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    Yes! She's also about eight or ten other people/communities. MsScribe was her "real" persona, and initially she had two fangirl puppets and two harassing puppets (both were right-wing Christians who disapproved of her writing). She flamed herself and some BNFs who shared her shipping views (Harry/Hermione, I believe) and managed to frame a Harry/Ginny community for it. Eventually those BNFs accepted her as one of them because she'd been "persecuted" alongside them (apparently, she got to room with super-BNF CC at some con). The "nanny" was one of her fangirl puppets who she sacrificed when she was thisclose to getting caught (thanks to the magic of IP tracing).

    Can you tell I'm totally fucking fascinated by this thing? It's amazing. And that chick was so devilishly brilliant. And CRAZY.


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      OMG, I am OBSESSED with this. I don't understand even half the HP lingo, but the whole story is simply too delish.

      Nannygate!! IPgate!! Fandom_Scruplesgate!!

      It's awesome. I bow down to the evil.

      Oh, and CC and her friends seriously come off looking like utter cunts in this story. That's the best part.


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        I feel like I've done nothing in the last three days but read the story and all of the related confessing and apologizing that's happened since it was posted:

        Heidi8, who was close friends with MsScribe and runs (ran?) Fiction Alley, has confirmed that the IPs prove at least part of the story.

        I bow down to the evil.
        I did too until I got to the part where she trolled the journal of the woman with cancer, suggesting that she was lying about being sick and trying to get money for gastric bypass surgery. That was pretty nasty. And coming from a friend of Cassie "Buy me a new laptop or no more Draco fic! Now get me an Ipod!" Claire, it's especially fucked up.

        This is only tangentially related, but interesting nonetheless: Aja tells all about her friendship with CC (talk about coming off like an utter cunt -- she did everything but write up "rules of conduct" for her friends). Of course, this Aja chick is a little nutty, too, but at least she's owning up to it. One of my favorite parts is how CC accused her (Aja) of plagiarizing her. Pot, Kettle, etc.


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          Hee, yeah, that was funee.

          I'm still wading in all the various threads where people are going through the revelatory rituals- the apologizing for old misunderstandings, the *hugs* between friends and frenemies, the "now we can all begin to heal", and of course, the "well, she wasn't really that close of a friend of mine anyway". It's classic!

          The real evil I bow down to is the documentarian, whoever she/he really is.

          Oh, and in one of threads this shows up (also shows up when you google her msscribes' real name):

          That's a pic of her and her husband from an interracial community page. Funny, she doesn't *look* like a freak. I'm just waiting for photoshop people to come along and make icons of her marrying a sock puppet. hee!


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            Hee. All that "healing" nonsense is cracking me up. One chick who's constantly being fandom-wanked made the saddest little comment along the lines of, "I think she picked my fight with [other BNF]." I guess it sucks to be manipulated, but maybe you should've tried using your freaking brain in the first place. Didn't any of them watch that Buffy ep where Spike turned the whole gang against each other? What this woman did may have been brilliant, but it wasn't exactly unheard of. Jebus.

            You want icons? There's no sockpuppet wedding yet, but you know it's on the way.

            ETA: This essay about how MsScribe was the ultimate fandom Mary Sue.
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              Okay, so the whole MsScribe saga totally threw me down the rabbit hole of fandom wikis. (speaking of msscribe, here's a random LJ post found through a wiki from someone responding to sockpuppetgate: a "friend" of msscribe's life now sucks - dude, she puts "ruined two pairs of jeans" on the same list of life suckiness as her mother's surgery )

              Anyhoo, in case someone has about a zillion hours to kill, here are some lovely archives of fandom happenings and kerrrazieness:


              I started perusing just HP wankiness on fandom_wank's wiki, and I somehow ended up here, on a *shudder* furry wiki I think that's a sign that I need to stop. But! not before I link to one of my fave topics on the fandom_wank wiki: Pseuicides!
              Fake internet deaths are the kewlest. Pay especial attention to city_glitter, who tricked people into giving her money because someone set her cat on fire. Except they didn't.

              In my heart, I am sad, because I always thought dieseldora should have put together the master fandom anthropology site. *sobs* Opportunity wasted!


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                The Cassie Claire saga gets the Ms. Scribe treatment.


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                  Jeebus - I don't know who half those people are, or even if they are 'people' and not just different screen names, but holy cow - they need to get lives.

                  And Cassie Claire - you a lyin', cheatin', bad-writin' schemin' ho.


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                    Oh yay!

                    I think they should do a Ms.Scribe treatment on everybody in fandom. No, wait- everybody on the planet. One's life sounds so much more delicious written up as an exposé. I volunteer to go next!


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                      Damn. I'm not going to get anything done at work tomorrow with all that reading I'm going to have to do!
                      "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye


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                        It's not quite as compelling as the Ms. Scribe thing, but it's still pretty interesting. I can't get over how much stealing she did! You know it's eventually going to come out that she only did about a page of original writing in that entire Draco series.


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                          I can't tolerate Draco fanfiction for the most part, but I am so interested in reading that thing now, just so I can spot the quotes. She stole extensively from Buffy and Babylon 5 and I have a good memory for dialog and really, I need to not read it, but it's awfully tempting.


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                            I read it (not the whole thing, obviously- I stopped once folks here were kind enough to point me towards The Truth), but was such an idiot that I only caught a couple of quotes.

                            It was a pretty readable story up until the point where it gets *yawn* and sue-ish and just won't die. Even if you don't know anything about the Pamela Dean stuff and the uncited quotes, it still becomes mired in badness after the first "book".

                            I really love the comments on bad_penny where people start to figure out that her *new!* *original!* about-to-be-published fiction doesn't sound very new or original. Soooo many folks are going to buy the book just to seek out stolen bits and ideas. What a great marketing concept!

                            The RJ Anderson emails in Part XI were OMB! relevatory and make Heidi and CC look like total douchebags.


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                              Heidi is a douchebag. Ah yes, Cassie's most stalwart defender, she who showed up to threaten libel lawsuits whenever anyone dared besmirch Ms. Claire's good also a big fat fucking plagiarist.

                              HP Fandom. It never stops giving.


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                                Harry Potter and the Sockpuppets of Doom, Chapter 2,078: MsScribe's completely insincere, thoroughly self-serving apology. Dudes, she totally thought Charitygate woman was a scam artist! But she's made amends by donating! And making sure everybody knows it!

                                Most people are unimpressed. Including me. If I were her, I would've just let it lie. Offering a weak non-apology that fails to address pretty much everything she's been accused of while trying to garner sympathy for her struggling marriage just makes her look disingenuous and assy. I'd have a lot more respect for her if she came out and said, "Yeah, I did it, and you bitches fell for it, and it was hysterical. Neener neener."