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    I don't know what any of that means but I'm proud all the same.
    "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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      Sarah! I didn't know which thread to put this in, because I doubt you are keeping up with the Plecverse thread, but!

      Nina popped into Josh and Colin's gif maker thingy.

      *Then* Colin started following Nina on twitter, and she followed him back. Is he single? Just asking for science reasons, because Nina doesn't follow many people.

      ETA Oh, nevermind. He's married with a kid. How very useless of him. #unshippable
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        Why hasn't Hollywood embraced polyamory? It would make these speculations just that much better.


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          I know, right? Polyamory would make EVERYTHING so much better.

          Josh Dallas @joshdallas 3m
          It's like a @ninadobrev Jack-in-the-Box! @colinodonoghue1

          Nina Dobrev @ninadobrev 5m
          Hahaha totally. "Nina-in-the-Box!" @joshdallas: It's like a @ninadobrev Jack-in-the-Box! @colinodonoghue1
          She really does just pop up from the bottom out of nowhere. I would have liked to have seen the set up for this, because she must have been squatting down in front of them in those super high hot pink heels. Thanks be to the powers of yoga.


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            YAY! So happy for you, Sarah!