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A Growing Plague: Fan Entitlement

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  • A Growing Plague: Fan Entitlement

    We've been talking about this a lot lately but it seems to be a growing issue so I thought I'd start a thread to note it as it crops up.

    In the TVD threads we've talked a lot about the weird entitlement fans seem to have where RLTL between Ian and Nina is concerned--not to mention the rabid Delena shippers. That's been fairly well documented.

    In the Creek fandom D/Jers felt like the producers owed them a D/Jo ending (and, in retrospect, the producers sure seemed to lead them on off and on over the years).

    I've noticed a ton of Glee fans retweeting a snippet from Tumblr, I think, basically pleading to have a tribute episode or show to Cory Monteith (as though the show Glee would completely ignore the death of one of their lead cast and the absence of a lead character!).

    But the request was fairly specific--they wanted a specific TRIBUTE episode with specific songs, etc. So, that's fine that fans would like that. But I couldn't help but think it was kinda gross. He died less than 48 hours ago. His family has not recieved his body let alone buried him and yet fans feel that they are in a position to make demands of the show (scripts have to be scrapped, new things written, actors--friends and loved ones of the deceased--need to be accommodated).

    I just feel like something crazy is going on with fans and entitlement at this point in the evolution of fandom. I can't figure out if it's because celebrities are too accessible (I mean, what kind of maniac tweets at Ian Smolderholder and demands he be dating his co-worker and NEVER EVER MOVE ON OMG). And these are supposed to be FANS of the person, not detractors!

    I just keep seeing it over and over and it baffles me. So if you find examples, put it here so I can dissect it!
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    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.

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    Yeah i hear you. I even saw a tweet yesterday from a nian fan telling the world that she hoped that the death of Corey and that Lea lost her love would make Ian en Nina realize of the importance of being together. *put's big unbelievable face up* Yeah really! Some "fans" really think that the whole serie universe including actors personal lifes has to be as they want it because they are the biggest fan or so? I don't know. I do so not understand.
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      So here's some more dumb fan entitlement from TVD.

      It's Paul Wesley's birthday. Neither Ian nor Nina have yet to tweet Happy Birthday at Paul today (neither has his wife). They are all on set working. This is what the fans have to say/demand:
      hb paulie ‏@alcohxl 4m
      @josephmorgan @candiceaccola @iansomerhalder @ninadobrev tweet paul u idiots its his birthday ( im mad

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL ‏@dobralders 7m
      i'm mad @iansomerhalder @ninadobrev @torreyjdevitto

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL ‏@dobralders 13m

      Linda229 ‏@lcb229 23m
      @iansomerhalder @ninadobrev Where are your happy birthday tweets for Paul?����

      happy bday paul ‏@srslytvd 23m
      DIZ FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO PRO SEU BROTHER, HOMEM!!!!!!!!!!! @iansomerhalder 31 Years Of PAULfection

      LIAM FOLLOW ME ILYSM ‏@stylesnug 39m
      @iansomerhalder where r the congrats to @paulwesley ?

      wasilewski day ‏@sotvd 45m
      @iansomerhalder seu falso, tweeta "me and my brother" mas nao vejo mandar "happy bday" é

      HAPPY BDay PAUL❤️ ‏@dobsleystelena 47m
      What are u waiting for? "HappyBdayPaul" @natebuzz @iansomerhalder @ninadobrev @MissClaireHolt @JosephMorgan @CandiceAccola

      happy b'day paul ‏@tonkinshale 54m
      @iansomerhalder @ninadobrev @CandiceAccola @JosephMorgan @McQueeninchains @QuestionAnders are y'all gonna tweet paul a happy b'day??

      happy bday PAUL ♡ ‏@skysmolder 1h
      @iansomerhalder cade teus parabéns pro paul ???? #HappyBirthdayPaulFromBrazil

      kyra ‏@lovaticsdobrev 1h
      @ninadobrev @iansomerhalder TWEET PAUL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU LITTLE SHITS

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL ‏@captainiker 1h
      wait wait
      @iansomerhalder WHY HAVEN'T YOU TWEETED PAUL

      HAPPY 31st PAUL❤ ‏@xSwiftSalvatore 1h

      happy birthday paul! ‏@wildwesley 2h
      @iansomerhalder it's Paul's birthday just in case you forgot

      Happy 31st Paul! ♥ ‏@PaulWStefanS 3h
      @iansomerhalder wheres your happy bday to Paul?! Happy Birthday Paul From PDubbers

      verônica ‏@getmekaty 3h
      @iansomerhalder TWEET HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAUL WESLEY!!!

      Klaroline ‏@KatEverclean 4h
      @iansomerhalder we're all waiting patiently for a birthday tweet to @paulwesley

      ❤Damon❤ ‏@Khaulahshahid13 4h
      Still waiting for @iansomerhalder 's birthday tweet to @paulwesley come on mate

      hayley ‏@hayleytweedy_ 4h
      @iansomerhalder it's your bromance partners birthday, don't forget to tweet him ok

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL ‏@dobralders 4h
      ian joseph somerhalder can you pls tweet paul wesley i'm starting to get mad at u @iansomerhalder

      Claudia ‏@ohyesninadobrev 4h
      @iansomerhalder It's someone's birthday today

      Happy BDay Paul ❤ ‏@wesleyhaldertvd 4h
      @iansomerhalder patiently waiting for you to tweet @paulwesley about his birthday.......

