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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Does anybody else miss the halcyon days of the TomKat breakup? I would give anything for them to breakup again.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • Yes!

      Adrian Grenier Talks Losing Dawson's Creek Role to James Van Der Beek: "I Imagine He Would've Swapped!"

      E! News caught up with Grenier at Oakley's Learn to Ride event at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, and the geared-up actor revealed that the Beek was "a little bit more disciplined" then he was at the time of the WB drama's audition.

      "I'm a huge fan of his," Grenier said of Van Der Beek's work on the hit WB series. "I remember we were both testing for Dawson and I think he just was a little bit more disciplined. I was very young and I was living in New York and it was my first time in LA, so I was a little bit more green. And I think he was a little bit more seasoned at the time and so he came in and swept it."
      The HBO star added, "But it's OK because I like playing Vince!" Plans for the Entourage movie are officially underway and Hollywood's favorite fellas have already started filming for the highly-anticipated big screen continuation. Don't believe us? Here's proof straight from set!

      Despite the missed-opportunity, the 37-year-old actor says that he couldn't be happier with the way his career has evolved, and that he got to take part in Vince's A-list lifestyle on Entourage. "I want to be Vince in Entourage," Grenier said with a laugh. We are guessing millions of Entourage-obsessed men are cyber-chest-bumping you in agreement, Adrian.
      That would have been a VERY different Creek.


      • First of all, I miss The Liberation so bad.

        Second, Grenier had a serious five o'clock shadow in Drive Me Crazy, which was 1999, so playing 15 was probably nevah going to happen.


        • So, is posted this pic on tumblr and it has brought up a lot of my old RLTL feels, you guys.

          Some background:
          This was taken during a BTS thing that I think E! was doing on The Creek during the filming of the Ice House fire.

          They had spent the whole season being kept away from each other because of Toledo's fee fees and The J's incessant whoring.

          She wasn't with CK1 yet, I don't think. If she was it was super early stages. I'll have to timeline that a bit because she might have started dating him late that fall, but I'm not sure.

          He's basically groping her boobs here and she seems quite pleased about it.

          My pre-timeline determination is that this was an ex-sex period for them.


          • It's working! My plan is working!

            I honestly can't remember what this is from! Is that terrible of me? Surely LaaLaa knows?
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • I'm pretty sure it's from an E! thing and I know it's from the Ice House fire episode. You can tell by their clothes. There was some video footage of it back in the day and The J was kind of messing with her. The reporters tried to make it seem like maybe they caught them having a couple moment, except they weren't dating at the time.

              I feel like a whole chest of memories just broke open in my brain and I'm running around trying to clean all the shit up, for real.

              Also, some goss from this pic?

              This was from the TCAs in New Orleans around the middle of S3. The J was still dating Brittany Daniel and he brought her to this event. They had a late night of sexin' and then woke up late the next day, went out to eat, tried to order breakfast after the breakfast hours, and were turned down, lulz.

              You know Toledo was bitter that their trip included BD.


              • Yep, I have the VHS to confirm that giggly grope is indeed from the E! Special. But what I could never figure out was what came first: the CK1 or the BD? I actually don't remember how long BD lasted into s3. Until boathouse smackity?! Pleasepleaseplease.


                • Every time he goes to New York alone I like to imagine he's secretly visiting KH and getting to know his 'daughter'. Well, all things are possible, right?


                  • Mazel tov to the Beeks!

                    James Van Der Beek ‏@vanderjames 21m
                    Outnumbered by kids, outnumbered by girls, outlandishly grateful and thrilled... Watch out world, VDB baby #3 made her debut last night

                    Kimberly posted this pic just yesterday:

                    1 day ago
                    I wanted a decent pregnancy photo... it took me a good 20 tries to make my eyes not look seriously baggy. And I'm going out in my pajama dress today #donttell #lunchdate #comfycozy
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                    • Ha, Mrs. Beek's face was pretty much how I looked at the end too. Like joy was removed from my stable of feelings and replaced with even more rage. Unlike Mrs. Beek, I was not trying to selfie it up in my bathroom.

                      Laa, I've always wondered that too. But since BD's stint on the Creek ended w/ episode 305, she would've finished up her time in Wilmy around early September. She and The J probs (totes) got it on before she left, right? CK1 and Toledo didn't start until later that fall. He was a student at TCU that semester (fall of 1999) and had a class with one of my high school besties. Toledo came down one weekend and went to a frat party with him. I don't remember the exact timing of it, but I wanna say it was around November, maybe early December. Wiki says they didn't start dating until January, but I know for sure they'd at least been set up and gone on dates before then.


                      • BD hung out for a while after Eve was no longer a thing, no? I want to say until the new year? KH wanted to be set up with CK1, I always thought, to save face! Here's this, where La Holmes tells a French mag she's in love with CK1...and tells them + Jane mag that she and The J bite each other's lips.

                        Mrs. Beek's whole outfit looks so. comfy.
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                        • Right? I need the Beek's lady to do my personal shopping for me. I would live in that outfit FOREVER. Well, maybe with sleeves. For Polar Vortex reasons.


                          • Yeah, the sleevelessness cracks me up! Oh, LA trying to do winter. Have you seen the commercials for Beek's new HIMYM replacement? It's...a show. I was searching for trailers from the Core Four. None for MW's 1940s French drama yet, but she costars with Ruth Wilson and Margot Robbie. I feel like Y No DK? And no trailer for Mania Days, but, uh, KH and Luke Something had to mack super hard in public.
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                            • The Beeks' new baby is mystical, man.


                              • So the Beeklets are Olivia, Joshua and Anna. Those are nice! When you have a last name like theirs, you really don't want to land the poor kid with Moonchilde or Wyoming or Fuschia.