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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • The promise ring didn't embarrass me too bad for him, it was more the fact that he was the only one who wore it. If they both did, I'd think it was just a nice gesture of their mutual commitment, but since she quit wearing hers like 5 minutes after she got it, I always wondered if it hurt his fee fees. But it's no secret that he would have married her years ago if she'd been up for it so maybe he wore it almost defiantly? Like, "I don't care what you do, I'm keeping mine on."

    Whatevs, as long as they're still together, I'm happy. And so are they! Look!

    They went to dinner with some other people last night and were adorbs ADORBS. The Daily Mail even wrote about how cute they were, complete with body language analysis! When I used to get Us Weekly, I'd look for that feature in every issue because it always made me laugh. But instead of just one random picture getting analyzed, DM did the whole series! I swear, Cannes + Issie = RLTL 4 LYFE!

    And then they were kissing.

    Today they went to Killing Them Softly, Brad Pitt's movie. Sadly, Angie couldn't make it, so they didn't have a couple-off on the red carpet. Her dress is fine, whatever. I'm still petting the pictures of the shiny gold one, so this is kind of come down for me. And her hair looks super Aquanetted. There's a bunch of pictures on her TFS, but the dress hasn't been IDed yet. It looks like Chanel, but I'd think her TFS stans would have picked up on that right away since they've been calling for her to wear some Uncle Karl since Cannes began. It's still early and the Google alerts always get heavy in the afternoon, so I might update this later.

    Ok, updating with the Fug Girls take on DK's dresses. They're now calling DK and The J Krugcey, which made me laugh.

    Also, in case you get LOLs from the haters, they're here. Maybe they don't have another home? They certainly seem to air it all out on Just Jared.

    The photographers are always so aggressive! They'll stop for you, geez, relax!

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    • Oof. Word. That latest 'do was too, too severe for her features. The bottom of it is cotton candy-ish, so I think the whole thing was supposed to look soft and something went wrong.

      The ring made me feel gross and sad for him. 90% because he was wearing it alone and 10% because he's 33. I'm gladgladglad it's gone AND they're still schmooping it up in France. God, if they're never going to get married, they could at least play pretend and have a giant wedding photoshoot for Vogue or W magazine with clothes provided by Uncle Karl. Her wedding dress(esssss) would be totally and utterly the shit.


      • We're a week in, do you guys have DK and The J fatigue yet? This year's Cannes is a marathon, not a sprint! They have a few more days to go still. I think the closing ceremony is on Sunday. The J's tuxes are getting quite a workout. I wonder if it bitters her out that he probably takes 15 minutes to get ready, including a shower while she has to be in a chair for 2 hours everyday getting her hair did. I think she does her own makeup so that saves time, but still, I would be cat scratchy at people after having my hair pulled and twisted everyday for a week.

        So tonight was the Nights in Monaco fundraiser. They got their picture taken with Bill Clinton and of course, they look as lovely as ever. Bill is looking kinda rough. But he's almost 70, right? I guess that's about what 70 looks like.

        The night included an auction and The J bid on a fancy necklace for her and won it. There are pictures of her kissing him with a, "SQUEE, new necklace!" face and then Clinton congratulated The J over his... smooth move, I guess. Until I can find pics of those, they are here at Pop Sugar.

        She's wearing Prabal Gurung. She really did call in all her fashion favors for Cannes. She's worn dresses by all her buddies except for Uncle Karl. Maybe she's saving him for the closing ceremony? And the only brand she's repeated is Versus (the maroon Xena Warrior Cheerleader dress and the blue kissy dinner dress), but one of those dresses is probably hers and not a lender. Also, the last 2 dresses have been very evocative of Chanel, so it might be building up the Chanel anticipation for when she finally wears it. Back in January (my period of despair), she went to the couture shows in Paris and attended Versace, Giambattista Valli, and Chanel. She usually doesn't hit up that many shows in one go, so I'm guessing she was Cannes shopping. But would they have already told her she was gonna be on the jury? That seems early, but it's possible they do it that far ahead of time so people can clear their schedules. Another theory is that she won't wear Chanel at all this time because the last time she played a major role at Cannes was in 2007 when she hosted opening and closing ceremonies. That year, she wore pretty much all Uncle Karl, most of it custom made for her, so maybe she wants to wear the rest of her friends' things this time around.

        InStyle posted some videos of the two of them from the red carpet last night and at the CK party. They're here. They asked The J what he admires about DK and his answer is basically, "EVERYTHING."
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        • I hope Clinton leaned in and said, "You're gettin' some tonight, brah!"

