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    OMB. Harry Potter fans are freaks, and I say that as a moderate fan, I suppose.

    Age inappropriateness. Squick. Overidentification. Couple fights. Adults co-opting something intended for children. We've got it all!

    But once in awhile, there are people that get it. I proudly give to you: They bring you the worst of the worst. It's so beautiful.
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    From Is:
    From MSNBC:
    Children aren’t the only ones who love Harry Potter.

    The members of NAMBLA are big fans, too — and a long article touted on the home page of the controversial group’s Web site puts forth the argument that the boy wizard is gay.

    “Of course Harry is gay,” argues a quasi-academic essay there, which comes complete with 55 footnotes. “He grew up in a closet under the stairs. . . . At school Harry learns to fly, and meets the lovely red-headed Ron Weasley; fairy-boy and tight companion.”

    The essay draws on historic and literary references, comparing, for example, Potter’s story with Orestes of Greek mythology. “Orestes, like Harry, was born at Lammas, sent away to be reared by relatives, had a lightening-flash birthmark on his forehead, caused the death of his parents, fought unending magic battles, had a marriage of convenience with Hermione, and was life-long lover of his childhood boyfriend Pylades. In ancient times the Orestes-Pylades story was regarded as the paradigm of masculine love, they were the perfect poofs, and given the continuing coincidence with Harry’s story [author] J.K. Rowling cannot be ignorant of this.”

    A spokeswoman for Harry Potter’s publisher did not return calls for comment.
    Bleack. Sick, yo. And also, sort-of incorrect as proven by a simple google search. "Lightening"? His sister was Elektra, as in The Complex. Hee. Sure, he killed his mother, but he also killed Hermione's husband and kidnapped her. Sounds too butch. Other versions say he grew up with and was having sex with Pylades, but then he's not mentioned after awhile. Hmm.

    Edited to include the direct NAMBLA link because I'm sick like that. Only the first few paragraphs are about HP; the rest is all about the author finding homosexual content in all of his children's books.

    Red-headed = Fairy (literal) = Fairy (Gay)? Interesting use of "logic".
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      Dude aside from any crazy speculation whether Harry is gay or not, the point is, he is a CHILD! Sure in the latest book he is getting closer to a sexually active age, but he is still a CHILD. Adults have no business speculating on his sexuality since he is still a CHILD. The books are not about the sexual awakening! If it was, it may be a different storry, but it's not.

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        These guys run through the PoA movie in 15 minutes. BWAH!


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          These guys write songs based on the books that I find hysterical because I'm a big big nerd. I may have to break down and buy their CDs just so I can hear "My Teacher is a Werewolf" and "Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!" Hee.


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            I thought this was interesting/crazy because while I read the books, it doesn't even cross my mind. I also don't understand the Christian nutters that refuse to read on the basis of witchcraft. It's not like the Polyjuice potion works, yo!


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              Heh. A couple of HP info sites have gotten into the spirit of the "holiday":





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                HP fandom is INSANE. Good god. Luckily, fandom_wank is keeping track of the insanity, all in one easy post.

                My favorite so far is the OMG BLAINE IS BLACK!

                And this quote from the deliciously catty Symbolic Fight

                my mind is totally changed now that you've CAPITALIZED words at me
                which I may need put on a t-shirt.


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                  I can only imagine the craziness out there right now, but I'm staying far away from it. I actually really enjoyed this one and was rather surprised by some of the happenings. I really don't want to read 10 page treatises on how so-and-so is such a wh0re!!!!!!!11 or how so-and-so is sooooooomg ebil!
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                    Hee, keenai, I was coming to post the same link. My favorite people, of course, are the completely fucking destroyed Harry/Hermione shippers who are shutting down their sites and calling for JKR's head. It's Sex Day all over again. *basks*


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                      OMB! I had no idea there were shipper wars in HP fandom! And they are so funie!

                      From that Symbolic Fight link keenai provided:
                      So perhaps the H/Hr ship is really about people's deviant desires to “fuck their mothers”, or in other words, is full of motherfuckers. We won’t get Freudian, though. If certain shippers have trouble comprehending romance in fiction, I daresay psychology is a bit out of their league. . . .In reality, the entire community is basically a cesspool of the childish tantrums thrown upon the realisation that the “it” ship is sinking. It is moderated and visited by a by a bunch of unappreciative brats who are too imbecilic to appreciate the hard work J.K. puts into each of her characters.

                      Criticizing you people is like booing at the Special Olympics.
                      Hee! I am loving this. Th3e above essay definitely convinced me to become a Ron/Harry shipper and start my own LJ community called diehermionedie or something along those lines. Wheeee!

                      edited to ask - what is OBHWF, and why are people saying that it is dead or whatever? *confuzzled*
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                        One Big Happy Weasley Family, or something close to that. Meaning Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny.

                        Long lost bastard cousin of the Warm Fuzzies.
                        "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye


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                          Criticizing you people is like booing at the Special Olympics.
                          You know, I enjoyed that essay (naturally), but she totally stole that line from Triumph.

                          The shipper wars in HP are especially insane because there are so many potential pairings, several of which were "sunk" by HBP. Remus/Sirius shippers are freaking out only a bit less than the Harry/Hermione peeps. Because that coupling was really going to work out, what with half of it being dead. Morons.


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                            H/Hr shippers confuse me so much! I always thought they knew it would nevah happen in canon, just like I always thought all the MWPP fic writers knew that it would nevah happen in canon.

                            Some of my faves:

                            My pain is greater than your pain!

                            This excerpt from the above is so awesome, I wanna hug it in all its persecution complex glory.

                            Many are simply disappointed in the sinking of their ship, but it is important to understand that Harry/Hermione, Harry/Luna, Ron/Luna, and other such heterosexual shippers have not lost so much as we have. In this book, JKR eliminated essentially every possible slash pairing.


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                              I love this comment at that LJ:
                              I really think there's still a chance for Harry/Ron. If we look at it, H/G is only H/R's het!brother. The ships don't get along very well, but once Harry understands that he actually is bisexual, Ron will be the natural choice.
                              These people are on the best kind of crack. I want some.

                              edited to add this link (it's the very definition of spoilery, btw): bwah!
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