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    This is a cautionary tale from the Miley fandom that works both ways . . . a warning to the celebs to do a much better job with online security, and a warning to the fans that familarity breeds contempt.

    Basically, this BNF Smiler got so big that she was talking with Miley *every week*, and then somehow ended up with access to the iCloud accounts of Miley *and* Miley's mom Tish (she could read all their email and see all their private vids and pics), and what she discovered through that has made her NOT a Miley fan anymore. She got to know Miley *too* well.

    Before I continue, I know what some of you may be thinking: why the fuck would you invade her privacy like that? 1) There’s over 15 people invading her privacy that don’t plan on doing the right thing 2) Tish isn’t a good person.

    From 3am to around 7am I sat down reading emails after emails. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It felt too bad to be true but it was the truth and it came to me too fast in one night. I’m not really going to go in depth into what I saw in Tish’s email and I’m not going to release any photos. If I wanted to do something to Tish and her family I could just sell whatever I have. But I wanted to do the right thing and tell Miley to make her mother change her password. I also wish I could tell her to fire her mother because she’s an irresponsible, negligent, crazy bomb shell but that’s besides the point. Once I stopped reading the emails I couldn’t sleep. I had a mixture of guilt, sadness, anger and more guilt pent up inside of me and I grew anxious for anyone or everyone to wake up so I can figure out what I could do to make this all go away. I called my friends when they woke up and explained to them what had happened. They were sad but also excited about the song and the pictures. Everyone I explained it to didn’t really seem to feel or react the way I reacted. I didn’t know if it was because I stayed up all night reading everything firsthand or if it was because only I genuinely cared for her. I took the latter and went about thinking it was because I experienced it first hand.

    June 1st 12pm my time 6pm Miley’s time I decided it was time to try and tell her. She retweeted gypsyhearttour and was voting for #MileyForMMVA after I had told her about the nomination and voting rules. I started off by saying to her that what I had to tell her was important and that it’s crucial she replies when she is free. She replied an hour later saying what? And I realized she had a concert that night. I responded telling her I don’t want to tell you now seeing as you have a show and I don’t want you to have this on your mind but I assure you you’d want to hear this. She then replied again asking me to explain myself and I ignored her message. Miley’s persistent and if I continued to fight her off she would get upset.

    After the show she was posting pictures with Braison partying and if there’s anything I hate is trying to communicate with Miley when she is either drugged up or drunk.
    I didn’t send her a message until just before I went to bed at 4am my time and 10am her time apologizing for ignoring her and telling her we could talk when I wake up. When I woke up I saw she tweeted 20 minutes before but didn’t respond to the message. I also saw she unfollowed Diane Martel so I quickly logged into the emails to see why and I found out Diane had temporarily quit which upset Miley. I immediately messaged her saying I know she unfollowed Diane and she’s upset but what I have to say can’t wait any longer.
    I like the explanation that it's okay for a fan to read through all of a celeb's mom's private stuff if the mom is a bad person.

    It took Tish about 10 hours later to change her info which is easily still obtainable. But don’t get me started on how much of an airhead that woman is.

    They launched a further investigation and the rest is history. I dropped the investigation as you all know on my birthday and leaked Last Goodbye and the majority of the pictures I had. I thought: why am I going to sulk in this bitter reality of one of my favorite people on earth and let the people who still saw her as a perfect person begin to dislike her like I began to? I wanted to give everyone a reason to be happy and that’s exactly what I did. I may have got in trouble for it but it was worth it and I would do it again and again.
    I really don't get the justification she is citing for leaking an unreleased song and a bunch of private pics, but okay.

    I mentioned earlier Miley hates being told no or she is wrong. She unfollowed Yermar/gypsyhearttour but not Luis. She did that because after reading the emails between Tish, her management, her attorney, her publicists, Diane Martel, her friends, ex fiancťe etc. I realized she is like a land mine. Step on her the slightest bit and she will explode and tell you to fuck off. I saw first hand the people around her were even too scared tell her what she was doing wasn’t right. From Wrecking Ball to simply rubbing herself on the 4x4 in Love Money Party live performance, her mother and team debated them all. They each would take turns telling her slowly and calmly that she would have to minimize it. And Miley being Miley, she just maximizes it.

