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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Is it sad my biggest takeaway is that Connor Cruise doesn't know how to properly hashtag? #dumb
    I so need to go back and read Plane Sects! Ha!
    And I've been in another fandom too long because the above totally means sex on an airplane to me.
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    • If KH renames Suri "Sarah"? My brain would explode.

      DK+The J world tour, a proper Tiny Tom clambake, KH fuckin' BALLIN'... She's winning? WE'RE WINNING. This is our moment, you guys. And I'm with you, jennk. I'm going to believe errrverything I read. Honey badger don't care. That Sea Org exists and interrogates 10-year-olds (What the hell kind of deep, dark secrets does a 10-year-old have?) is enough for moi.

      emmaleigh, time to change your life! The Liberation of Katie Holmes.

      The authors just posted about the divorce, but I'm crazy bummed that they were joking about ending the trilogy this summer! I really was looking forward to it.
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      • What the hell kind of deep, dark secrets does a 10-year-old have?
        I read that they used the kiddie interrogation as a way to find out information about the parents. If you look at the list of questions they ask the kids, the first one is something like: What has somebody told you not to tell? I don't know about anybody else, but that is FUCKING TERRIFYING Rosemary's Baby Corn Children shit to me. It also goes along with those rumors that Team Tom did use Suri as a way to keep tabs on KH all along.

        If those are true, it's even more awesome that she's managed to do all these things without them knowing. I mean, she's pulled off a lot under covah: switched back to her old team, hired new security, hired lawyers and conferred with them and her parents about how to proceed with the divorce, and moved to a new apartment. That's a lot of shit to get away with when people are supposedly watching you all the time. I like to think one of KH's handlers switched sides and that's how she got away with everything. Isn't there always a loyal flack in these stories?

        Do any of you think she'll wrangle a sympathy Oscar out of this in a few years?


        • I so need to go back and read Plane Sects! Ha!
          If KBell is even mentioned in the same story as KH, I will assume that Plane Sects is 100% real-life canon.

          I don't believe what the $cientologists say about Sea Org and age restrictions for one second. And anyway, with all the shit they do, that's probably the least of KH's worries.

          10-year-olds may not have a lot of dark secrets, but it is easy to convince them that any secret they have is some Very Bad Thing and then exploit that to keep them loyal and afraid. It seems like part of the purpose is to instill from a young age the idea that you are always being watched and that you have no secrets from them. Then you're always afraid and easy to control.
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          • Heh, KH and Krugs now share a publicist! One step closer to the sister wives family Laa wants. Link


            • It's like Christmas in June/July!

              Seriously, it's like KH said to herself, "Self, ophy is going to be a little bored waiting for the Olympics to start up. Let's give her three weeks of a media circus to cheer her up and enhance her life."

              Thanks, KH!

              Most awkward handholding EVER. She so looked like she was being forced at gunpoint to hold his hand two weeks ago in Iceland.

              The actress recently wrapped an untitled indie drama based on the Anton Chekhov play The Seagull opposite Allison Janney. Holmes is also attached to star in an indie called Molly, which she co-wrote, though it is not yet clear what will happen with the project.
              Somebody is trying to take a page from the MW handbook about her career, finally. I do hope Molly ends up being a scathing, thinly veiled portrait of a woman abducted by a cult. Or even better, a woman trying to save her daughter from being kidnapped by a cult.


              • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                DK and KH showing up to all the same events is already a dream. I know you guys think KH unforgivably Toledo, but if the planets wonk up to fulfill some pre-apocalyptic prophecy, DK has some mega pity, and they eventually become pals, maybe she and Posh Spice can finally help her off the Yang and then The J will have panicky, ping-ponging eyeballs 5ever and OMB am I crying right now? TEAM SISTER WIVES.

                Annoying radio DJs were referring to the terrifying handhold-up this morning (along with the fakey stuff about his wives leaving him at 33) and I had no idea what they were talking about. Beek H. Beek, she looks like he's made of old cabbage!

                KH's smug NY grin is probably because paps are shouting their congratulations! You know what I was thinking? At this point, Team Katie could just ask people with Escalades to park in front of her apartment and let TMZ do its thing. Also, it would be pret-ty hilars if Suri were Josh Hartnett's. Remember when Josh Hartnett was a thing?

                A hearty 'whoa' to the kiddie interrogation as a spy tool. My mind didn't even let itself go there! "Sometimes Mommy cries at night about my real daddy" would definitely qualify as a Deep Dark Secret.


                • She's making it super clear that she ain't give a shizz about da money.


                  Katie Holmes will be getting virtually nothing from Tom Cruise by way of $$$$ because their prenup cuts her out of his fortune ... and sources connected with Katie tell us it's just fine with her.

                  We've learned the prenup Katie signed is long, tight and stacked in Tom's favor. We're told reports that she'll walk away with $15-20 million are absurd. Our sources say Katie will walk away with what she brought into the marriage ... and hardly anything else.

                  Our Katie sources tell us, "She's not about the money. She's not that girl. She loves to work."

                  We're told there's one thing Katie is insistent on -- she wants child support from Tom, and that could turn into a big ticket item.

                  As for whether Katie will challenge the prenup ... it's pretty common when a divorcing couple is in conflict, and our Katie sources are not ruling that out. But they insist, "Money is not that important to her. She makes plenty on her own."