          Cannes has been a bevy of riches for our RL shippers at mnn!
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Nina and Ian are both on their way!

            They are doing Cannes briefly, and then a convention in Paris.


            • We may have major couple porn overlap tonight if Nina and Ian made it in for the Amfar gala. Robsten and DK and The J are supposed to go already and pictures should be available in a couple of hours. I'll update this later with whatever's available.


              • Holy Beek, I'm all atingle at the thought!

                You'd have to imagine that Nina and Ian are coming in for that, maybe, because why else go all the way to Cannes near the end of the festival? Unless Ian has yet another enviro thing he is in town for, like trying to convince the Cannes organizers to go green the same way he met with the Coachella folks and Oscar party folks. Event organizers must cringe when they see him coming, like, "Oh crap, it's Somerhalder! Everyone hide your styofoam cups or he is going to make us use the ones you have to plant in the ground afterwards!"


                • First pictures are up!

                  It's Chanel, finally. It's from the resort line that just debuted a few days ago and I think she's the first person to wear anything from it. Of course Uncle Karl gave her 1st dibs!

                  There's also a story from People that the necklace The J bought her was an engagement present, but his rep was like, "Oh, uh uh," with quickness. I love the picture they chose for that article because her face is so happy and his face is like, "I just bought a 50 thousand dollar necklace and I'm gonna be unemployed in November...shiiiiitt."

                  There's also this story from ONTD about their dinner date the other night. For real, $150 for some soup? Oh, the rich. At least he's a good tipper! I always like that in a person.


                  • I know actors make bank but that's a pricey trip! I'm guessing they get to write the meals off (50% deductible) but $45k for a necklace is crazy, especially when you're bankrolling a crazy mom and lazy sister. And paying the mortgage on god-knows-how-many dwellings.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • Maybe it was an early anniversary present? They'll be celebrating 6 years in a couple of weeks, so maybe he went big this year. It also supports the theory that they had a rough patch. Don't boys go bananas with jewelry when shit hits the fan? I wouldn't know this because Mr. Issie's presents usually come from Best Buy. Or to be really accurate, they come from

                      But I mean, his ring is off and that had to have been brought up in conversation at some point. Whether it was he who was like, "Seriously though? Fuck this noise!" or if she was like, "Seriously though? Take that shit off, it's lame," that talk happened.

                      And yeah it's a lot of money, but The J's been rich a long time, even with the needy family. This place says he's worth over 20 million dollars, I have no idea how they know that or how accurate they are, but there you have it. Oh, Us Weekly has a picture of the necklace. I mean, it's nice? I guess? I don't know ANYTHING about jewelry.

                      I found a pic of Nina at Amfar, but no Ian. And I guess Robsten didn't make it to the party, they were probably recovering from the drunky sexing of the night before.

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                      • I wondered if the talk was more about how Diane didn't want to deal with a billion paparazzi questioning whether or not they were engaged/married, so the call was made and ring(s) come off when they are "on the job". Only because I noticed almost the only times she is/was ever spotted wearing hers was if she swas photographed out shopping or doing other RL things. Never on the red carpet. NEVER.

                        If that were the case, however, I guess Josh pretty much negated the whole point by buying her a forty thousand dollar bauble in front the world. Unless THAT was his was of saying "Fuck this".


                        • Not sure what to say about that necklace. It might be one of those things that looks better and sparklier in person? Kinda interesting and suits DK, though.

                          Cannes has been unreal-y good. No Nian, though, because I guess Ian was going straight through to Paris.

                          LOVE Nina in that Elie Saab.


                          • Yep, no R/K at AmFar which I'm actually fine with. They were out till 6 AM this morning and then they both did press most of the day into the evening so I'm guessing they had a quiet dinner and some quality boning time. As is typical though after working up an appetite, about an hour ago though they were spotted at a private club with Paul Giamatti. Kristen and the OTR cast hung there their first night in Cannes as well.


                            • Besties always find each other at parties!

                              DK's hair is too severe for me. It has been the past couple of nights, actually. It looks better when she has bangs 'cause sometimes she has a Dawson five head when she sweeps all her hair back like that.

                              Diane didn't want to deal with a billion paparazzi questioning whether or not they were engaged/married, so the call was made and ring(s) come off when they are "on the job"
                              I can see this to be true and there were pictures of her during my winter of sadness with the ring on while she was shopping. The J hasn't had it on since Wonder Con, but he's also never papped by himself so maybe he wears it when he goes to the grocery store, too.


                              • Pic of Josh and Nina hanging out in Cannes.

                                Nina's stylist tweeted that they have a gala event tonight, and then maybe she'll join Ian in Paris.