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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • You are so right.

    Totally BRILLIANT. I do wonder how the clams will retaliate. Katie must think she has a pretty strong hand here, to play it this way. The next story leaked should be about how she is scared for her very life, and afraid the org will come after her and kidnap Suri or something. The more public she is about them, the less they can really do against her without causing a shitstorm.

    Absolute genius.


    • That's already out there. She fears she's being tailed by Scientology members. Scientology even issued a statement saying it was false.

      A friend of mine already emailed me today to say that Katie probably feels she is fighting for Suri's very life! She also said there is no love like a mother's love.

      BRA-VO, Team Holmes. BRA. Vo.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • FLAWLESS. They've made KH out to be the posterwoman for anti-Scieno AND strong mothers everywhere! It's crazy how much Daily Mail's "Femail" section is all up in that biz! They've already got the story about the suspicious black SUVs, and one of their opinion bloggers even wrote (barely) an article about "long-suffering wives" dumping their high-profile husbands entitled "What makes clever women stick by creeps for so long?"

        I haven't been to Radar Online yet. Did their article include this?
        Increasingly, the salons of Beverly Hills and Bel Air have been full of talk of Cruise’s controlling ways, which are said to have extended to authorising acting roles for Katie — who found fame in the TV series Dawson’s Creek — as well as his insistence she should remain pale-skinned, like his second wife Nicole Kidman.
        Bwa! Like, WHAT? Is that real? That's right. Who cares.

        Apparently her legal team is led by "a New York-based Mr Mayefsky is a shrewd operator who has a habit of airing the grievances of his clients in front of the media." (claps) One step closer to Character Witnessfest 2012.

        It says KH fired clamJessica a year after the wedding and threw Tom's mom and sis out of his LA compound, which would mean she's been standing up for herself silently for quite a while. Between that, the blind item about schlumping about LA in ratty jeans, no makeup and top-buns just to spite Tiny Tom, and the fact her legal shit may mean she'll get blacklisted by (the craziest) half of Hollywood and she doesn't give a shit anymore, I actually think we'd be pals.

        LOVE how Tiny Tom's statement says "saddened" but the media says "furious."
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        • I forgot to say! DK's glamorous, jet-setting, high-fashion life balances perfectly with The J's scrufftastic, Whole Foods, can't-we-just-chill-in-the-'Couve? laid-backedness, but in the next five years The J may get to a point where being cool uncle isn't going to do it for him anymore. I think he NEEDS to be the dad he never had. The dreambaby timeline is going to make or break them, fo' sho.

          "I definitely want to have kids. I have three goddaughters – I’m not sure why they trust me, because I have no experience with children – but I try. One of my goddaughters is in London and Josh and I love London. When we go, I take her to the park, the zoo and [the toy shop] Hamleys." -- 2011 InStyle
          "I’m very independent. I’m not sure how I’d deal with someone who wanted to be with me 24/7."
          Here are some pics of her with pretty, immaculate blonde child actors:

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          • I have trouble imagining DK pregnant, but I can see her as a mother. Does that make sense? Maybe because she seems very orderly, domestic, and naturally bossy, and I equate those things with what a mother should be. Plus, she's VERY affectionate with The J, regardless of who's around, so I can see her being very lovey with kids.

            Wevs, we'll cross that bridge if we get there... TEAM DREAMBABIES! They were snapped at the Euro finals and she looks hilarious. Out of all the sports things he drags her to, I think soccer is the only one she actually enjoys.

            As for Le Divorce, Lainey's take on Team Katie is my favorite of the day. I hope she keeps working this Not Without My Daughter angle because it is GOLD. There's no way she can lose as long as she sticks to this story and Team Tom will have to create something AMAZING just to escape this battle looking like human beings instead of monsters. For posterity:

            This is the cover of the new PEOPLE. Not surprisingly, the magazine is going heavy on Katie leaving Tom, especially since Katieís team gave them an advance on the announcement, confirming with them first that sheíd filed for divorce. Itís just another in a series of very smart moves from Team Holmes. If you secure the PEOPLE angle, youíre more likely to win the MiniVan Majority. And then you let TMZ do the rest of the work for you in attacking the Church Of Scientology. Xenuís the one who normally does all the attacking; right now theyíre in total disarray. Which means Tom Cruise has to answer to his Church authorities:

            How could you not have anticipated this defection?
            Why did you not see the signs?
            Why wasnít she sent to auditing sooner?
            Your wife is making us look bad. Do you know how much money weíre losing?
            Fix this, Tom. You need to fix this.