                  One final point ... a well-placed source connected with the couple tells us, the prenup that basically gives Katie bupkis is proof the marriage is not a sham -- she didn't tie the knot for the loot.
                  Interesting, because original reports had her walking out with $3mil per year. Which, is, actually peanuts in comparison to what Tom has, but not bad for Toledo.


                  • Hmm, I'm not buying that one. I do think she cares more about getting out and Suri than she does about the money, but I also think she's walking away with some nice change. If it's her team that's giving that info to TMZ, of course they're gonna say that she was in it for TWU LURVE. They need to be careful not to oversell. Nobody's buying that clearance item no matter how much you mark it down, Team Toledo.

                    DK and The J were at Chanel earlier, just as expected. They split up after this week and their summer of international lovin' comes to an end. Next week, she's supposed to start filming a French movie and he's due back in the Couve for the start of Fringe. They spent the entire summer together, that's cute. They're like camp boyfriend and girlfriend. And I hope that beret is just the tip of the iceberg of her future wardrobe choices. I love that she was like, "Is the ginormous diamond ear cuff enough? NO! What else... what else? BERET, YES!" I need her flats in my closet, though. Tons more pics at TFS.

                    DK's version of the look of love:

                    The J is wearing skinny male capris and loafers with no socks. Sometimes, I can't even take it.


                    • Eh, if it's true that she gets bupkis and is cool with it, even more awesome, but methinks it's Team Katie pushing the idea that she JUST wants Suri out.

                      More about Cruise kids:
                      Until 2011 Bella was frequently photographed by paparazzi out and about in public alongside Holmes and was said to work as an “apprentice” at her fashion label Holmes & Yang.

                      While neither of Cruise’s children has spoken out about their father’s impending divorce, they were (by many carefully manufactured publicity appearances) quite close to their stepmother. Exhibit A: the siblings were widely reported to have begun referring to Holmes as “Mom” after she had been part of their lives for just two years.
                      After NK said in a 2010 interview that they call her Nicole and not "mom"? Rough. Isabella does call her mom in a recent interview with New Idea magazine, whatever the hell that is, although they still seem v.v. estranged. But part of me thinks maybe Isabella was KH's lackey mole, because she's equally fed up about Tom & Co tracking her every move.

                      LOVELOVELOVE the earcuff! And it's really, really nice to see him posing while she throws him the look of love. Just backs up my theory! Let the fashion five-upping begin!


                      • Oh, yeah. I don't BELIEVE she had no eye on the money. It's just a sideways spin, and yeah, they need to be careful about pushing it too hard.

                        There is so much to love about this picture here:

                        The pose! The elegance! The savoir faire! I don't think The J can be without DK at this point. Not at all. A Chanel photocall! Pacey's life has become surreal and wonderful. Why would ANYONE give that up?

                        I love every last bit of her ensemble. The whole thing so carefully planned.


                        • I don't think The J would give DK up. No way!

                          I LOVE the headlines about Katie wearing heels and looking smiley! Ha!

                          I don't believe she gets nothing in the pre-nup. Not even close. It's spin to counter the "contract is up" comments from the gallery. Totally.
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • Adorbs, as always, but the beret looks a little Fly Girl, IMHO. And she can still be a fabulous fashion plate and smile with her teeth on the red carpet every once in a while! I sound like my mother. Anyhoosle, the question has nevah been if Promise Ring Boy wanted to be without Krugs! A split would only happen if The German Fairy ordered it, I totally believe. It's that if they're ever on the rocks again, like between Sundance and WonderCon, and KH isn't already cougin' on some youngster, v.2.0 of whatever the hell happened in London could easily play out. As long as she's marking all over him with the coordinating Chanel and the loving gazes, they should remain cool.

                            Edited: Okay, wait, if DK ever cheated (again? We never made a collective decision on this), I could see The J being so heartbroken and betrayed (because he'd have given up being Dirty for nothing) that he'd need a break and he'd spiral, which would also make him ripe for role-reversal Londoning.
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                            • I do love to talk about Tom, Nic and their kids.

                              What kind of a fucking asshole is Tom Cruise that he alienated his children from their mother, allow them to call her Nicole, and basically made no effort to assure they had a relationship with her? Even if she did cheat on him and get pregnant by Ewan McGregor? Though, given she was just pregnant that December he dumped her? It's somewhat unlikely that it was Ewan's baby. And then! To encourage them to call his wife of less than two years "mother?" Ugh.

                              I really detest him.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Agreed, his obsession with controlling everyone around him and his inability to hide it are why it's impossible for him to ever become a media darling again, and atop that pile of creepy evidence is those kids' robot coldness toward Nicole. How fucking destroyed she must be about it every single day.

                                Was looking through some old bookmarked sites and found this Busy tweet:
                                Ladies, if the "boyfriend jean" didn't even work on Katie Holmes, why do you think it will work on you??
                                Tee hee! Remember when she tried to make that happen for real? But at the time, stuff like her abominable overalls and booties combo made me too sad to laugh.

                                Now I think it was just the beginning of Fuck You Tom outfits.

                                re: Suri - I cannot get over that Toledo's hookup(s?) with Hartnett and/or The J were at the 4-month mark and the prego timeline/birth certificate/Leibowitz VF photoshoot was also fudged four months. I mean, right? Am I crazeballs? Don't answer that.

                                Ugh. True apologies for, like, living in this thread. This is my Vampire Diaries.