    Despite what any of you say or what Miley says she isn’t the strongest person and she isn’t the most mature and well thought out. Reading those emails and finally figuring out everything from her fallen engagement to her parents divorce I came to see that Miley literally has no one in her life supporting her. Everyone is equally a mess..
    This is not a surprise! You don't have to read through someone's private emails to figure this stuff out.

    I would’ve never thought June 19th last year watching the We Can’t Stop video I would come to know that girl through my screen so well and even hold conversations with her weekly. It’s sad because I went from crying for about 30 minutes because all she tweeted me was “I love this so much!!!!” To almost crying because I wanted her to go to therapy and she wouldn’t listen to me or she was complaining to me about being stuck in the hospital. Things change and you should all count your blessings. If she hasn’t tweeted you yet, believe me you’re lucky and believe me if you work as hard as I did she will one day. And if she has, be happy because that’s all you need from her. I don’t want any of you to make the mistakes I did with getting so personally invested with a celebrity who in all reality: doesn’t give a fuck about you. And you shouldn’t be mad about that because Miley doesn’t owe any of us shit. Love her professional career, love her interviews and love her music. But don’t you dare question your love for her if you don’t know the actual sadness that comes along with Miley Cyrus and her life.
    Kinda sums up the whole fucked up problem that is fan/celeb interaction in the social media era.


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      Like everyone in the world knows that Miley Cyrus probably has terrible parents, right? I mean, I know almost nothing about her and nothing in that bag of revelations is a revelation in the least.

      And, sadly, it's also NOT a revelation that somebody so desperate to be touched by fame would violate Miley's privacy so thoroughly by reading all of her personal documents AND then also sharing some of it online! I'm pretty sure this "fan" should be sued for something (at the very least for releasing a song and photos that do not belong to her and fucking with Miley's copyrighted materials).
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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        It feels like The Story of Dashcon belongs in here, maybe?

        Basically, a 'tumblr' con was held this past wkend in Schaumberg, Il that turned out to be a massive clusterfuck.

        Cleolinda storified it here:

        DashCon is a convention run by... possibly 17 year olds that was supposed to be a celebration of all things Tumblr Fandom. Unfortunately, things got sketchy quickly when con-goers were herded into the convention ballroom and told that they needed to raise $17,000 by 10 PM or the con would be shut down.

        TL;DR: A bunch of Tumblr kiddies all got rooms in the same pre-booked hotel, which the Dashcon staff supposedly had a verbal agreement with the staff of to pay them after the con, but the hotel contract said before. Thus, the Dashcon attendees and other various Tumblr sundries scraped seventeen thousand dollars together in like an hour (without any verification of whether or not the Dashcon staff actually needed the money or whether they were just scamming a bunch of kids), donated it to the hotel’s PayPal (which confused the fuck out of the hotel staff), and are currently protesting in the hotel’s lobby by singing Les Miserables songs to a bunch of underpaid and exhausted hotel employees with no control over the situation.
        Summary of events so far:

        con staff trying to push more expensive tickets onto people that apparently came with a Steam Powered Giraffe show ticket (which is apparently not happening)

        vendor hall mostly empty for some undisclosed reason

        Welcome To Night Vale ditched the con and cancelled their panel and performance when DashCon would not pay them. attendees sat in the room for an hour before they got an explanation

        people paid RESERVE SEATS months in advance for the WTNV panel

        Con staff insisting they had people in the thousands attending and present at the venue, when real numbers were closer to 500

        Panels and events were not planned at all, with hotel mints being given out as prizes

        Games room had just a single TV in it and some tables

        there was a BDSM panel and DashCon allowed minors into it, along with other +18 panels where they did the same
        This is my understanding after reading a bunch of write-ups:

        When it started out, the 'organizers' actually thought they had a shot at nabbing big names like Benedict Cumberbatch or Misha Collins or Dylan O'Brien and having 7k attendees. Yeah, not so much. But they convinced a bunch of fellow teenaged fans that it could be done, so those fans fundraised like crazy for them for months and months. They also did a Kickstarter where they raised money, they also charged over $60 per tkt, and then they did that ridiculously embarrassing stunt to raise another $17k *during* the con. Nobody actually knows where the money went, since they apparently didn't use it to make the con any good. Welcome To Night Vale were not the only guest to walk out, apparently. There were other invited-and-supposed-to-be-paid guests who left when they realized the whole thing was super disorganized and that nobody was even going to pay for their hotel rooms.

