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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Hah! Are we sure this is a bus TO the airport? Those look like luggage racks, so methinks it's a bus (regular) peeps have to take to the parking/rental lots. And yes, The J is forever amazeballs, but could he also be standing because the chick in front of him is Instagramming him and peeing herself?

    I have The Bridge recorded! What did you think?


    • It's creepy, but I liked it. This would not normally be my thing because I don't usually like creepy stuff, but I'll try to hang in there for DK. Mr. Issie really liked it a lot and he loves that Sonya is the WEIRDEST. He got a big kick out of how inappropriate she was which made me laugh because I feel like it's DK's secret desire to be that blunt and unforgiving in RL.

      Oh, I did not even think about the possibility that it could be an airport shuttle. That makes way more sense.
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        Diane Kruger and her actor boyfriend Joshua Jackson's longstanding relationship has continually spawned marriage rumors. Jackson dropped a telling hint to ET Canada about a potential future marriage at Monday's premiere of Kruger's show The Bridge.

        "No, we're not engaged," Jackson confirmed after displaying his ringless hands. "I'm not sure in the modern world that that's the track that we're taking."

        Jackson's comments aren't the first of their kind to emanate from the couple, who began dating in 2006, suggesting that they have no plans of ever getting married.
        Kruger expressed her candid views on marriage in interview with Glamour in 2011, admitting, "...I don't believe in marriage. I believe in a commitment that you make in your heart."

        The 36-year-old German actress, best known for her role in the 2009 Quentin Tarantino film Inglorious Basterds, takes on television as a series regular for the first time as "Detective Sonya North" on The Bridge.

        Her character not only has to face the everyday perils of being a member of the El Paso Police Department, but also the complications Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder.
        "[It's] very intriguing, as you can imagine, to try and explore someone's mind who...every single day of her life is something different than [how] you and I would look at things," Kruger said. "It's a real, daunting challenge to try and not just put a tick on or try to have an affectation but to really try and understand what way [people with Asperger's] look at things and why they're going to react a certain way."
        As research for the role, FX connected Kruger with an autistic person from the organization Autism Speaks, with whom she has spent loads of time—more time than with her boyfriend.

        "[Autism Speaks] put me in touch with this young man...who has Asperger's and he's come on board as a consultant to the show," Kruger revealed. "I've spent more days and nights [with him] than with my boyfriend for the past six months to really learn what his challenges are..."
        I'm really starting to take this as a personal affront . . .


        • Suri being awesome. "Get out of the way!"

          And DK being crazy/awesome.

          For real, where is my Bravo show already?


          • Bah. I can't see the awesome at work. Is the thing on SBB a vid?

            In terms of earning and keeping my love, DK nerding out over Don Johnson = JLaw skeeving on John Stamos.


            • OMG. Katie is taking Suri to the car to leave and there is a crowd outside that would be reasonably creeps and scary to a child but Suri is all, "STOP IT. We are trying to get to the car!"

              And this adult dude starts calling her a brat and even a bitch when she got in the car. At least the other papparazzi creeper calls the dude out and is like: "Dude..."
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Wow. I hate Hollywood. Suri is unsurprisingly still a little boss! This is weird, but every time I see KH smile I kind of respect how, even after ascending to A-list via Marriage Impossible and the designer baby, she kept her real teeth.


                • Okay, much as I have enjoyed Suri's Burn Book, the older the real Suri gets the more uncomfortable I am with it. Just imagining my 7yr old daughter finding a parody tumblr in her 'voice' online and how icky and disorienting that would be. My kid would NOT be able to understand the satire aspect of it at all.


                  • Eh, does Suri get to use Tumblr? I'm not there yet.

                    Issie, I think you should start a thread for DK & The J but just start it and roll with it from today forward. You can always go back to say the first two or three posts and edit them as you feel like it.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • My kid is EVERYWHERE online now that she knows how to read/type. It takes a lot of vigilance to keep her out of places I don't want her to be. Beek knows what she gets up to on her grandma's tablet when I'm not around.


                      • Would it help if I just made the thread? It takes the pressure off because it's just another thread then. Just an offer.


                        • Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 18h
                          There is no good ship name for Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger.
                          Yes there is. Someone should educate her.


                          • The need for your informative thread grows, Issie. School these people!


                            • Yes please to the new thread. Maybe Carina could join us over here, should someone tell her?? She sounds like she needs a dedicated DK and The J outlet.

                              Love so much the Don Johnson pic.

                              So, The Bridge got loads of good reviews and so did DK so it sounds like she did a good job - yay! If it sticks close to the original it'll be a lot about the characters and their relationships and there should be some pretty funny Sonya moments too. Hope it does well.

                              Poor old Suri. But she sure is feisty!

                              This is weird, but every time I see KH smile I kind of respect how, even after ascending to A-list via Marriage Impossible and the designer baby, she kept her real teeth
                              That's the thing though, she seems determined to keep things natural - no make-up, no boob enhancement, going a little grey. It's like it's something she's decided is a must, no matter how much stick she gets for it. It's so rare in Hollywood and I kind of admire her for it (even as I scratch my head over it sometimes!).
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                              • Right? She needs to dump Yang and get better bras, but yeah, basically.