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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Eh, it's ok. It looks kind of like an afterthought, but I was probably bound to be disappointed after her custom JWu last year. And yeah, I haven't seen The J anywhere so this Met Ball was completely blah for me.


    • My guests finally went home.

      Where are the pretty boys? No pretty boys? Humph.

      Nina looks fab, but I'm not keen on the dress itself. Kind of old for a 23 yr old, ya know? Not exactly matronly, but not as fun and fresh as I think they should have dressed her. I could see La Kidman, or Aniston in something like that . . . or maybe Diaz. But it says nothing about Nina . . . not the way the bright blue Lhullier she wore to Fashion Week did. Nina loves color, and was just quoted saying that she's all about color for this summer, so this doesn't even look like her choice really. The styling on her hair was also a bit old fashioned on her, although I guess it went with the dress.

      In some ways, I think The Krug's dress suited her better, because at least it felt like something she would legit choose for herself to make a statement. You gotta wonder what kind of debris the giant feather duster on the bottom would pick up by the end of a night out in NYC, though. And I do LOVE that color on her.


      • Yeah, I do love her in purple. Maybe I'm also comparing her Prada to the purple Chanel she wore a couple of years ago which was AMAZING. And I do like her dress better than Goop's and JBiel's, both of whom were pretty blah in Prada, too.

        Oh, man, I just saw KStew. Why did they do that to her? Even her hair looks like shit. Thank goodness she has that face to distract from the hot mess of the rest of it.
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        • I liked: Ginny Goodwin's sassy orange dress. Emma Stone's dress was bright and young (maybe too young but I liked it anyway).

          I didn't like: K-Stew--WTF is that? Beyonce's dress was heinous. Nina was rocking a weird Joan Collins look.

          This Olsen Twin looks hilarious.

          Everybody else was meh.

          ETA: I decided it was my rule that dresses had to be a little wacky for me to like them. And while K-Stew's fit the wacky I didn't like it.
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          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • I like the fact Josh and Diane have been spotted lately doing celebrity double-date-y things at concerts and backyard pool parties and the like. Yet I also feel that it only took a few conversations with the other celebrity boyfriends for Josh to realize he was the only one who still allowed himself to be dragged to these fashion things.

            *Sigh* What I wouldn't give for just one more red carpet photo of him holding an umbrella over her in the rain...


            • But they're so pretty at this event together! He can forego all the other fashion stuff, just let me have coupleporn at Met Ball! It's my one request! (and also baybees)

              She's on the jury at Cannes starting next week some time, so hopefully he'll come out for a few things (AMFAR gala). I'm used to Summers of Love with the two of them, dammit.


              • I can't say that I love Kristen's dress . . . although I do like the bodice. But I think her hair looks great! Love that length and color.

                And yes, her face! Fantastic makeup job.



                • Oh, I'm fine with the color and length. But they just left if there. Like, no one thought to run a brush through it the past couple of weeks? It looks like cocker spaniel hair.

                  So far I like, Carey's dress even though the metallic fucks up the pictures due to the rebound from the flash. In person, I bet it was fantastic. I also like January's and Rooney's dresses. I wish Rooney would wear something other than black, but she looked really good, so eh. I think my best dressed for the night was Caroline Trentini in Theyskens. Well, either her or Gisele. I was meh on Gisele during the live feed but then I saw pictures and the details on her dress are breathtaking.

                  That feather business was big tonight. DKrug, Beyonce, Blanchett, Amy Poehler, and like 5 other people had feathers.
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                  • I liked Kristen's hair because it's very her and I think it looks pretty right now. Her makeup was beautiful. I don't know what to think of the dress. I think I would've liked it well enough for a foreign premiere or photo call but it wasn't really appropriate for the event. And it should've been shorter. She also looked like she did not want to be there at all. :\

                    A lot of the dresses underwhelmed. I liked Marion Cotillard, KBell (from what I saw), ScarJo (I know but she looked pretty), and Ricci (sort of). And January Jones (sort of).

