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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Seems to me DK is doing just enough at the moment to keep him on side - taking a job that keeps her in one place, telling everyone she wants babies, wearing a ring.

    I'll be conflicted if she does give in and get married/have a baby 'cos it's her un-pin-down-able-ness that makes me love her too. BUT I really want to see those Chanel-clad, Euro-named babies.
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    • James Van Der Beek ‏@vanderjames 5h
      Hey, thanks for the love on the skit... glad y'all enjoyed it!

      'cos it's her un-pin-down-able-ness that makes me love her too.
      Deep down, every wild horse wants to be tamed!

      Okay, that is patently untrue, but let's just pretend for a moment that we live in a world where that is true and hey, what is this freaky looking horse doing patiently chomping grass in my yard FREE HORSE FOR EVERYONE YAY what was I saying?

      Oh, yes, I was saying that the wild horse thing was actually very sexist and I apologize.



      • The J was verray chatty on Twitter last night. He never talks about DK on there so I was really surprised to see him address the engagement stuff. Of course the Torvsons on Just Jared were like "Ha ha he doesn't want to marry her!!" when any fool knows that boy would have put a ring on it back in 08 if DK had been willing. He got snapped in Whistler with a bride fangirl which makes her the winner of the coolest scavenger hunt find since any bachelorette party ever. DK got papped in LA yesterday, too, getting her hair did and I'm sure they badgered her about the ring which would explain the annoyed-amused expression on her face.


        Meanwhile, The Daily Mail previews the new People and is saying that KH can't find a job and that Suri's being a brat.

        It's been a year since Katie Holmes' shocking divorcing from husband Tom Cruise.

        And the 34-year-old actress is still not ready to date - according to a producer who has worked with her before.

        'She’s lying low on the romantic side of things. She doesn’t need that right now. Her focus is on Suri,' the producer revealed in People magazine's July 1 edition.

        'I don’t think she’s ready...Once she left Tom, she got right back on track. Her attitude was "Okay, fine, let's get back to work." Things have been tough for her, but she's happy. She's moving on.'

        The Dawson's Creek star suffered another blow when her Broadway play Dead Accounts closed January - just two months after opening at the Music Box Theatre.

        'It’s been hard for her to find a job,' said a Hollywood insider close to Holmes. 'She hasn’t worked much, and it's not by choice.'

        And Katie has reportedly had drop out of work commitments since she's had her hands full raising her daughter Suri.
        The seven-year-old's last visitation with her 50-year-old father was the weekend of June 8 when Cruise was seen tossing Suri into a swimming pool at a Greenbriar resort in West Virginia.

        'Katie seems flustered a lot,' one of her neighbors told People. 'You can see the struggle in her face. Suri is quite a handful.'

        The Batman Begins star sat out of her fashion line Holmes & Yang's fall presentation and she also dropped out of the film Molly.

        Holmes has been spending a lot of her time lately gazing into the eyes of her Mania Days co-star Luke Kirby.

        The cosy colleagues play star-crossed lovers in the Spike Lee-produced romantic drama, and they evidently enjoy felafel lunch dates off-camera.

        However, a friend of the Canadian hunk says Katie and Luke 'are just friends,' and that the Take this Waltz actor has a girlfriend

        They spend lots of time together. Luke thinks Katie is terrific,' said Kirby's pal. 'They're supportive of one another.'

        Mania Days director Paul Dalio was reportedly irritated that his leading lady was asked out seven times on the downtown Manhattan set.

        'They were crew members and extras just chancing it,' a source told the New York Post. 'It really got on the nerves of director Paul Dalio. Needless to say, she said no to everyone.'

        The divorced mother-of-one meanwhile has scored promotional gigs with jeweler H. Stern, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and haircare line Alterna.
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        • Television, KH. TV. Take it. It's good for you.

          Even if marriage now means nada to DK, could she at least let poor The J mime an engagement and a ceremony? Sigh.


          • She had a play and a movie already this year. Pretty sure she's not getting the Kidman-quality offers but she'll always be able to find work.