        About 500 attendees showed up, many under 18 and also many, many, many *under* 15, and thereby accompanied by parents.

        In one of the vids from the ballroom where they telling everyone they needed $17k RIGHT NOW or the mean hotel was going to kick them all out, you can hear one of the parents yelling out "This is extortion!" . . . but the kids ignored her, to sing "We Are The Champions", do the Mockingjay salute, and willingly hand over their wallets to the scamsters.

        Although to be fair, they may have just been incompetent and not *entirely* just scamsters, since the organizers were all teenagers as well.

        The best thing to come out of Dash Con was the 'Extra Hour in The Ball Pit' meme. You were given 'an extra hour in the ballpit' as a reward during the con.

        This is the ball pit at the con:

        I'll bet the hotel employees thought the whole thing was a major eyeroll.

        Currently, people involved in organizing Dash Con are trying to blame 4chan, spreading rumors that 4chan sabotaged them etc, *and* they are trying to convince people to sign up for next year.

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          Every part about that story is so painful! BEEK, I'm so glad I don't work at a hotel anymore. Curious to see whether the organizers are teens and if the monies actually went in their nerdy little pockets. If so, they're the L. Ron Hubbards of all fandom.


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            That story makes me feel sick. If it were adults, I would probably laugh, but I feel bad for those dumb kids.


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              It looks like it was seventeen yr olds putting something together that was mostly attended by 14 yr olds, I think? So yeah, poor silly kids all around on both sides. But I haven't come across any sleazy adults in the background who might have taken off with the actual funds. Sounds more like everything was scattered across a bunch of diff PayPal accounts and nobody was actually keeping the books properly, or handling the paid guests properly, or dealing with the venue properly. Well, duh, these were children in charge. Doesn't sound like anyone had an ounce of experience at all.

              So less of a story about 'kids being taken advantage of' and more a story about 'kids learning a valuable lesson about how enthusiasm does not equal competence and/or experience'.
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                Eh, somebody kept that money tho.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                  I kind of do want it to be an Accepted situation where it just got out of hand.
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                    That photo of those sad, awkward teens sitting in that pathetic ball pit just breaks my heart for some reason. These are kids who probably never date, or do prom, or whatever. This WAS their big high school experience. And its just terrible.

                    Maybe I am over thinking it, but I just want to hug everyone in that picture. And then tell them to go take a shower.


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                      That picture is the saddest, fo' sho.


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                        I love that you guys wrote a sad little fanfic about those tweens! LOL
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          This guys was a panelist on a bunch of panels at the con, and he thinks it's being maligned unfairly. He sounds like a mature grown-up (not attached to the con financially in any way or part of the organizing) :


                          Folks are already gaslighting me about my Q&A I did on Facebook, trying to say I am doing my best to minimize what the admins did, but let me state this right now: I have no interest in defending the Dashcon admins. It is more clear than ever that they know what they fucked up, and y’all know of the many mistakes made over the weekend. I cannot add much to what you know or think you know because I kind of stayed away from it? I was outside the main ballroom for the majority of the time after all panels were closed. I knew that the hotel upper management freaking out was real, I knew the $20,000 demand was real, I saw the physical contract at one point, I knew the issue was over oral agreements/changes made, and I knew that the one guy who took over the microphone during that hour of chaos ONLY MADE THINGS WORSE. Whomever he was, I guarantee none of it would have been as bad as it was if he’d just SHUT UP.

                          So then what???

                          Panels all were back on at 10:30. I went and did mine, had an excellent turnout, and for the remainder of the con, if I had stayed off Tumblr, it would have been a super fun, enjoyable, well-attended con with zero problems for me.


