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    Bai Ling is who I'd lay my money on. Or maybe a Peldon? But I totally see Lohan up there in the finals.

    Can't wait!


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      The brackets are up and I pick Bai Ling, Sienna Miller, Lohan, and Paris for the final four. I gotta say, the Charo bracket is really strong on fug, with the top three capable of winning it all. I wonder why the Peldons didn't make it. Maybe they weren't prominant enough this year or maybe they fell into the Britney category and are too vulnerable to be made fun of? Did one of the Peldons have a mental breakdown this year?


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        The one little Peldon was such a cute child actor. I have no idea what her fugly fake 'd sister is supposed to be famous for though.
        "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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          Do's and Don'ts with babies.


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            The Peldons are the play-in matchup. That is effin' genius.


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              Final Four posted! Nary a Peldon in the bunch, unfortunately.

              It'll be Sharon Stone vs. Posh, and Paris vs. Bai Ling.

              I'm thinking that Bai Ling is going to take the whole thing.



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                I have two of my originals picks in the Final Four, so I did okay. I really think Miller vs. Posh should've gone to Miller because her fug is way more consistent, if not nearly as daring so I'm a little bitter about that, but that's okay. And I do think Bai Ling should and probably will win. It was an awesome matchup between her and Sevigny, though. I really debated for awhile about who to go with.


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                  Bai vs. Posh!!!!

                  I really thought Sharon Stone was going to go up against Bai in the final, so I'm a bit disappointed. No way in hell that Posh is going to knock out Bai. Not gonna happen.


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                    I am addicted to the feature "Crap Emails from a dude" at Jezebel .

                    That link goes to the tag, so it should pull up all of them.

                    My fave quote so far:

                    No matter- it still feels ugly. And I still don't understand why the truth- the whole scenario- wouldn't have just flown from you. Without truth, there can be no true intimacy. At best, the inadequate salve of an orgasm.
                    I'm going to offer mr.o the inadequate salve of an orgasm tonight, baby!

                    And this one just has me scratching my head in WTF-itude:
                    This resulted in a quite unusual dynamic or power struggle, that could easily be described in terms of Jung, Hegel, Sartre or Crowley, but I will keep things simple, because at this point I earnestly want to be clearly understood, while before I both did not want to be understood and did not understand. I also should emphasize that I don't really care what its called or how it is moralized. Sartre and Crowley agree for example that it is a paradox, but Sartre moralizes it negatively and Crowley positively. I should also be clear I am not in any way presently in love with you, though I did have very strong and irrational feelings for you at the time due to this dynamic.


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                      These are hilarious! I love Josh who broke up with his co-editor at the college paper, Mandy, after nine months of cheating on her. He is on vacation and needs her help. He concludes:

                      I know you don't want to speak with me, but I just wanted to thank you for forcing me to realize my own repugnance, the blackness of heart and vanity of spirit I've ignored. So thank you, and I wanted to say that you will love again, sooner than you think. With your tenacity and strength of character, you deserve someone who loves you and who is actually happy to see you every day. Through your inadequacy to fulfill me, I have realized my own egotism.
                      Again, I am sorry that because of me, you are broken. I am a terrible person because your love couldn't sustain me, and what I did to you is the most terrible thing I've ever done. Everything you ever said to me was completely true, and I feel awful.

                      Please let me know if you can edit those stories. Thanks

                      Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.