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    I thought it was aight for muzak, but my guy friends that were like, "Whoa! Those songs are good now!"...


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      For those of us that like quirky sites like The Toast, this was an interesting Storify:

      I honestly hadn't thought about their revenue stream but yeah, this makes sense. Either you have corporate overlords, or you have an Eccentric Millionaire in your back pocket, or you *are* an Eccentric Millionaire. Otherwise, you are shit outta luck.

      (so thank you very much Nicole Cliffe's Rich Husband.)


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        I don't mean to be posting all The Toast stuff on here, and I feel like we've talked about this very topic on here somewhere before, but this essay on consent is just so IMPORTANT.

        These are discussions that women/people should be having! And as my daughter races toward puberty (just ordered a My First Period kit for her to have on hand just in case she's an earlyish bloomer), I've been thinking a lot about how you talk about all this gray area around consent and complicity to young women. I might save this one for her to read when she's sixteen.