                          Look, I had five panels on Saturday, and while I was very thankful to be appreciated and given the chance to do so much, I was also sad to be missing Night Vale! I love the podcast dearly, but I was scheduled against it. So, when I found out WTNV walked (and it was while I was on a panel myself), it sucked, but it didn’t affect my day at all. The only issue I did have was when a misogynist jerk went on a sexist rant about b*tches in fiction and how Mary-Louise Parker is only good for her boobs (WHY ARE YOU TALKING). I shut it down and moved on as best as I could, ran immediately to staff after the panel, reported said person, and then went straight to my third panel of the day. I had two back-to-back, so I went back to the admin office to give a full report once I had a break, and staff dealt with him. As far as I know, the jerk was kicked out. Their response was super quick and respectful, and I was really happy with it.


                          Then I made the mistake of going on Tumblr before my 5pm panel, Homoerotic Subtext.

                          You have to understand that while two undeniably huge and disastrous mishaps had occurred (the money issue, and WTNV walking), the con felt normal. And then I check my dash and it was just a torrent of ball pit jokes, yelling about panels, misogynist drivel about how teenage girls always ruin fandom and cons, and nearly every post was insisting that this was the worst convention in the history of the universe.

                          It was jarring. It was INCREDIBLY surreal.

                          Can you explain the ball pit?

                          I swear, that fucking question will probably be engraved on my tombstone when I turn to dust. I’m going to later get into how many things the Tumblr community turned into massive issues, but here’s a good start. It was located in a large room adjacent to registration that had concessions and a place to sit and eat. It wasn’t empty because no one was at the con. I would estimate that there were 1,500 people there. The ball pit largely stemmed from a joke, and it wasn’t a thing that was talked about or visited at the con with any frequency. I remember seeing it when I went to get a snack, and I laughed at it because it was clearly absurdly small on purpose, and then I went about my day. It was not a point of interest, it wasn’t something a single soul talked about, and it was just a quirky thing that existed. The end.
                          I don't know if that makes you change your mind about the sad teens.


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                            It does actually!


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                              I think I need to stop being part of actor fandoms if the actors prefer independent films because people's entitlement and willful ignorance of the distribution process makes me want to beat my head against the wall.

                              KStew is in a movie with Juliette Binoche and Chloe Moretz that premiered at Cannes and is showing at TIFF and even though I was not impressed with the script at all, the film is getting favorable reviews for KS and Juliette especially. IFC is the domestic distributor which kind of tells me all I need to know about the movie; other bigger distributors must've passed because IFC pays very little for their acquisitions (we rep a number of their library for the world.)

                              The reality is that the marketplace no longer supports these kinds of films -- indie dramas (or comedies) with mid-level cast made for more than 3 mil, they all lose money. And IFC pays little and puts nearly everything through their day-and-date platform because they know this because they've been in the indie distribution business for twenty+ years.

                              But because of some favorable festival reviews, fandom got it into their head that this should be an Oscar contender. Nevermind that IFC doesn't have the clout or THE MONEY to successfully mount an Oscar campaign for an obscure meta treatise on aging that will appeal to .05% of the general movie-going public (outside the KStew fandom). So an industry blog tweets today that the movie is "confirmed" for a spring release (this confirmation is attributed to no one btw) and fandom loses its shit tweeting expletives and vitriol at IFC's Twitter for RUINING and DISRESPECTING and FUCKING UP OMFG the movie because they're not releasing in time for awards season.

                              Be careful what you wish for. You better hope and pray that IFC doesn't overextend themselves sinking money into a totally futile awards campaign to the extent that they FOLD because if IFC folds and Magnolia folds and all these indie distributors that aren't good enough for *you* go out of business, guess who is going to distribute KS movies?! NO ONE.
                              Accept that she picks projects that will not make money because they are what she wants to do and be grateful you get to see them in whatever way you can.

                              It's totally reasonable to me that people outside the business don't have knowledge of why a distributor makes the decisions they do but it makes me crazy that it doesn't occur to them they might be missing that knowledge.

                              ETA: I think I'm extra rant-y because this literally happens with every single Rob or Kristen movie; fandom has deluded expectations, film gets limited release and loses money. It's like they collectively get eternal sunshine'd with every new picture. But if you point this out, you're a "hater".
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                                Um, I don't even watch indie movies anymore and I have a degree in film studies. Like give me Captain American or give me Mockingjay.

                                So, yeah, god bless IFC for fighting the good fight! LOL
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.