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    Review of Cassie Clare's book. I have no idea where it's from, but I it.

    Also, the Deathly Hallows craziness is slowly starting, courtesy of some fake pro-Harry/Hermione spoilers. I don't know what I'm more excited for: The book, or the mass freakout that's going to follow it.


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      Hee! I've been doing my best not to get caught up in the madness. I want to read the damn book unspoiled! Dude, the fall out - however it ends - will be fanfreakintastic!

      I can't decide whether I will be crazy enough to go to the bookstore at midnight or wait until morning on Saturday. I've done the midnight thing the last two times (may be three)...
      It's all about me and my precious.


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        I've never done the midnight thing so I'm doing it this time. My sister reserved copies of the book for herself, my cousin and me and we're going to stay up all night reading, then go see Order of the Phoenix at some point on Saturday, assuming our eyes aren't swollen shut from crying, that is. I can't fricking wait.


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          Found this through Fandom Wank. Harry/Hermione shippers are already busy re-writing bits of DH. It's awesome.


          This one is slightly less awesome, but no less insane.



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            I don't know how to say this but, um, I can see the Harry/Hermione thing. I don't entirely get the Ron/Hermione relationship. I get the bicker is banter but, really, I just never felt it.

            I must delve into the Harmony world and see if I come out crazy! Wheee!
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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              I don't entirely get the Ron/Hermione relationship. I get the bicker is banter but, really, I just never felt it.
              I'm going to overlook this, because I know you're only doing it to entice Neo out of wherever she's hiding. And/or because your perception has been tainted by Movie!Ron&Hermione, who even I can admit make no sense as a couple post Chamber of Secrets.

              Fandom Wank has really disappointed me. I get that they don't want eleventy billion separate wank posts on the various post-DH meltdowns, but can't they give us a comprehensive post of all wank like they did after Half-Blood Prince? I don't have time to wade through 20 pages of comments to find stuff!


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                Word! I used the ophykid's naptime to get caught up on all the comments, but it was a bit of a drag. Except when sepiamagpie banned over 50 people over a friendslocked post incident. That was lively.

                In retrospect, I don't think Ron/Hermione has ever really done it for me, either. Ron is not the sidekick that Pacey was, and I never really thought the R/Hr banter was clever or hawt. However, I get warm fuzzies about the OBHWF idea, because I the Weasleys overall. I like the idea of Hermione and Harry legitimately belonging to the Barrow crowd, so that makes Ron/Hr work for me.

                Also, I have a definite soft spot for Harry/Ginny. I find Harry/Ginny in the books pretty hot, but in the movies not so much. I really wish they hadn't cut so much of the Ginny awesomeness from the OotP movie. They have to do a better job in HBP, or folks like mr.o and my mom (who only know HP from the movies) are never going to buy the OBHWF epilogue ending in DH. So many acronyms! I that.

                As far as (girlslash!) fic goes, Ginny and Luna are my fave female characters . But I'll read Hr/Ginny as well. Or Cho/Ginny. If that's what is posted. I think I saw a Hr/Luna/Ginny threesome fic somewhere . . .

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                  I skimmed some Harry/Hermione that you linked and it was terrible. I'd read a fic if it was good. But I can't be bothered to seek it out, honestly. I've never been a HP fic person.

                  I do like Harry/Ginny. And I also love the OBHWF idea so I'm good with Ron/Hermione, I guess. I just don't really get the passion between those two. I do think the 4th movie ruined Ron/Hermione for me. I just can't see it now.

                  I am going to do a major re-read and rewatch of the movies, I've decided. I want to have solid reasons for my general feelings. Hee!
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                    Yeah, I only read HP fic in the 2-3 wks after either a movie or a book gets released. Then I just forget about it.

                    As a side note, I'm looking for a new fandom! DC, BtVS and VM are all dead and gone *sob*, and HP just isn't that interesting for a full time obsession. Neither is The Office. I have 2-3 hrs a day during naptime to get into something new, and I'm wasting them currently on defamer and eonline.

                    Really hoping something comes out in the fall with some staying power. Not sure that I have seen anything with the right combo of hot snark and angst yet.


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                      OMB! msscribe is baaaaaack!


                      Her explanation or whatever appears to boil down to this: "Yes, I was a bit of a cunt, but I was in an accident, y'all. And my nanny/nursemaid/friend was an even bigger cunt, but I forgive her and stuff. And I don't care what y'all think anyway, so there." She does seem to deny being the evil!mastermind of a thousand socks.

                      I haven't had a chance to wade through what Fandom Wank thinks of this yet, but I bet it will be funie.


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                        The post is deleted!!

                        I must say, most of this passed me by, but the venom in the commentry is leaving me giggling a little.


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                          Of course, somebody saved it.

                          Someone at Fandom Wank summarized it thusly:

                          "The voices in my head told me to do it. Also, it wasn't me because I was drunk/in the hospital/touring with Van Halen at the time. Then, the Earth cooled. Also, they're not sockpuppets, I just wear them on my feet when they're cold. Out, out damned spot!


                          Most of the response I've seen has just been mocking. Nobody believes her and nobody's asking serious questions, except for the people who were actually involved. One of her defenders from back when the Charlotte Lennox expose came out was all, "Thanks for letting me make an ass out of myself for you," and MsScribe's response was along the lines of, "You should've emailed me. But, don't worry, I'm not mad atcha."

                          So yeah, she's basically nuts. But entertainingly so.


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                            Dumbledore was gay! OMB!

                            No seriously, he was. JKR says so.


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                              Is some fan keeping a run list of her post-HP revelations?

                              I sort of feel like she's just making shit up at this point. Hee!
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.