            As youíve probably heard, Katieís supposedly being followed. Whether or not she actually is being followed is irrelevant. The point is that weíre willing to believe it. Because of Tomís attachment to that shady Church. And the more we worry for her, the better her chances of winning sole custody of Little Sci (No More).

            But itís impressive, Katieís strong position, isnít it? Do not worry about this turning into Sad Smut. Sheís blown this sh-t so wide open, at this point, they really canít touch her. On the contrary, they better hope she thrives, that sheís well, because she so much as breaks a nail right now and they are f-cked. Katie Holmes is playing his ass. Katie Holmes is a BALLER. And so far, all of her moves have been undercover. Can you imagine if she decides to go overt with the operation?

            Thatís the message sheís sending him: do not fight me on Suri because this is just the beginning - people are blaming your religion already and I havenít even opened my mouth; can you imagine what will happen if I step outside with tears in my eyes, and our daughter, terrified, in my arms?


            Tom Cruise is carrying three expensive studio movies and right now everyone already thinks heís insane. Meanwhile his wife is starting a new life without him in New York, while everyone fist pumps their support, and he canít leave the set to coax her back because he canít delay production. Look whoís trapped now...

            Next article: what came between them? Coming up...
            I do wonder if Tom gets harsh treatment from Miscavige when things like this happen. Or is he untouchable at this point?


            • I DO see DK as a mom someday, I really do. Agree with the naturally domestic and bossy angle. She'd be a marvelous, slightly terrifying mom. And her children would be eccentric, trilingual fashion plates who love hockey. CANNOT WAIT.

              I love how they are totes the most dramatic people in that soccer pic. Ha!

              You would think that Tom was untouchable, right? But maybe he will become less and less so through this. The timing on it could not have been more perfect. Gah. Everything is so PERFECT.


              • Plus, he was seriously unhinged when they first got together and their breakup is a perfect opportunity for the paps/People to revisit all that. I rewatched the couch jumping episode last night and UGH. He makes OPRAH uncomfortable. He is jumpy (...ha) and jittery and at some point, DRAGS Katie out in front of the studio audience. He may have recovered some box office clout since then, but he really blew his personal image out of the water.

                I LOVED that Lainey had three articles in a row about how Katie is rocking the divorce this morning. I hope she can keep on this trajectory.


                • I also wonder if KH wasn't moved to act when she did because she knows Suri's about to start grade school for real and she's had a front row seat to Conor and Isabella's Scieno homeschooling. Methinks those kids are probably kinda dumb because they weren't allowed to learn anything of value. KH, if nothing else, had a good proper prep school education and it probably BUGGED her OUT to think that her own kid was gonna be stupid.


                  • TomKat divorce coverage is ALL I NEED in terms of sustenance right now.

                    Can you imagine thinking (let alone reading) that Katie Holmes is a BALLER a month ago? A year ago? OMB. It's toooooooo delicious.

                    I think half this shit is straight-up false, to be honest. I will nevah believe Suri Cruise was destined for the Sea Org. I think Scientology is about 40% of the issue and Tom being tedious is 50%. 10% is her desire to have real sex again. Just my speculative hope for her. Ha!

                    Tom was SO UNHINGED when they got together. I stand by my claims of mania!

                    I need to be ALL ovah the internet nonstop and I only have so many hours in the day. YES TO ALL LINKS, LADIES.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • Cops called to shoo away Katie's Scientology stalkers.

                      This is fuck-mazing.

                      I can't even STAND that I have to go to dinner with Mr. Is's friend and his wife (who hates gossip!).