      Batool Gh ‏@batool_jdb 4h
      @ninadobrev @iansomerhalder where's paul's happy birthday tweet? We're waiting!

      Vitória Salvatore ♥ ‏@Vic_Somerhalder 4h
      @iansomerhalder ??????? Paul ???

      Happy B-Day Paul ♡ ‏@nationvato 4h
      GO IAN GO TWEET PAUL GOOOOOOO @iansomerhalder

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL ‏@dobralders 4h

      Happy BDay Pauly. ♡ ‏@iBlessDelena 4h
      Are you planning a big surprise for your brother Pauly, is that why you haven't tweeted him a congrats tweet yet? @iansomerhalder

      happy b-day Paul ‏@rippahs2 4h
      Mister @iansomerhalder do you remember of birthdays of paul??? :-x

      happy bday paul ✌ ‏@pickmeian 4h
      @iansomerhalder today is paul 's birthday i think you should give congratulations to him

      Happy BDay Paul.♡ ‏@DelenaOTP 4h
      @iansomerhalder isn't it time to wish your bestfriend/brother a happy birthday? @paulwesley

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL ‏@dobralders 4h
      i am waiting @iansomerhalder

      happy b-day Paul ‏@rippahs2 2m
      @iansomerhalder do you remember of your BEST FRIEND @paulwesley???? hmmmm

      HAPPY 31st PAUL❤ ‏@xSwiftSalvatore 5m

      Kian Bamon ‏@Kian4romcom 7m
      @iansomerhalder wish paul a happy bday. And I will retweet. Can u give me back thag!!! I am serious too.

      Happy BDay Pauly. ♡ ‏@iBlessDelena 8m

      isadora ‏@twixdobieber 11m
      @iansomerhalder what about wishing happy birthday for paul

      happy bday paul ‏@DirtySExley 11m
      @iansomerhalder TWEET PAUL

      Happy BDay Paul ‏@andreeaionescu2 3m
      @iansomerhalder I don't want to sound rude but I was so sure that you would be the first to tell @paulwesley happy birthday.I was wrong.
      Apparently this really matters to some people? Seriously, that was just a sampling. Soooooo many people yelling in Portuguese about Paul's bday.

      Do you think that they think the cast *only* communicates with each other via twitter or something? So wacked.

      As a side note, are you putting kids up to tweeting at Ian for you, is? This girl is spamming Ian's mentions like crazy in your name.

      Avril Hot ‏@PuttzLavigne 3h
      @iansomerhalder my friend isadora love you very much she is your fan number 1 could you send a kiss for her? 16
      Ha! I had no idea you were his fan number 1!!!


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        That is Isadora herself under a fake account.. lolol..

        But no way those tweets.. It's just unbelievable..


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          Between these tweets and the fight an adult woman picked with a 9 yr old CHILD, Twitter has given me more second-hand embarrassment than I can handle for a day.


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            That crazy pants post about Paul's birthday and twitter shows that everyone involved needs to engage in real life. I don't tweet my RL friends Happy Birthday( most aren't on twitter) I like call them, send a card/gift or even text them maybe even FaceTime/skype but any lurking VD fans if you actually know some one there are many ways to contact them without tweeting.


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              Another lovely fan encounter ! Will Wheaton's blog post


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                Yeah, you can always leave it to Wil (and Neil) to sum things up in a rational way:
                I realize that a crazy person who thinks it's entirely normal and not psycho to camp out in front of a hotel for hours and hours so they can trap a person isn't going to understand why I will not validate that behavior, but I need to make this clear for the future: I'm a person. I am a human being and if you cut me I will bleed. I'm happy to sign things and take pictures with people in appropriate situations, but if some dude violates my personal space or freaks me out, and then gets mad at me when I try to get away from him, I'm not going to do anything beyond telling that person to go fuck himself, and I'm not going to feel bad about it. To paraphrase Neil Gaiman, I am not your bitch.


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                  And in that vein, ain't no one does fan entitlement like Twi fans!

                  I'm a set-stalker! Ask me how! And then when people weren't all 'wow, you met Kristen? That's so cool!' and were more like, 'um you're a stalker. And an asshole. And a really shitty ~fan' she posted this: 500 word defense of her totally appropriate and respectful behavior!


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                    I thought this survey (although apparently started by the Bronies (OMG!!)) was fairly interesting.


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                      I feel pretty strongly that we could present an awesome varied panel at SDCC. Heh. See? Also? I might be going. MAYB.


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                        If you end up going, I will send you a list of peeps to stalk.


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                          *jealous* I really need to get myself out for that some time.


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                            My BFF and I were kinda like fuck it, why have we not done this and she called me out on some OUAT shit and I called her out on her Whedon / Dr. Who / Sherlock shit and suddenly we were both pre-registered for tickets. Mr. S is having a hard time with the idea but I said either you can come with my fangirling ass or get out of my way. Same state, no brainer. Maybe I'll just call it a 40th birthday weekend w/ the BFF?

                            2014 is the year I go up in flames in more ways than one.


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                              That sounds like the best birthday weekend ever! You're going to dress up, riiiight!?