Little Women. Please, no. I want to see the next one and Little women broke my heart.

      We have video today!


      • Vid is up:

        It's Charlotte vs. Lizzie.

        (This is how they modernize the Lady Catherine vs. Lizzie confrontation).


        • Lydia and Ricky Collins in a GOT parody webseries called 'School of Thrones'!:

          Probably a lot funnier if you actually do watch GOT. But I thought it was funny even though I don't.


          • That was great and all...but it just didn't feel like it was a strong enough confrontation to equal the Lady Catherine vs. Lizzie confrontation.

            It felt more like Caroline's *goodbye* scene to me. So far we've had one for Gigi, Fitz, Jane, Bing, Charlotte, and now Caroline. Next up will probably be Lydia. *sniff*


            • Our Lizzie!

              Ashley Clements ‏@TheAshleyClem
              I just gave ALL MY MONEY* to The Veronica Mars Movie Project on @Kickstarter and you should too. *not all


              • Interview with DVG! Let's see what Darcy has to say, shall we?

                SSS: You just finished filming. There are only 5 episodes left to air. How do you feel about it? Is it hitting you that it’s over? I feel like your therapist.
                DVG: Yeah… it’s hitting me slowly. Ashley and I were there together on the last day and I was sitting next to her, and when they said ‘that’s a wrap’ for the final time, Ashley just kind of… she didn’t lose it, but it clearly had sunk in with her. She started to cry and I put my arm around her and we just sat there for a second with the moment of ‘Wow. Look what we did.’ For me, I just think, I’m so proud of what we’ve done, I’m so proud of the journey, that right at the end I didn’t feel any amount of ‘oh no, it’s over,’ I felt this kind of sense of ‘Man. Look what we did. Look at that journey. That was awesome.’
                It's really ending!

                SSS: Mr Darcy is this major character for women everywhere. Has it hit you that you are in the same sentence as, Laurence Olivier, on a lesser level, but Colin Firth and Matthew Macfayden? You’re in that group now. Did you realize that would be something going into the role?

                DVG: That only really came to my mind at all when it was the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice and all these articles came out and there was a lot of coverage about Pride and Prejudice, and specifically Mr. Darcy. There were a lot of polls that asked “Who’s your favorite Mr. Darcy?” and I was on them. And that was… that was kind of when I realized it. I was like, Oh. This show has enough watchers and enough lovers of it that they fully considered it a valid version and adaptation. And lovers of the book, some of them even feel like our adaptation is even more loyal to the book in certain of ways. Realizing it had that legitimacy among people that love the book, love Pride and Prejudice, love Jane Austen, was the first time I realized that. And then I won one of the polls, which was really weird.


                • New Lizzie vid up!


                  DARCY ANSWER THE PHONE. Beeksus.


                  • She actually called him! Yay!!!!


                    • Glad to see Lizzie is making the first move here!!

                      Also I feel her pain on leaving a lame voicemail. I ALWAYS leave lame voicemails and then internally cringe because now it's *out there* and there's nothing I can do about it but hope the listener hears it the way I intended and not the way it came out.

                      Right now this Round Robin of fanfic scenes on what happened after the last episode is helping me kill time until the new episode airs:

                      Let's Chat: (this one is not as well written because the author seems to have accidentally deleted her work and then quickly rewrote it from memory.)
                      Too Many Variables:
                      A Chat Unexpected:
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                      • EEEEEEEEK.

                        It's up!


                        • It's a little silly just how much I started squeeing at "Excuse me, Lizzie."


                          • Such a freaking tease! Only three eps left


                            • SQUEE!!

                              And it's on her birthday!!


                              • Great article: Five Reasons To Watch TLBD


                                Although I’ve always loved to hate Lydia Bennet, this is the first time I’ve flat-out loved her. In Green and Su’s adaptation, her blind exuberance and zeal for flirting are simply the result of her moxie taken to its extreme. It doesn't represent the totality of her personality: she is also perceptive, adventurous, and loyal. Watching Mary Kate Wiles juggle these contradictions, all the while making mischievous side-eyes at the camera, is an unending treat. Particularly after The Incident, her portrayal of a chastened party girl reviewing her life choices is complicated and compelling, with hints that her inner spitfire will soon surge back. For the first time I’m rooting for Lydia instead of rooting for her to be shoved off a bridge somewhere.

                                Wondering when he’ll turn up, and how he’ll live up to the role of one of the most crushed-upon men in the history of fiction was a tall order for Daniel Gordh, but he manages to be true to the character as Austen wrote him and to make Darcy seem unique to this adaptation. Granted, the alchemy of Austen’s story is such that if Pride & Prejudice was staged as a sock-puppet show I'd probably develop a crush on the argyle Darcy. But Gordh hits a perfect mark between gentlemanly reserve and simmering emotion—I could watch him sit uncomfortably in a chair for the rest of my life.
                                ALSO, YES.

                                But technical and creative accomplishments aside, Lizzie and Darcy are about to have their first kiss for the 8 millionth time in history, and you should be there.
                                SO MUCH YES.