            But, yes, a nice TV show would be ideal for her but she probably doesn't want to commit to that when Suri is still so little.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • I know a good sitcom is hard to come by these days, but if she can get on an established one for a season or so, those works hours are sweet. I remember Lisa Kudrow saying that she had no prob staying on Friends indefinitely because they worked from like 10-4 or something and she could still do mom stuff as much as she wanted. It would probably mean that Toledo has to go back to L.A. and I don't think she wants to do that any time soon. Oh! She could do the last season of HIMYM, she was on that already right?


              • Poor J! They are attending multiple weddings this summer:
                Josh Jackson ‏@VancityJax 9h
                To all the bachelor parties that I am going to this summer.... We have for to do this American ninja warrior course.
                He'll just have to sit there and dream of his own white wedding that will never happen. *sob*


                • Heh, as far as DK and The J go, love is all there is, o! He'd be dumb to expect anything different by now.

                  She's been doing night shoots all week and looks tired. But we were watching Zombieland on FX last night and a commercial for The Bridge was on at every break and sometimes there'd be two. If it doesn't do well, it certainly won't be for a lack of pimping on FX's part. We're probably still a couple of weeks out from her doing any big promotional appearances, but I hope she does Conan and the Jimmys as part of it.

                  Her night shooting does explain The J's new friendly chatter on Twitter, though. He's probably bored and since DK has outlawed anymore play dates with Olivia Munn, he just sits at home, plays with the cat, watches sports, and tweets at randoms.


                  • Ooh, DK hasn't ever gone on Conan, has she? He and the Jimmys would be 100x better than George freaking Lopez. I can't wait to be able to talk about her IRL without my friends being like "Oh! The girl from National Treasure!"

                    Poor The J, tweeting at Torvsons in the cool glow of SportsCenter, night-gardening the cukes for his beloved, and thinking about diamonds to the sad Charlie Brown song.


                    • She might as well be flipping the bird with that ringless hand by wearing that t-shirt. If The J is lucky this could be him in 40 years time.


                      • Oh, Beek.

                        LOVE THAT.

                        Ann, a retired care worker, also told Chris getting married was just a “pointless piece of paper” but agreed to move in with him.
                        Over the next 40 years Chris popped the question hundreds of times and even carried around an engagement ring in his pocket in case Ann changed her mind.
                        You could totally change the names and date on that article and that's going to be DK and The J in 40 yrs!


                        • Some oldies, but goodies that I don't think we've ever brought over here:

                          Kiersten Warren is Kirk Acevedo's wife and she had this cute story about their daughter with DK and The J.

                          “Remember the time we had the FRINGE cast over for dinner and three year old Scarlett shamelessly vied for Joshua Jackson’s attention all night and then pulled the bow out of Diane Kruger’s ponytail because she quickly deduced that the German beauty was her rival?”

                          “Remember how mortified we were and how we then commanded her to be sweet? And then from her hiding place under the table where she had gone after the grabbing assault, she announced that she ‘WAS being sweet.’ All saucy and not sweet like.”

                          “And how all of that happened after Miss Kruger presented Scarlett with the prettiest bouquet of flowers.”

                          “Remember that?” I asked Kirk from the soft darkness of our bedroom. It was in those last couple minutes before you both fall off to committed sleep. “Not until you mentioned it no.” Kirk said.

                          Then after a pause, came his sweet and low down rumbling laugh. The memory of unrepentant Scarlett standing by her man. Who wasn’t hers. Under a table. All petulance, chub and ribbons. Must’ve all come back to him.

                          “Yeah that was pretty bad.” Kirk said.

                          “That’s just the start you know?” I drew first blood. “She’s going to be a heart breaker our Scarlett.”

                          Then it got quiet. And somewhere in the dark, I knew the reason he didn’t take my hand like he normally does was because his holding hand was otherwise engaged, clutching his heart and staggering around the room in unfathomable pain.

                          And not because I’m mean. But because I am by nature a provocateur with a pointy stick. I smiled into my pillow.

                          “Goodnight Sweetheart.”
                          And sometime last year, Busy was on Watch What Happens Live and got asked about The Creek days.

                          Plead the Fifth
                          Her subtle and brilliant KH impression


                          • Hah and aww! Hah and aww.


                            • People are determined to breathe life into this story, even though it's totally untrue. The ring she has on her ring finger is old and it's part of a three ring set. It is from The J, but it was his present to her for their anniversary 4 years ago. But yay for new Vespa pictures!


                              • I love everything about your crazy.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.