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    Originally posted by vanessa View Post
    Xander is kind of an ass, so it's not really irrational. In the HS years I was okay with it, but after, he just grated on me. I don't hate him like I hate Spike, but he's such a "nice guy" you know? It bugs.
    Ok, I'll fully admit that in direct contrast to Ginni, my Xander love is, was, will forever be irrational because he was a dick a lot of the time but I totally object to calling him a "nice guy." Warren was closer to a "nice guy" than any other character on Buffy. I think Xander was completely aware that he was not perfect, particularly after ditching Anya at the altar (and she was so right to slap him when he proposed - he WAS doing because he thought they were going to die). Now, if he had tried to make something happen with Buffy in latter seasons because of some idea that he'd "earned" her by sticking around, then I'd agree. But in the end he really was just a loyal soldier with no expectations of accolades or acknowledgment (sexual or otherwise). He stayed with the Scoobies, sans power, right until the end because it was the right thing to do. I really wish that, instead of Buffy's "you're my strength" speech to him, they'd had a mirror of Buffy and Willow's "It's a good fight and I want in" conversation, because it would've been nice to have him get to say that he stuck around because he wanted to, not just because he had nowhere else to go.

    I can't argue with "the lie," though. That's a pure black or white issue. I never had a problem with it in the context of the situation, but I know that plenty of people do and I would never try to convince them not to hate him for it.