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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • The J is listed in Buzzfeed's Looking Back at Rosario Dawson's Old Loves. Danny Boyle? Girl, that's gross.


    • The J and DK shopping at Whole Foods in LA:

      As well as pics of her shopping with a friend elsewhere. I don't think she's normally so face-cover-y, right?

      Not even going to comment on the overalls.


      • It's not that MW looks bad here, but . . . no.


        • Holy breakup haircut! That is a very Flock of Seagulls side-part.


          • Her face looks cute, but yeah that outfit is not the best. Kate Young has been her stylist for the past couple of years and she's made good choices for MDubs so I'll have to go check out her clothes at Target to see if anything is cute. They interviewed MW at the party and I'm excited to see that Frenchie movie she's working on. I have that book somewhere, but never got around to reading it, so the movie will give me an excuse.

            DK got interviewed by some random international mag and talks a little about The J. She just reiterates the same stuff about not wanting to marry him, though.

            Whatís the best thing your celebrity status has allowed you to do?
            Travel the world. My career has also put me more in touch with my emotions and enabled me to be attentive to others. Also thanks to my career, I speak three languages (German, English and French) Ö I can also get a great table at a restaurant, take my family on holidays and can afford to buy a house.

            If you werenít a Hollywood star, what would you be doing?
            Where to start? Perhaps a jewellery designer, housewife, or even a hairstylist Ė my grandfather was one. Iím excellent at planning events so I could be a good wedding planner. Dinner parties are my favourite thing to do, so I could also open a restaurant or write a cookbook Ö

            Or maybe a fashion designer?
            No. I only know what looks good on me, Iím not so sure about others. Itís a real talent to be a designer. (AHEM, TOLEDO.) I have the utmost respect for the profession.

            When not working on a movie, describe a typical day?
            Sleeping in, followed by brunch Ė at which I will mostly eat Eggs Benedict. Later, Iíll watch a movie and, if in Paris, go for a bike ride to the flea market and shopping at Le Bon Marchť before cocktails with friends at the Cafť de Flore followed by dinner with my love.

            How does being in the public eye affect your relationships?
            It doesnít really. Sometimes itís annoying to get photographed while out on a date, and I would guess that it would be difficult to go through a break-up publicly Ö I hope that wonít happen!

            You seem to escape much of the tabloid fodder; how do you manage this?
            By being boring. I donít have much to hide, so other than picking up groceries, I donít really go where the paps hide out for celebrities. I refuse to be living in a bubble. I donít live my life sipping cocktails at the Chateau Marmont. Neither Joshua nor I were raised that way. We come from really lower-middle-class families. I couldnít portray those people in movies if I didnít know what reality is.

            You said you have no plans to marry Joshua. Are you not tempted, even if it means you get to wear a couture wedding gown?
            Iíve worn my Ďwedding gowní so many times when Iíve stepped onto the red carpet. I need no paper or fancy party. I want his heart. (Hee, she's finally figured out a nice way to answer this question.)

            Would you ever consider working with Joshua?
            Sure. I think heís great!

            Finally: best party youíve ever been to?
            Nick Cageís holiday party about four years ago. I was completely star struck by everyone there Ö and kind of offended that Jack Nicholson didnít hit on me. I thought he hits on any girl!


            • Her average day is so French and lovely. DK, plan my wedding!

              Sure. I think he's great!
              For some reason this cracked me up.

              I would guess that it would be difficult to go through a break-up publicly … I hope that won’t happen!
              I know that she's just being realistic or whatever, but hearing her say it stresses me!


              • YES, it does. Especially after I read on ONTD that he cheated on her with Olivia Munn. I mean, it's from some anon rando, but me no likey bad gossip about my bbs! Plus, the dirty is still in there somewhere and it's not like I'm blind to that fact.


                • Nooooohoooo. Were they talking more recently? Or during the nebulous break? Olivia Munn is exhausting, but I bet she's crazy in a fun way. I can only see him hitting it around the time DK was not feeling the promise ring and The J was growing some depression/Dirty scruff.


                  • Rando did not mention any dates, but their story was that The J cheats every once in a while and the Olivia part was discovered because DK and J's security cameras malfunctioned and when the tapes were reviewed she saw OM at their house in a trench coat? It sounds like Cinemax soft core, so I took it with a huge "Uh huh, GURL BYE," grain of salt, but I mean, it's also just random enough to be tru enuf, you know? She claims to have gotten her info from a friend who dated DK's bestie and she made it seem like her friend was gay, so that does fall in line with her friend dating Micah, DK's assistant/bestie. But while I flove my gays, they are also the worst at relaying accurate gossip to me.

                    Plus, even if it did happen in the winter of my discontent, I don't see DK putting up with it if it's supposedly habitual. Once, maybe, but on the regular? The J would be dead today.


                    • Agree. Maybe she gave him one free pass a year like a basketball wife. Alls I know is that shit is ovah now that they're for real for real living together. She's embracing her jealousy (eeehee!) and trenchcoat shenanigans won't fly.


                      • See, I have absolutely no doubt that the J loves DK and knows he's lucky to have her but I could believe he cheats. That's why, much as we might love to see the wedding dress, I have no probs with her not wanting to marry him (plus the fact that he's never quite 'secured' her if she refuses to marry him - gives him something to aim for!). She's given a hard time for it but even if he doesn't cheat, it's got to be a worry for her - she must know his past and his effect on the ladies. She's amazing for her age but she's getting older now and that's going to have an impact somehow, even if it's only emotionally on her.

                        It's good to see them settled at last though, and there's still hope for babies!

                        In other news KH has a new gig playing a manic depressive poet. I'm glad she's got something new to work on, things have been a bit dry for her lately.
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                        • I don't think DK doesn't want to marry the J per se. I think she doesn't want to re-marry period.


                          • Yeah, that sounds right. I always liked her quote about how a wedding should come at the end not at the beginning.


                            The 34-year-old actress is reportedly starring in the film about “a manic depressive rapper (Luke Kirby) who gets involved with a manic depressive poet (Holmes) in a passionate affair that results in a pregnancy
                            That sounds TERRIBLE. Can you imagine how depressive and sad the Holmes and Yang clothes are going to look while she's playing this character? (Oh wait . . . )


                            • Okay, but I feel he'll be super serious about being the best Daddy J possible, so cheating isn't going to be a thing once a dreambaby is involved. At least initially.

                              Aw, yay for Toledo! She looks crazy young there. Except yeah, stop trying to make dramas happen, KH. It's not going to happen.


                              • I can't even address the cheating stuff. Intellectually, I can accept it (that it possibly happens and she has possibly forgiven him). But emotionally, I don't wanna.