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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • She's out-starfucked Jen Garner.
    Doesn't Garner get points for actually fucking?

    Won't Cruise's constant affection for fans drive Katie batshit? He's always signing autographs and stuff.


    • I don't think there are any single female celebs out there who can top Cruise (though I'm sure there are plenty of men who have "topped" him, heeeeee. I'm so lame), but he could definitely find someone more high profile to date than that skanky designer.

      Mind Head! Bwah! Bowfinger is so underrated.


      • Damn my life for getting in the way of finding out about this until this morning! I thought it was all a joke until I saw the pics.

        Manoman, if she thought the paps were all ovah her before, she better take a quick sit-down and get ready for what's coming next. And I must admit that I'd underestimated how excellent her beard abilities were until now. I mean, CK is easy enough to beard for 'cause no one cares about him, but Tiny Tom is a huge project.

        And manoman, if she thought the paps were all ovah her before, she'd better take a quick sit-down and get ready for what's coming next. And you just know her parents are all, "Dear Lord, we come to you in prayer today to ask, "WTF!!!!????"" I wonder if TC will try to convert her whole family instead of just her. I bet you do get bonus points for switching over a whole group of Catholics at once. Maybe he'll be able to do Hubbard impersonations at gatherings or something.

        And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who wondered how this would affect RLTL. Here's my guess. She dates up to the top of the A-list so that when she becomes A-list by default or necessity or inevitability, their reunion will be Moderesque. Everybody will be all, "Aww, Katie went back to the Dirty J even though she's more famous and makes more money and has more power. It must be RLTL!" And then they'll have twins and name them James and Michelle and the circle will be complete. The end.


        • And then they'll have twins and name them James and Michelle and the circle will be complete. The end.


          • Perhaps rephrase to "then they'll *purchase* twins and name them James and Michelle and the circle will be complete". Cruise's spunk has no spunk.


            • I think the age difference is pretty icky, too, Neo.

              *waits for the J to take Julia Roberts away from her husband in order to one-up KH*


              • Well, all he needs to do is co-stah with Roberts; she loves that hookup.

                Maybe he hired her to beard for him and it was mutually beneficial because he'll attend the Batman premiere.


                • Sarah stole my Batman mention! Hee.

                  The age difference is squicky. But this is Hollywood. So, you know.


                  • There are 18 guests here now! I wonder what they're all reading about. Hmm...

                    Anyway, my friends at school were talking about this during class and some of the comments CMSU. "That girl from Dawson's? With the humpback?"

                    I would do just about anything to bust in on a phone convo between Naomi and Nicole right now. I would tape and sell it and make a jazillion dollars before TC sued me.

                    On the minute chance that KH isn't doing this to up her cred, I feel kinda bad for her. She has to date the midget and beard around for him and I don't know that you get a choice in the matter in Hollywood, you know? I mean, TC asks you out and it's probably like in your contract to go. Surely he has that power by now.

                    But all the climbers (JG, JLo, Paris, Lohan, and Crew) are all sittin' arond some where all, "Damn, why didn't we think of that?! Nicely played, Holmes. Nicely played."


                    • I love how snotty the Yahoo News peeps are:

                      Cruise and Holmes picked a perfect time to get together. Both have major blockbusters coming out this summer--Batman Begins for her in June and War of the Worlds--and their coupling should guarantee plenty of magazine coverage in the coming months.


                      • D'oh! I originally posted this in the fandomonium thread when I was posting about Patty. I don't want Isadora to ban me, so I'm moving it here now!

                        I have to agree with Neo. The age difference squicks me! And I'm married to a guy 12 years older than me! I also don't talk in a baby voice, though, so maybe that's influencing my position on the matter.

                        What I want to know is how they met! And also, has KH pased on the herp yet? Oh, right, clearly NOT. Hee.


                        • I can't believe I am so out of the loop that I just heard about this shit!

                          I find the age thing even ickier because in all the pictures I've seen of the two of them, she's got this waify baby prostitute look going on.
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                          • When I saw this on the front page of The Sun (UK's best-selling tabloid) I nearly dropped my coffee.

                            Missionary Impossible
                            By THOMAS WHITAKER
                            Showbiz Reporter

                            MISSION Impossible star Tom Cruise’s stunning new girlfriend says she is a virgin.

                            Dawson's Creek star Katie Holmes, 26 has told pals she's saving herself for Mr Right.

                            Tom, 42, and the TV babe yesterday admitted they are an item.>>
                            Followed by a cheesy photo of KH and Cruiser..


                            Even better, I'm visualising the J picking up this rag in London over breakfast..
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                            • And cracking up because it says that KH is a virgin???


                              • KH's virginity story was what woke me up today because the morning DJs were talking about it. They didn't believe it either.

                                After seeing the pictures of them in Rome, I'm totally squicked. Besides the fact that I haven't found Tom Cruise attractive since before A Few Good Men, the way he drags her around kerreeps me out. I know she's not young enough to be his daughter, but I totally get a weird daddy vibe. And she does look like a baby prostitute! Like a giant baby prostitute.

                                Her parents released a statement yesterday and I don't have the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of, "We're happy for Katie and know that she's got a good head on her shoulders and we know that Tom Cruise is a humanitarian and we're happy about that." BWAH! All they know is that he's a humanitarian!