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A Growing Plague: Fan Entitlement

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    So it seems that BNFs in the Supernatural fandom fake abuse attacks from anons in tumbrl and then pseuicides to get even more attention I guess? Fun times.
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      Oh, man. That mega post is a thing of beauty.

      I'd heard about the SPN psuecides, but had no idea it was so widespread. Sounds like teenage girls in the SPN fandom are infected with the same thing that made those teenage girls in Salem be such tremendous assholes to everyone else.


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        What is UP with SPN fans? They seem partick crazy.
        It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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          The guy who plays Bellamy on The 100 - this guy:

          - is none too pleased with a certain kind of fan entitlement:

          Now I feel bad for how many times I have looked at gifs of him shirtless. I have no defense!


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            Eh, looking at gifs is diff than treating a person like a popsicle. It's super creepy!

            When did the vast majority of Twitter users forget that celebrities are human beings? I don't get it. THERE IS A LINE, PEOPLE.

            Twitter is so weird and most people online--not in forums like this generally but in comments on blogs and on social media--are having a conversation with themselves almost no matter what the topic is. It's bizarre.
            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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              Of all the Lainey contributors I find I agree with Maria more often than not. She calls out the Twihards but, as she says, it's everywhere and it all speaks to the larger problem with sm.


              I, like many of you, used to laugh at Twihards. Sad (mostly) women hiding behind keyboards, clinging to two people who want nothing to do with them.
              I’ve always thought these people were pathetic but harmless…and yet… what if they aren’t? Look at what is happening in the world -- the comments section has sprung to life and we are watching it unfold with every new headline. We are inundated with assholes like this at every turn, people who think their desperation and their fears about anyone who doesn’t look like them justifies harassment. They use their rabidness as protection against logic and civility.
              It's been said here many times and I take my hat off to Ophy who has done so much deep diving into this kind of crazy but managed to somehow stay sane. And these people are not teenagers. It's nasty. There should be a better answer than people just having to delete stuff.


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                I didn't realize Jamie King was such good friends with FKA Twigs! That's interesting.

                It's good that Lainey's site is calling out the horrific things people post about Twigs in instagram and on twitter because they should be publicly shamed (it's all super horrible and racist) but I object to broadly labeling the offenders 'a subset of 'Twihards'. Ya gotta drill down more! They come from a small sliver of the Robsessed, and there is a difference! And to drill down further, an even smaller sliver of those folks are the HKN Havenites (the ones who actually believe the Rob and Kristen are married with two children and all of their other relationships are just a cover for their sekrit marriage). We are talking maybe ten people out of the thousands upon thousands of the formerly active 'Twihard' community. Ten people with poor comprehension skills and no sense of boundaries but yeah, just a teeny number of them. Even calling them a 'subset' feels generous.

                Let’s tumble down the alternative facts rabbit hole for a minute. Imagine twigs and Rob are a PR scam: wouldn’t Rob and Kristen be equally to blame for lying to their fans? Why is it OK to say the most horrible things about FKA twigs but give “married” Rob a pass for pretending to have a girlfriend? How is FKA “using Rob” (which is their main argument) if they are in an equally beneficial fake relationship? And the most important question: Why would they do any of this?!

                It makes no sense, but sense is not required for this subset of Twihards. And when they say something racist or threatening, they pass it off as passion. (Is this the same thing as “economic anxiety”?) Because they are fans who only want the best for their beloved Robsten, it’s fair to call twigs a whore.


                You could remove 'Rob' and 'Kristen' and 'Twigs' and substitute 'Nina' and 'Ian' and 'Nikki' or 'Taylor' and 'Karlie' and 'Josh Kushner' or 'Harry' and 'Louis' and 'Eleanor' or 'Jared' and 'Jensen' and 'Geneivieve' because this is totally universal across fandoms. And the fact that the patterns repeat ad infinitum is absolutely one of the most fascinating of phenomenons.

                I can sort of see connecting it to the Fake News of today's political sphere, but . . . well, that's kinda muddy to me. I'm not sure that connection is clearly earned. I suppose they both do uncover a common area of humanity's collective brain that refuses to accept facts, though? And an equally common area that does not acknowledge boundaries and respect for other human beings? It's when those two things coincide that you get The Ugliness in both politics and fandom.

                (And as a random side note, all of the tinhatters I have tracked tend to be anti-Trump and just as progressive in politics as the majority of the fandom world. Like they will post BONKERS things about how Karlie or Taylor or Harry or Louis are communicating sekrit messages to The Faithful via the color of clothes they are wearing and then follow it up with a perfectly reasonable mockery of Trump and/or Trumpites ).

                I take my hat off to Ophy who has done so much deep diving into this kind of crazy but managed to somehow stay sane.

                HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHA*sob*