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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Holy WOW. Also, wow.


    • New interview with DK that she did the morning of the Met Ball. There's nothing all that new in it, but she talks a little about wanting kiddies:

      She was scarily young. What advice would she give to a teenage model in that position, up to her neck in a sometimes brutal industry? ‘Honestly,’ she laughs, ‘today, at 35, if I thought about my daughter being 15 and saying, “Can I go away and live in Paris?” I’d be like, “Fucking get to your room and don’t leave your room for another year!” But then at the same time it is thanks to my mother’s trust that I am who I am today, so I don’t know. If my daughter is really cool and I can trust her then that’s great but it seems crazy to me, I’ve got to be honest…’

      Would she like a family of her own one day? ‘Of course, of course, yes,’ she laughs, despite saying that she’s had a lifelong aversion to living ‘in a perfect house with a white fence, with a boy and a girl and a husband’.
      I see you knocking a year off, DK! Don't be tricky!

      Relaysh stuff:

      She and Jackson have been together since 2006. She was married to the French actor Guillaume Canet for three years in her twenties and once rather wisely said that she thought people should get married at the end of their life, if their relationship endures, not at the start. ‘You know, I don’t know any different,’ she says of her way of life. ‘Even modelling is such a gypsy life, so I don’t really know what a normal relationship would be like. You take it every day. I think [a relationship] is more for yourself, when you want to be with somebody, you make time for that and I think maybe that’s changed. I think I just want to make time more than I ever have.’
      I do like that she never falls for it when someone basically asks her is she's too beautiful to get the good roles. Too many actresses have been tricked into that one or they're just big enough assholes to believe that it's true (Biel), but DK doesn't play that game.


      • Ack!

        Joshua Jackson Was (Allegedly) Spotted Engagement Ring Shopping for Diane Kruger!

        As I mentioned last week, Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger are rumored to be "close" to getting engaged—and it sounds like the rumors might be true!

        According to Life & Style, Josh was recently spotted by Dawson's Creek in Neil Lane's Beverly Hills store, checking out the engagement ring selection!

        From the mag: "He was looking at an $80,000 3.5-carat emerald-cut platinum engagement ring. He thinks it's perfect."

        Granted, Life & Style is hardly the Bible (or hardly Us Weekly) but I wouldn't be shocked if Josh was looking to put a ring on it. Although perhaps he'd be more discreet than showing his face in, like, THE engagement ring store?
        Add that to this:

        Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger Are Close to Getting Engaged

        After years of insisting that marriage wasn't in their future together, Joshua Jackson and girlfriend of seven years Diane Kruger are planning to take the plunge, a source reveals in the June 17 issue of Us Weekly. "Josh and Diane are very close to getting engaged," the pal reveals. "They decided they're ready for the next step. They're excited!"

        The pal adds that Jackson -- who celebrated his 35th birthday on Tuesday, June 11 -- will propose this summer and says their wedding will happen imminently.

        The Fringe alum hinted that he was having a change of heart about tying the knot when he spoke to Us one year ago at Montblanc's 24 Hour Plays in L.A. "Marriage is important for the people it's important for, but neither one of us is particularly religious, so I don't think there's any particular push," he said in June 2012. "But never say never! I don't know."

        The Bridge's Kruger, 36, was wed to French actor and filmmaker Guillaume Canet from 2001 to 2006. Canet, 40, has been dating Marion Cotillard since 2007 and has a 2-year-old son, Marcel, with the Inception star.


        • Beginning of the end!

          Hope they pop out a kid for y'alls.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Eh, he can shop all he wants, but unless DK's changed her mind, that ring is just gonna be another one that she doesn't wear. Plus, her birthday is in a couple of weeks so he could've just been browsing for baubles in general.


            • STOP IT.

              they are going to get married and she will wear something craymazing and the ring will be gorgeous and they will babies and name them something twee and euro and Karl will be the godfather of the babies and the babies will have potato noses and squishy cheeks and we will get to see pictures of the babies in their stylish nurseries in People magazine and the boy baby will wear berets and the girl baby will wear baby chanel and EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL AND NOTHING HURTS.

              SO JUST SHUT UP.


              • Girl, you know that is my RL fantasy! But DK wouldn't be the DK that I FLOVE if she wasn't all


                • I feel like I might have written this article during a dream state or something.

                  Diane Kruger And Joshua Jackson Might Be Engaged — Our Hearts!
                  By Lexi Nisita

                  When it comes to adorable celebrity couples, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are way up the list. And, while they've kept things pretty private in their seven-year courtship, we know that these two are deeply in love. And, that they spend a lot of time doing cute things and that their life is basically a romantic comedy. And now, thanks to Life & Style , we know that they are (maybe) engaged.

                  Apparently, our former crush on Dawson's Creek was spotted looking at an $80,000 emerald-cut platinum engagement ring in Beverly Hills. While there's no official word on whether or not he's proposing, it's enough to get us all excited and giggling. She's talked about having babies and raising them in Paris with Jackson before, so as you can imagine, fangirl imaginations the world over are currently in overdrive envisioning a chic, rive gauche pad with some doe-eyed kids running around, speaking perfect French.
                  But just to be for real, when was this shopping trip? If they're trying to say it was this week, it's bs 'cause over the weekend, he went to Whistler to ski while DK was in New York and then they like high-fived at the airport or something 'cause he was spotted in New York by a couple peeps just yesterday and DK's back in L.A. for work.
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                  • Dude, DK wouldn't the DK that The J FLOVES if she wasn't all WUH EVA WUH EVA I DU WOT I WAWNT. Can you take the blue from the sky? Can you put the wind in your pocket? Can you catch a rainbow? NO! Such is DK.

                    DK is the light.

                    But the imaginary ring sounds pretty! Ugh, I just pictured The J just looking at diamonds like a sad panda because she won't marry him until they're 85. That's it. No more fact checking. I want to be in the same blissful denial as FF Nian fans.


                    • Ugh, I just pictured The J just looking at diamonds like a sad panda because she won't marry him until they're 85
                      And I just pictured hi Charlie browning it out the door with the Linus Christmas music playing like in the episode of Arrested DEVELOPMENT! Why all caps iPad? Eh, too drunk on monitors to curr.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • Monitors. Mojitos. Fuck autocorrects.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Heeeee. Now I want to drink monitors and watch Arrested DEVELOPMENT!


                          • Drunk isadora doesn't post here enough!

                            MOAR DRUNK ISADORA. WOOT!


                            • Josh Jackson ‏@VancityJax 15m
                              @stefanierose_x since I'm on here,might as well put this to bed.We didn't get engaged.Strangely you can't believe everything you read
                              Sorry, hophay!

                              If it makes you feel better, he bagged on the Beek's commercial.

                              Josh Jackson ‏@VancityJax 39m
                              Anybody else watching spurs/heat. That last commercial just made my brain run out my nose


                              • I sense bitterness and regret underneath that tweet! Although I would be more reassured if he had added a sad, soft "yet".

                                Just going to leave this here . . .