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    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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          OMB, a Chair fan. Quick, catch it!

          How can you ship that past season 2? Are you still in high school? A guy? A Westwick stan? Incredibly stupid? Did you cheer when Chair let Bart fall to his death? Did you shed a tear when Chuck dressed up as The Penguin and Chair had TV's most joyless wedding? Were you in the Chair Factory? Where is the 75000 strong army and did they kill Safran?

          I'm so embarassed for you. I'd leave and never come back.
          Bitter Shipper


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              Ha ha best GIFs ever!
              I mean I was team Serena and Dan always! I actually think it would have been better at the end if Chuck and Blair had ended up alone because they definitely deserved too!
              And Linda yes I was happy when Chuck let Bart fall to his death and I wish I was still a teenager lol.


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                There is only Dan/Blair. That is all. There is no Chair, there is no Derena, and there certainly is not an ending where DAN IS FUCKING GOSSIP GIRL.


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                  Serena and Dan please explain why God why.


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                    But they are all monsters. That's the point. Even Dan in the end turned out to be terrible which I think was such a stupid decision. No way he was Gossip Girl but whatever. I thought Dan had a chance to redeem Serena in the beginning so that's why I liked them but in the end they were all pretty equally awful and non redeemable. I stopped watching in the 3rd season because I was so over it and only caught up when the last season was airing. So I am not a huge GG fan like I had been the first few season. The schemes and backstabbing just got a little too ridiculous for me. But don't get me started on my anger at Dan being GG that was beyond stupid. Really, really dumb. I was so mad I started watching it again.


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                      Serena is maybe worse than Chuck in my mind. Chuck was just a hateful, spiteful, aggressive asshole. He never stopped being that, even when he was "nicer" in the last couple of seasons (until he killed his father). At the very least Chuck knew he needed to change and sort of tried. And I actually think he thinks he'd be "reborn" as a new person with the second death of his father (he won't; he can't change and he and Blair always always always bring out the worst in each other).

                      Serena is SO MUCH WORSE because she doesn't think she needs to change, sees herself as the victim of everybody else's behavior while actually being the person who never steps out of her own patterns ever. She's the ultimate narcissist. Where Blair is a schemer? Serena is a liar. She lies ALL the time and acts annoyed that people don't trust her. She CONSTANTLY lied to Dan when they dated.

                      What she does to Blair is so much worse than anything Blair does to her in the series it boggles my mind. She sleeps with Nate and takes his virginity KNOWING that he's Blair's first love and that Blair fantasizes about what their first time will be like. Then, throughout the seasons, whenever they are fighting, Serena does WAY worse to Blair than Blair could stand to do to Serena. Serena literally becomes Gossip Girl and continues to post horrible things about her best friend! And then, in the end, she tricks Dan into sleeping with her when she knows he's madly in love with Blair (which makes my SKIN CRAWL to think about how fucked up that is) on the exact bar where she took Nate's virginity. Like, I can't even PROCESS what a horror show she is at that point. And the fact that Blair just forgives and moves on and directs ALL her anger about it at Dan? Was heartbreaking to me. Because it just points to the fact that she thought Dan of all people was better than the rest of them. *sob*
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                        I am having a craptastic day at work and so when I have a minute I skim an old thread and die laughing at us, basically.

                        So, if MNN goes down in flames in the next few days/weeks? You peeps are the best. *wipes tear*
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          Brandon/Andrea - Shut. UP!
                          Callie/Arizona - huminah. Just seriously H.O.T.T.
                          P/J, obviously. But I had a wee "awww.... the girl wants the boy with the blonde hair" thing right at the first couple of eps - then... well - he was such a douche...
                          Willow/Oz - I know I love the lesbian thing, but man - they were just super cute together.
                          Buffy/Angel: There is no other - I Will Remember You - anyone that doesn't get even close to tears during this has NO heart.
                          Barney/Robin... they totally fucked over that relationship in the last 20 seconds. What a crock of shite that ending was.
                          Ted/NO-ONE - he's EVIL and should be destroyed.
                          Xander/No-one. Or maybe Demon Anya is about all he deserves. He's also a douche.
                          Alan Fisher/Bobby Simpson (Home and Away) - though it's somewhat inconvenient that she turns out to be his half sister. Dammit.
                          Bronwen/Henry (Neighbours)
                          Blake Dean/Meg Bowman (H&A): Teenage death? KILLED. ME.

                          Did I mention that Xander should spend his life alone? Because he should. Douche.


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                            Your hatred of Xander is, was, will forever be irrational.

                            And I can NOT believe you put Willow/Oz over Willow/Tara! THIS IS SHOCKING NEWS TO ME.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                              Willow/Oz had a better relationship than Willow/Tara. Willow treated Tara like a doormat, and Tara went along with it. Tara deserves a better relationship.

                              Xander is kind of an ass, so it's not really irrational. In the HS years I was okay with it, but after, he just grated on me. I don't hate him like I hate Spike, but he's such a "nice guy" you know? It bugs.

                              Re: Callie/Arizona - I really need to give up on Grey's, cause last season convinced me that those two are not good for each other and they should split. I miss Mark Sloan.

                              Three episodes of Once Upon a Time and I am becoming a hardcore Snow/Charming shipper.


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                                What V said re: Tara. She needed to be with me.

                                And Xander is just a douche. He brings the wit on occasion, but there's The. Lie. There's also the standing up at the altar thing. And the cheating on Cordy (though that was with Willow, so really - why would you not?)... he brings nothing except someone to have as the butt of the joke. At least Willow brings the brains and the magic, though clearly that goes a bit awry.

                                However - V goes ALL KINDS OF WRONG when she moves on to Grey's. WTACTUALF???? I don't know which one I prefer (Callie!!), and the two together are much more than the sum of their parts. CALLIE+GINNI 4EVAH!!!!

                                I do miss Mark though. I don't really miss little Grey, but I do miss Mark.