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    So, I've never liked Gwynnie but she *almost* had me on Oprah the other day. She was talking about losing her father and becoming a parent and I was all: Aww. I'm mean. She's a nice person. It's not her fault she's creepy skinny and over-valued as a performer.

    But THEN she starts talking about those wacky spots on her back because she practices eastern medicine and I was like: OMG. I hate shit like that!

    She also went on and on about the baby and Chris and her desire for privacy. She said she'd never hit the red carpet with him, even if it was for the Oscars. But then I remembered those staged photos of them outside the gynecologists! And then I realized she just spent the last hour giving us "cute" glimpses into her homelife. Um, you can't have it both ways, biotch!

    I think I really hate her because she was guest editor of Marie Claire ages and ages ago when Brad dumped her and she spent a weekend on a tropical island and acted like it was a religious experience, especially poignant because she'd never not had a boyfriend before AND she'd never spent the weekend on her own before. WTF? HOW weird is that?
    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.

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    I don't really like or dislike her. Meh.

    I do remember reading that she had some new agey guy cleanse her carpet of negative energy with red bottles or something before the baby was born. That's the kind of crazy only cultivated by too much money.
    "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye


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      I didn't believe for a second that she didn't know those marks were on her back. She has handlers, no? None of them stopped her on the way out of her house, into her car, or out of her car on to the red carpet to tell her about them? Not so much buying that. I think she totally did it for attention.

      I think she's okay and that she gives a decent interview, but I think it's a load of crap that she values privacy so verray much. I tend to think most actors are kidding themselves if they actually believe that they're not in the biz for a just a little bit of that fame, you know? But with her, she seems so determined to hide how secretly hungry she is for media attention and it's kind of transparent. Like, the deal with her dad. If she's so private, why does she pimp out her grief like a two dollar hooker every time she's got a movie to promote? Private people keep private stuff like that, uh, private.

      And did you notice the cutting digs that Blythe was throwing at her as only a WASPy mother can? I was all, "Ooh, that's how you do a burn Upper East Side style."


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        Hate her so verray much for all of the reasons stated already. And for that black goth nipple nightmare outfit she wore to the Oscars. And for ordering her little manbitch not to play "Green Eyes" anymore because it's not about her. And because Shakespeare in Love is one of the most overrated movies ever.

        All that said, I felt bad for her exactly once: When the paparazzi photographed her in a car a day or so after her father died. That was fucked up. But I was back to hating within a few weeks. Those staged "parents-to-be" photos Is mentioned? I'll see your and raise you a . Just fuck off, Gwynnie.


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          I loathe her. But her story on Oprah about why her dad took her to Paris when she was a kid? Killed me. My extra-hormonal self just bawled my eyes out.


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            Add this to the flames:
            Gwyneth Paltrow, 33, returns to Hollywood with a role in October’s Running With Scissors and plenty to say in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

            On being a mother:
            “I do not know how single mothers have more than one child with no help. It requires so much of my life, and I don’t have to change sheets and clean toilets, you know. My hat – no, my clothes go off to the single mother with no help; I stand naked, kowtowing before her.”
            That one ENRAGES me. She's as clueless and entitled as it gets. By "help" she does mean The Help, right? Nannies, toilet cleaners and the like? What a douchebag. I want to see her on The Simple Life!, trying to get through ONE DAY as a single working mom! Grrr. She makes me crazy!
            On losing the post-pregnancy pounds:
            “The first time, you are horrified. It’s all lovely when you are pregnant; but when you are not pregnant and haven’t been for a couple of months and you are still carrying tons of extra weight and everything’s all hanging and sagging, you think, How is this ever going to go back? But it does. If you do a lot of working out.”

            On her worst habit:
            “I curse when I drive. I’m like a horribly aggressive real New York driver. I’m always yelling ‘F—k you!’ at truck drivers and honking my horn.”
            THAT'S her worst habit? How shocking.
            On taking time off from work:
            “For a long time, I thought, ‘I’ve done it. I’ve done what I wanted to do. I’m not interested. I just want to be home with my family.’ I had no spark for work, but I feel the feeling back.”

            On ex-fiancé Brad Pitt, 42, and Angelina Jolie, 31, selling their baby pics:
            “I’m sure they gave all the money to charity, didn’t they? Well, then, fantastic.”
            I find Gwynnie's taking a walk in a public park with her newborn slightly amusing--way to destroy the cash cow, no? But I also sense a "I'd-never-sell-my-baby-out-but-good-for-them" vibe there.
            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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              She really has the most incredible talent of praising others while still conveying her superiority over them.

              On her worst habit
              That's funny, I thought her worst habit was being a smug, snotty, spiteful bitch. My mistake.


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                She took the newborn for a walk in a public park in a staged set-up, with her brother-in-law as the photographer. So she kind-of gave to charity by giving her brother-in-law the big paycheck, no?

                Also, grr.
                "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye


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                  OH, that makes so much sense now. It's the same as the "miracle" of them learning they are pregnant photos! With him touching her belly and all that nonsense. Gah. HATE.
                  It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                    Y'know, I didn't hate her all that much until the thing about the toilets and the beds. If I was being fair, I'd say she meant more than just that.

                    But I don't feel like being fair. Grr.


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                      God, she's a moron.

                      Yes, Gwyneth, the English are more intelligent that Americans. After all, you're one of us and you're a college dropout who named her child after fruit, no?

                      Snick, didn't you tell a story on the old boards about her...?
                      "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye


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                        Hmmm...I don't remember. But if I did, it would probably have been that she went to same college as the Mr and I did, but was only able to get in because of strings being pulled by family friend (and fellow alum) Michael Douglas. And then she dropped out after Freshman year.

                        So I'm guessing pretty much any Englishperson is smarter than she is.


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                          "The British are much more civilised and intelligent. They don't talk about work and money, they talk about interesting things at dinner."

                          I just hate her. And I'm not even that patriotic! It's just such an assinine thing to say! And she never stops saying assy things, whether she's talking about her marriage, her kids, her dinner party preferences, etc. Also? Anybody who spends time worrying about her dinner party companions has too much fucking time and money on her idle hands.

                          The woman pays to have some nutter put cups on her back to suck out bad energy! God, I hate that hokey new age crap they sell at spas these days! I'm pretty sure she's the last person I'd want to be stuck sitting next to at a dinner party, no matter the country or continent.
                          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                            Aww, I love to hate on the fishstick. A few years ago, she gave an interview in which she talked about how predictable and lame American parties were because she knew that at some point during the evening, another guest would ask her if her jeans were Juicy Couture. Like it was such a hardship to simply answer yes or no because she couldn't stomach the banality of the question and it never, ever occurred to her that these people were just making small talk and trying to be nice.

                            One of my girlfriends and I ended up talking about that article and then in the car, we started playacting like we were Fish and Madonna having the most pretentious conversation ever about yoga and Kabbalah and where to get perfect blonde highlights and it stuck. We still do it every once in a while and laugh and laugh.


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                              On having more children:
                              "I may force myself to do it one more time because the result is so worth it. I do feel we’re so fortunate, and we kind of owe it to humanity."

                              Will someone just please stop her from opening her mouth?
                              "Get off your overweight ass and create a real website that actualy serves a purpose, and remember, you will never be loved by Joshua Jackson, he wouldnt even let his dog fuck you."