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    The HP fandom insanity is scary. I submit this for your appreciation:
    Harry Potter book release: don't worry, no spoilers.

    Showed up at seven, in full costume for a nine am release. Devoted no? I was one of the few to dress up, and I was the best-dressed. I'm not being vain, I honestly had the most detailed and accurate costume there.

    We were told in line, that the best-dressed person in line gets to open the box and have the first Half-Blood Prince book. So, I'm a shoo-in, aren't I?


    Fucking moo brings her bratty sprog in at 8:59am dressed in a generic Kmart cape with stars and glitter and fucking gaudy BLAH. Twig for a wand.


    Later she says:
    I didn't stab her in the eye with my wand. I WANTED to. I talked about doing so VERY FUCKING LOUDLY. I was going to eviscerate her mother with the cover of my brand-new copy.
    Why isn't that person locked in a padded cell?


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      OBHWF can also mean One Big Happy Weasley Funeral for the truly mean.


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        Quite awesome JKR interview that a friend sent me.

        Spoilers like you wouldn't believe.

        I love what she says about the shippers! HEE.


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          That interview was good! And poor little H/Hr lovahs, they get no love from Rowling whatsoever. She doesn't even try to give them any hope and I love that! She's just all, "This is the way it is beeyatches and if you don't like it, fuck off."

          You know, it's not even like D/J where that fan base had evidence to back up their ship. The H/Hr peeps are just willfully ignoring the obvious and base their entire ship on the movies. And that's cool, but then don't expect your couple to make it into book canon. Kerrazies.


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            Hee. (carrying over from the book thread) isadora is a super fabulous person and we all lurve her to pieces.In no way is she a dirty cunt. Except when she wants to be.

            I can't believe I am doing this. No, seriously, I CANNOT believe I am actually about to rec a HP fic. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Must be an Imperius curse. Hee.

            Anyhoo, I've become completely obsessed with this set of fics called Draco Trilogy

            They are supah long, but they are legit - apparently the author has an honest to goodness book contract and an agent and everything, and she definitely knows how to write. It's a fairly good Rowling facsimile (and can help tide you over til the next real thing) but she weaves in more pop culture references, more darkness and more grown-upness. Nothing super erotic so far (I'm in the penultimate chapter of the second book), though, which is good- for some reason I get squicked when I think of those kids all nekkid and stuff. She's also a quote whore, but to her credit, she is very diligent about attribution in the footnotes. Her characterization is sometimes more interesting than Rowling's . . .she sure as hell has made Draco into a more complex character than Rowling ever bothered to.


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              *cough*because she got called out on plagiarism and fucking OWNED fandom wank*cough*


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                Ooooh- did she really? I am so very, very clueless. That sounds like a story that I'm dying to know. Is there an enlightening link? The quotes she uses are the kind that would be almost immediately recognizable to her audience . . lots of BtVS and Red Dwarf and that kind of thing. I don't know why she does it though . . .doesn't seem like she would need them, even if they are woven in nicely and suit the story well in most cases.

                I kinda got the feeling from one of the kerrrazies linked off the fandom wank thread (which is how I stumbled on the damn thing), that this fic is considered the defining fic of all time or some such thing. It ain't that, but I'm still enjoying it. It's got plot. Lots of it.

                That's the problem with the HP books . . .too easy to swallow them up in a day or two, and then you have *years* to wait for the next installment. Really goes against the modern age of instant gratification. No wonder there's such an insane amount of fic out there.


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                  Ophy, that writer blatantly rips off Buffy for those fics and was plagiarizing until she was called out about it. Now she says she intentionally put Buffy quotes (and some plotlines from Pamela Dean(?) books) in there to see if anyone would point out her 'homage'. She's also made Draco into a younger version of Spike, or so I've heard from people I know that read parts of it.

                  Read all about how she got the fandom to buy her an Ipod or about the time she got robbed and strangers who like her Harry/Draco/Hermione porn bought her, her roommate, and her boyfriend brand new laptops. FW's Greatest Hits: Cassie Claire

                  I do remember at some point, she claimed to be a writer for TWoP, although she could never prove that. Still think she's good?
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                  "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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                    Oh jeebus, that's just so fab. So much wank! Of course, I feel like a blundering idiot, but that's what happens to the casual fandom toe-dipper.

                    One of the comments on one of the LJs linked off that link sums up how I feel now that I've finished the second book and have heard the backstory:
                    I think I must have been the only person on the intraweb who read Cassie Claire's DT before I even knew anything about the HP fandom, much less HP fanfiction. I liked it enough, and I still read when she puts out new chapters... but dear lord I just want it to be OVER. Her story is dragging on under the weight of it's own importance. Reminds me of Star Wars...
                    Hee. The last chapter got all Mary Sue-ish, and had me scratching my head over why there needed to be a whole 'nother book written after it, and then I read all those posts and I've begun to understand.

                    I the overly self-important fanfic writers! they are funie and they provide much joy.

                    Is she good? Well, I stand by liking the first two books, and she can definitely string a sentence toegther. But now that I know they ain't even her *own* sentences, I ain't bothering with the last one. Although, it *is* like a higher form of collage art when you think about it.

                    edited to ask- what's a BNF? That was mentioned all over the fanwank threads and Google just tells me it's the British Nutritional Foundation. And that doesn't help me.
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                      Big Named Fan - the mucky mucks of any particular fandom. CC is definitely a BNF.


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                        Somebody somewhere posted a link to amusing fanart regarding the Big HP Spoiler. It was a LJ entry filled to the brim with amusing images relaying the spoiler.

                        Anybody have the link? Or am I on crack?
                        Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          I live to serve.


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                            Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                              There is some even-crazier-than-usual shit going on in the HP Fandom at the moment. This person is posting a lengthy saga all about a fic writer who totally fucking duped, like, the entire fandom. She created tons of phony personas to alternately fangirl and harass herself and several BNFs (Cassandra Claire among them) until they accepted her into their ranks. She was apparently responsible for a huge amount of wank in the HP Fandom from pre-Half-Blood Prince (since then, the fandom hasn't needed anything more than the actual text and JK Rowling's interviews to go batshit) and often reported "herself" to Fandom Wank multiple times under various aliases.

                              Some of what she did is kind of funny, but other stuff...notsomuch. And the fact that she wasn't just fucking around and stirring things up for her own amusement but was very deliberately manipulating her way to BNF status (in an online fandom, for Beek's sake) makes it pathetic. And insane.


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                                Is she Ms Scribe? I vaguely remember something about a fake nanny or something.

                                Fake internet personas to gain access? Pfft. How very 2001!
                                "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye