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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • LOL, that is her regular face! I mean, she might have been drunk on top of that, but she always looks left of hammered. She and DK give hilarious interviews together where they just make each other giggle the whole time.

    And here's Lainey's JJ love story. SIGH.


    • SWOON. Yes to a daily Gossip Issie roundup! More stories with arm holding and cutesy back-and-forth, please.

      Ewan is always hot and all, but I'm really more all about DK's dreamy seafoam gown. What's happened to me?

      I choose to believe he picked her bra because hah!


      • Doesn't Ewan just a free pass to sleep with costars? I think his performance needs it. Demands it. It wouldn't surprise me if he slept with Jim Carrey while filming that wacky movie they did!

        YES to updates. You have like DK and The J kung fu. It's awesome.

        ETA: He looks adorably exhausted and devoted in those photos. She must be so fucking crazy to keep him this interested for so long.
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        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • So, yesterday, DK and The J went to another party, a fundraiser for Haitian relief being thrown by Sean Penn and two other organizations.

          There's a bunch more pictures of them in the party and some of The J hanging out with Chris Rock in which it seems as though Josh is trying to have a conversation and Chris Rock is bored out of his mind and not paying attention. They're here, which is my new favorite place for pictures.

          Sometimes The J's curly hair gets too unruly for me. It was nice at the CK party, but looks messy here. It's not my fave. And her Jason Wu dress is too much like Karlie Kloss's from Met Ball with the black lace and draping. Plus, she's done this sheer leg curtain before with Erdem and she's done blue with black lace before, too, also in France with The J. So this dress is just ok to me. I mean her face looks super pretty, but meh. It's part JWu's 2013 Resort line which hasn't even debuted on the runway yet, but DK has access like nobody so she got to wear it anyway. I sometimes wonder if the A-listers talk shit about her behind her back for having such fantastic access to the best clothes. Like, I don't even think Goop has the kind of access DK enjoys. I mean, maybe she does with someone like Stella McCartney, but Stella's clothes are usually gross, so who cares? And DK was on Alexa Chung's short lived show a couple of years ago and Alexa said basically the same thing, something like, "Every time I ask to wear something, you've already got it!"

          Also, I FINALLY put DK and The J on Google alerts for myself and I get updates all day, just like any good stalker! The Daily Mail had this article that talked about DK's and had a cute video of them on the red carpet with Jessica Chastain. Scroll down for the vid.

          Someone also snapped a picture of them at the CK party being all snuggly and posted it on Twitter. He still looks at her like they just started dating.

          And finally, did you guys know that they have MAJAH haterz? Like, not on a Robsten level, obvs, but there's a group of people who hang out at Just Jared and just BLAAAAAAST DK and The J for err'thing. They're like the Anti BellJar, or at this point, the Anti Issie. It seems to be a mix of DK fans who think The J is a loser who brings her down and JJ fans who think DK is using him for publicity (like, whuuuuh? She's the only reason he gets invited to any of these glam parties). I also suspect that a majority of them are Torvsons. I officially love all of them. Ever since I found them this week, I've been mad Google searching for where they hang out on the regular. They must have a forum somewhere, I FEEL THIS. They must have a treasure trove of glorious hate rage posts that I can copy/paste over here for giggles. I've been doing quote searches like "I hate Diane Kruger" but all I get are results like, "I hate Diane Kruger 'cause she's so beautiful and dates Pacey!" I will not give up!
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          • Aw. You have not arrived until you have haters!
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • His face.


              I really don't see where you guys are getting the idea he has any leverage at all. That's puppy dog devotion right there.


              • !!! TORVSONS! I kinda still don't believe they exist. It's like Palin and fossils.

                He is such the smitten kitten! As much as I love Dirty, that majorly whipped face is really doing it for me.
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                • Yesterday was the premiere for Amour and DK's dress was amazing. I have a hard time picking between this one or the seafoam GV she wore on opening night. I feel like this is similar to the mega tight Calvin Klein she wore last year, but it's so much better. It's more flattering, it's brighter and she just looks radiant in it. LOVE IT. And he takes his umbrella holding job verray seriously. But goodness, they are very beautiful together.

                  This was one of my favorite pictures because I feel like 2 scenarios could have played out here, both of which I love. The first is that she's like, "Hurry the fuck up with the umbrella! My hair!" I mean, that would make me giggle clap if that's what happened because I love any appearance of the German ice princess. But if you look at the picture more closely, it seems like he's the one standing in the rain and she's already under the tent. So the second scenario is that he was trying to be on the sidelines so she could do the photos with the rest of the jury and she was like, "No, dweeb, you can come on the carpet with me and walk me up the steps. Stop acting like a pleb!"

                  And then there's this article from Vulture that is full of golden quotes. In case it ever disappears, I'm copying the whole thing here:

                  Diane Kruger has hit the big time at the Cannes Film Festival, and her boyfriend Joshua Jackson is along for the ride. It seems like just yesterday ó okay, 2003 ó that Kruger was being honored on the French Riviera with the Chopard Trophy for Female Revelation. Since then, she's hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the 60th anniversary of festival and starred in the most anticipated 2009 Cannes film, Inglourious Basterds. Now, though, she's hit another level as a member of the official competition jury for 2012, which hands out the prestigious Palme d'Or. Nerve-racking for Kruger, if not for Jackson, who's perennially attended the festival as her well-appointed plus-one. We caught up with both of them at the IFC/euphoria Calvin Klein/Calvin Klein Collection party to find out how they're dealing with all their Cannes obligations (and yes, being arm candy is an obligation).

                  First, Kruger:
                  Youíre a jury member this year. Does it feel like youíre moving up in the world?

                  At least in the Cannes Film Festival world, Iím moving up! Next step, president! [Laughs.] Twenty years from now.

                  How does it feel to be on the other side judging actors and judging movies?

                  You know, it is a little weird, Iíve got to be honest. Especially if you stand next to someone like [fellow jurors] Nanni Moretti or Alexander Payne, I feel like Iím at the beginning of my career, really, and they have proven themselves over the years. But it is an interesting mix of people in the jury. I mean, we have Jean Paul Gaultier! I just feel like we all have a different point of view. Itís different generations, and I feel very humble because obviously I know what it feels like to be on the other side, so Iím trying to be extra sensitive about each movie and have an open mind. Itís different.

                  Any jury members youíre going to clash with?

                  Not really. We see each other every day, but we donít really talk about the movies, so weíre going to meet up soon to talk about the first movies, so we'll see.

                  Do you think you and Jean Paul Gaultier will be in cahoots together?

                  Uh, no. Hopefully. Are you asking because we're both in fashion? I don't think that's the lens through which we watch movies. I think we all have very different sensibilities.

                  How do you schedule all your moviegoing?

                  Oh, itís scheduled. Trust me. Tomorrow morning, 8:30 a.m.

                  You canít stay out too late?

                  No, not really. Iíve not been going out at all. And I donít want to, really. I do take it very seriously, and I do think itís a responsibility. And I do think that if I was in a movie, I would want my jury member to be not half-asleep while they were watching me.

                  Are you drinking Red Bull or taking stimulants to make sure that doesnít happen?

                  No, itís just like Iím not getting hammered every night, and Iím trying to be in bed by midnight.

                  Is that the opposite of previous Cannes?

                  Well, yes and no. Itís kind of always strange. When youíre here on a movie, youíre doing press all day. And then you go to the party of your movie, and that always necessarily goes late and you want to be there late, and then you have to be up at the crack of dawn and youíre always exhausted. And just when youíre getting okay, youíre flying back to L.A..

                  Then, Jackson:

                  Youíre here because Diane Kruger is on the jury. What does that mean for your role here? Arm candy?

                  Yes, Iím often the boyfriend of fashion, and here Iím the boyfriend of cinema. At the Met Ball, Iím always the best-dressed elbow in all of those photographs.

                  Do you style the elbow in particular?

                  Yes, we put my elbow next to her dress to make sure that weíre matching. Thatís all I need.

                  Is your right elbow better-looking than your left elbow?

                  We havenít gone crazy like that. You tell me.

                  The left elbow is a very handsome elbow. Besides, everyone has a good side and a bad side.

                  Thatís true. Iíve never thought of that before. Now youíve given me a whole new complex. Thanks.
                  [Laughs.] "Iím sorry, you canít shoot that elbow!"

                  Does this mean you get to go to all the movies?

                  Yes, beyond just being here together and having a sort of vacation on the Riviera, itís nice. The odd thing about being an actor at a film festival is usually when youíre there with a movie, you usually never get to see any of the other movies because youíre working, working, working, and then youíre gone. So this time we actually get to take the time to see the films and thereís absolutely no pressure for me. All I have to do is enjoy them.

                  Have you met her fellow jury members?

                  Yeah, I did today. We went to the films together, and it seems like a lovely gang of people, a good crew to be a part of, actually.

                  Will she scrap with anybody?

                  I donít think that thereís a chance that if Diane has a strong opinion about something that they wonít all hear about it. I know this to be true.


                  I am neck-to-ankle in Calvin Klein and shoes by Lanvin. These are my own. Sadly, Iím just the guest, so nobody was rushing to send me clothes this afternoon.

                  Theyíre sweet kicks.

                  They are pretty sweet kicks. Theyíre my dress-up sneakers.

                  Is that something a man should always own?

                  I donít know if itís something a man should always own, but there are many new things in my closet over the last six years that apparently are essentials, yes.

                  That Diane got for you?

                  That just miraculously appeared. Things I used to own disappear, and all of a sudden I own new things that just showed up in my closet that now are my dress shoes. The little German fairy that goes into my wardrobe makes sure Iím presentable in the morning. And these showed up.

                  Do you give her style tips?

                  Uh, no. My advice is always either, ďYes, I like it,Ē or ďI donít understand.Ē Other than that, sheís got it.
                  OMG, GERMAN FAIRY!

                  Also, now we know that the dress sneakers are not only DK approved, but DK purchased. And the haters are all up in arms over this interview because they're like, "Grow some balls, gah, so embarrassed for him!" And as much as we make fun of him for being a little puppy around her, I do agree with Lainey that it takes a secure guy to go to these things as the less famous, less important member of a couple and be cool with his role. I mean, Tom Cruise COULD NOT abide KH in this way. Can you imagine? He would have to show up at the Croisette on his motorcycle everyday and try to hip hop dance or something equally cringe-inducing in order to feel as important. The J's just like, "Eh, free vacation, get to watch movies and all I have to do is show up and look pretty in the elbow area? Done."

                  And then today while she was working or something, he walked around looking super Canadian.


                  • There are NO WORDS. OMB. So gorgeous together. Sigh. That gown makes her look like German Fairy Barbie! And she bought him his dress sneaks! I should have known! Again, I just can't see how they have haters. Issie, have you tried googling for a forum called "We Hate Happiness"?

                    I'll never be able to get the image of Tom Cruise hip-hop dancing out of my mind. Poor, poor Kate.

                    I donít think that thereís a chance that if Diane has a strong opinion about something that they wonít all hear about it. I know this to be true.
                    Hah! It's like he can't not mention how scary she can be. But, you know, no more promise ring! This lets me fully love them now.


                    • Little German Fairy is going to give me a JJ/DK high for WEEKS and WEEKS.



                      • I feel like you need to spread out, Issie. Perhaps a DK & The J Pinterest board? A Facebook group? A Tumblr, at the very least! Your talents deserve greater exposure!
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Ugh, no! I can not have my DK/JJ cray mix in with my Pinterest group. It's like ophy with FB. Worlds would seriously go BOOM! I am very happy to contain my obsession here as I have trouble even imagining that we have lurkers.

                          I feel like the Cannes gods felt my disappointment over Met Ball and were like, "The girl is so dedicated, allow her some dress porn and PDA, Fashion Zeus!" And Fashion Zeus fulfilled my greatest wish.

                          Again, I just can't see how they have haters.
                          Oh, but HOW! Some lovely takeaways from Just Jared today:

                          Oh dear lord. Heís gone for good. I think he has Stockholm Syndrome!!!! I pray that he has friends who will read that and save him from his life of ball-less-ness. LMAO!
                          That was after this person read the interview I posted above. Stockholm syndrome! I mean, how can you not LOVE it?

                          Cannes 2012: Theater Roof Collapses, Screenings Canceled Amid Wild Weather
                          ďI have never seen it this bad,Ē said one industry executive about the weather in Cannes.
                          Well, when you have an evil witch as your jury member bad things happen. lol
                          She made the roof collapse because she's so EVIL! If only!

                          Diane needs to give it a rest. I think weíre all getting tired of seeing her at any and every photo opportunity available. Sheís not even a real actress, her modeling career will soon be over and if her stupid boyfriend get his head out of his a** sheíll be alone. Please for the love of all those holy, gain some self respect Diane!
                          The reality is much sadder than you think.
                          The last quote if from a cray who claims to have insider knowledge about their relationship. I think she thinks it's fake and that they're together for publicity. From the tone of her posts, it also seems as though she thinks DK beats The J on the regular while verbally abusing him. Which is the funniest visual ever. Little bitty DK manhandling big old J. I mean, maybe in bed, but surely that's with his permission.


                          • Maybe his lack of an ego in the relationship makes some women uncomfortable? I've always liked "strong" women so I don't really get that (tho I do think the promise ring is embarrassing--but I'd think that for anyone).
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • Whipped men are my favorite men, especially when they are strong in every other aspect of their life. There's something about a confident guy who has no problem humbling himself for their woman that just gets me every time.

                              ETA I have no problem with the promise ring! I'm good with all of it. If The J wanted to hand the DK his literal balls to carry in her Chanel clutch, I'd still say yay.


                              • I just think the idea of a person over the age of 21 having a promise ring is embarrassing.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.