                    And I just love Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, I don't care what they're doing or wearing.


                    • Hah! First off I that this is my go-to site for Met Ball coverage. Because I *knew* it would covering people I actually care about.
                      I was underwhelmed by most of the dresses this year. I liked KBell but it was safe. I liked Ginnifer's too. I didn't like DK's dress though. Colour is nice but the overall shape is just a bit blah to me.
                      Red carpet lighting is no one's friend. Seriously some of them are orange!
                      I'm also enjoying checking out the un-posed people in the backgrounds of the photos.


                      • Felt like almost everyone was kinda safe this year? Even though's KStew's wasn't the best choice for either her or the venue, it may have been one of the riskier ones. I guess Beyonce's was 'risky' but it was also ridiculous . . . DK's was sort of risky, but not as much as she is capable of. Even Gwyneth went safe.

                        Dunno, the event just wasn't as 'take no prisoners' as it could have been. Sad.

                        I think CMull might have been my fave, though. There was an element of fantasy to her dress that I really dug. Shiny!

                        Oh, I do love the background people. Spotted my old boss in the background last year, so now I look super close at all of them.

                        Julie Plec's take:
                        julieplec ‏ @julieplec
                        Diane Kruger and @ninadobrev were 2 stunning goddesses at the #metball. #notbiased. Many others looked like designer revenge stories.
                        Knew she would give a shout-out to Nina, but nice of her to include DK!

                        Also, I guess Ian did show for the after party:
                        ian somerhalder ‏ @iansomerhalder
                        You know you are at a very cool party when Mick Jagger is dancing by himself next to you chilling and grooving in his own world. Genius...
                        So perhaps The J was chilling with Ian and Mick, too.

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                        • Hah! First off I that this is my go-to site for Met Ball coverage. Because I *knew* it would covering people I actually care about.
                          Word! Ugh, why is no one else in my life into this? IMO, January Jones (when will I ever say that again? Never. That's when.), Christina Ricci, Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman and Carey Mulligan had the perfect amount of wackadoo for the event. I wish DK wore her Prada, actually. Of course, she would've shortened it six inches. The purple photographed SUPER well, but from the knee up it looks like a regular ol' maxi dress, especially styled with the casual hair and necklace. And she couldn't giggle about the Olsens with The J, so maybe that's why she wasn't as smiley.

                          Beyonce, WHY? Elizabeth Banks looked imprisoned. And I liked Ginnifer Goodwin's dress, but it looks like sitting down turns it into an orange hoohah curtain.


                          • Beyonce's dress made my insides cringe. And after looking at a bunch more pictures, I'm still feeling medium about Krug's dress. I did like that she gave her hair a blow out because she almost never does it. She usually pulls it back or leaves it wavy so it looks really long and shiny when she straightens it.

                            And Carey's dress ended up being my favorite after all was said and done. I think I'm gonna remember it for a lot longer than Gisele's. I like that Christina Ricci went for something crazy, 'cause that's what Met Ball should be (a little, anyway), but I think she was just too short to pull off so MUCH dress. Like, if Blanchett or one of the models had worn her dress, I'd be all over it, but CR just looked like a floating head with a gigantic bow attached to her.

                            Also, KDunst's suit business made her look like she worked PR for The Santa Claus Family.


                            • Ricci actually seemed to be having fun in her dress, which is more than I can say for many of these sour puss actresses! I also enjoyed Karolina Kurkova workin' her Cruella De Ville thang.

                              I actually missed like 90% of the dresses because I checked out as soon as I saw the 10 peeps I wanted to see so I had to go back!

                              I liked when celebs go a little wacky or off the rails. I enjoyed Kiki's retro flare in her red PR costume. I liked Jessica Stam's slightly wacky dress. Liked Gisele's, too.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Nina and DK found each other at the after party. DK always changes into something more comfy for the party, so hopefully she gave Nina some pointers last night. Poor girl had to wrangle that train alllllll night long.