                      Had to cut this whole thing from Lainey, also for posterity:
                      And then of course there’s how Katie observed Isabella. As Tom’s older daughter, watching Bella gave Katie some insight into what life would be like for Suri. Bella has a boyfriend now and they’re living together. Unbeknownst to Bella, Tom allegedly has them followed. Not by security, not for protection, but by a Scientology member trained in surveillance from the same squad that’s mobilised whenever the Church wants to discredit or attack an adversary. They told Katie it was in Bella’s best interests, to make sure she wasn’t being taken advantage of. But it made her increasingly uncomfortable. She slowly started opening up about it with her mother. Her mother kept her father informed. And as she grew closer to her family again, she pushed away Tom’s influences. Like his sister. Us Weekly reports in its latest issue that Katie cut off Lee Anne DeVette about a month ago. DeVette was Katie’s babysitter for a while. And, as I reported last Friday - click here for a refresher - she’s replacing her staff so that she can get away from people on Tom’s payroll. According to Us, she’s also secured her own NY apartment for $12,500 a month. As soon as she was able to confirm a residence, she then engaged her old team and a new lawyer, quickly, turning it around in less than a week, and finally cutting off Tom on Wednesday. As previously mentioned, that’s when she stopped taking his calls. That’s also when she was seen at Whole Foods in Chelsea, with Suri, seemingly building a new life. An eyewitness tells me exclusively that Katie was there on June 27th in the afternoon pushing a huge cart filled with flowers, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and other basic home items. While standing in the check-out, Katie hugged Suri repeatedly, telling her over and over again:

                      "You know you are an amazing little girl, right? I love you more than anything."

                      She was also very appreciative of her bodyguard who appeared to be new on duty without much experience with her schedule.
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                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • From isadora's link about the cops:
                        The Church of Scientology denied TMZ's reports that it's following Holmes. However, City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., who heads the Council's Public Safety Committee, wants Holmes to know NYC has Holmes' back: "We don't allow people to be harassed in New York City and the NYPD should give serious consideration to the arresting and disarming of these thugs."
                        Oh, yeah. She's definitely WINNING.


                        • I am DYING! This is my favorite thing!

                          I want to believe every single piece of gossip is 100% true! The clams have always fascinated/terrified me and I would completely believe that Katie is scared as hell about what will happen to Suri if she stays in. At this point, Katie has probably already been declared a Suppressive Person and Suri would not be permitted to talk to her if Tom gets his way. I am INVESTED in this, y'all.

                          ETA: Bitch is looking smug. Love that flash of her ringless hand.
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                          • ď#La Familia Always. Friends Come And Go, But Family Is Forever,Ē the message from the 17-year-old said.
                            Doesn't he mean "moms"?


                            • Seriously, how triumphant are the KH pics without her ring? Bitch looks good, her make-up is nice, she looks relaxed for the first time in ages.

                              SO MUCH WINNING. It's unreal.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Ok, more to add!

                                $cientology says Suri NOT a candidate for the Sea Org.

                                I meant to mention earlier about Issie's point as it relates to Miscavige/Cruise/Scientology:
                                Reports pretty much say that Tom Cruise is Miscavige's BFF. He's basically second in command at the church (unlike John Travolta who has tried to distance himself from them for years but since they have the goods on him it's not really an option). However, I think that Tom only sees the parts of the church that David shows him. They treat him like a messiah, throw him lavish parties, give him awards for his "service", create elaborate scenarios at his request. To Tom? Scientology is a wonderland of acceptance and privileges. That's how they lure celebs, of course--by treating them as better/more important than the average dipshit. At any rate, I think they basically lay the blame on Katie. She's a suppressive person and all that rot. What this might do? Is prove to Tom that dating outside Scientology is a real problem. For both him and the church. If this doesn't pull him from Miscavige it will certainly drive him deeper into the fantasy world the church creates for him, IMO.

                                I honestly think he thought Katie was just impressionable enough to take it all in and roll with it. Nicole was always suspect because of her father (the evil psychologist). I do wonder WHY Tom is drawn to non-Scientology women? What does that mean to him, to bring "suppressives" in and try to convert them? It's sort of pathological at this point. Is it a cry for help? Or a desire to convert? I'm not sure.

                                I so need to go back and read Plane Sects! Ha!
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.