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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • The Beek was on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight. He talked about his sad old man stalker who made him mixtapes and gave him birthday cards in Wilmy (please tell me you're thinking what I'm thinking) and the time he dissed Mike Birbiglia. It's pretty amusing.

    Dawson: I was 24 when my character lost his virginity.
    Seth: Gotcha. That's why you were crying a lot!

    I get the feeling that the Beek always makes sure to call his son Joshua, never Josh, and that makes total sense to me.

    ETA: The Beek once helped Justin Timberlake sneak into a Vegas club, but they couldn't help Lance Bass. (The interview, in which he also says he was about to do a gritty, hour-long drama on cable that was hopefully not about a cowboy)
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    • I just watched a clip of the Birbigs part of the interview and it was hysterical. Beekie is so damn charming now! I can't stand it.


      • Toledo, no.



        • BWA! Hid-dy. Tell me when GFY gets on it.


          • I don't understand anything about that photo.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • I can't even look at it, it's too disturbing. I can't stop thinking about labial folds.

              So! Went by the old DC forums at TWOP, and their read only archive *starts* at Jan 1 2004, so anything prior to that is just lost, I guess. Only a couple of poster names looked familiar in the 2004 posts (Mandy, Bronwen, etc.). It's a little like a time capsule . . . they are chatting about the engagement ring CK1 bought for KH, and whether or not The J would be invited to the wedding. Ha!

              I did see some gossip-y posts which I think should be saved for posterity:


              Found this at Fan Forum, as copied from TWoP.
              I'm back, and sort of with a new source. Which, in a way is good because she claims to know quite a bit about the cast. Sadly, said source thinks the Beek is nice. Not the nicest, but nice.
              Just to clear up the money issue, from what I've heard, their starting salaries were:
              James Van Der Beek - $35,000 per ep
              Joshua Jackson - $30,100 (the hundred is just so he's paid more than the girls)
              Katie Holmes - $30,000
              Michelle Williams - $30,000.
              By the end of the show JVDB was still paid the most, KH second, JJ third and MW was on the lowest (but still high) salary of the main four. All were getting somewhere between $60,000 and $70,000 per episode.

              Okay all of thses details are from my newest source, make of them what you will.

              JJ and MW slept together on several occasions during sason two. Throughout the whole of season three Michelle was very commited to her boyfriend Morgan, but after they split Josh and Michelle supposedly hooked up (briefly). It was during the summer before season four. She has heard an "interesting" JJ/Wes/MW story but won't go into it. There are some more details she did share, and I'll spill them when I have more time.

              As I've said before Kerr and Chris Klein are good friends. Apparently they sometimes go to strip joints together.
              Bisexual or not, by the end of the show, all but JJ were in happy long term relationships with the opposite sex.
              Heather is not a beard, and her and James are very happy togther. He's not the most passionate or romantic guy, but he's clearly in love. Heather was very excited about the upcoming wedding. They are the real deal and James always seems very happy in her company.

              Katie would love nothing more than to become Mrs. Chris Klein. Chris just hasn't got round to popping the question yet, but most likely he will. Katie missed him a lot when he was in LA and was really looking forward to being able to spend more time with him.

              Michelle has been dating a guy called Andy Herod since early 2002. In fact she was spotted with him last month back in NC. Not Wilmington, but Chapel Hill where he is a big deal in the music scene. He has a band called The Comas and they had a song played in the final episode of the last season of "Queer as Folk." He's the lead singer/song writer and guitarist. She's regularly seen them out together and they always seem very happy and in love, and there definitely seems to be a lot of passion there.

              Katie cannot take her alcohol. At all. They say there is not one bar in Wilmington she hasn't thrown up in. She's a complete lightweight.

              KH is probably the most uptight cast member, and has become a bit rude and strange in recent years but is no 2D monster. None of them are. She obviously has issues; it's sad that she can be seen cowering in corners in public places, it's sad how fragile she has looked in recent years and it's sad that she has an eating disorder. Obviously that's not really an excuse for giving dirty looks to fans who aren't even bothering her, but the girl definitely has her problems. However she can still be very, very nice.

              There was a rumor going around that Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs both wanted to sink their claws into Josh, and had a little argument over it.

              As an actual fact Seth Green was/is a close friend of Michelle Williams (have I said this before? It sounds familar) and went to NY to see her in her play a few years back to offer support. I believe it's the play which had nudity.

              She's heard "fisrt hand" stories about James, Josh, Kerr, Mark and Chad in the bedroom. Some of them flattering, some not. James and Josh have been called both "big" and "small."

              During the first season, Michelle dated the manager at The Deluxe.

              Contrary to popular opinion James does have a sense of humor, particularly when he's around people he really likes. He can be a pretty nice guy, and stories about all his co stars hating him couldn't be further from the truth. However, bad reputations rarely come from nowhere, and he can be petty, mean and rude. He can seem stuck up.
              On PN some girl said that her pen pal from Vancouver said that her cousin slept with Josh and he was good. Really good. Really REALLY good.

              And here is where they C&P'ed from us:

              Ooh! Ooh! Found these tidbits of TWoP reposts at, including thing about the Beek not wanting to kiss KH.

              "Some people here were sceptical that Michelle could actually like the awful dutch boy and so was I. One person from Wilmy was not, he basically said "Michelle Williams, put nicely is sort of kooky. Put, not so nicely, she's sort of weird. Same with her friend Busy." He also said she's the kind of girl who would "deliberately uglify herself" and that DC were not pleased which made her like it more.

              I also heard that she was very drunk and actually cut it herself, and that Busy was with her. Then she grew to like it.

              Josh has a crazy mother.

              The cast was well aware, and frequently squicked out, by some of the more notorious Wilmington stalkers...err groupies. If you fall into this category, trust were definitely known on set. A few of you were the butt of a few jokes. That’s all I’m going to say.

              Beek is always picking his nose

              JWS used to call Beek "Jamesy Wamesy"

              Josh was prescribed to take Ritalin. He would often pop them like candy.

              He tells women he "loves them" and then dumps them the very next day. Often he gets his friend Wes to dump girls on his behalf.

              Beek requested as little kissing with KH as possible in season six. Due to her "bulimia" and "drunkenness" she is "always vomiting, but never brushes her teeth, which is gross."

              I think I said somebody spotted Katie, Busy and Michelle out together about a year ago. Apparently Katie and Michelle looked completely out of it. All three were walking towards a car. Busy was in the middle and was having to use one arm to prop KH up and the other to prop MW up. KH looked frail and confused. Her hair looked like ass and she looked frightened. MW's eyes looked glazed. She seemed high. She was talking but it was incomprehensible, not only was her speech completely slurred, she sort of had her hand in her mouth (maybe she was going to puke on it a la Jen in The Reluctant Hero???). Despite this Busy seemed to understand every word. Proof of their love? As these witnesses walked past them, they turned back to get another look and noticed that Busy's hand was firmly on Michelle's ass, so they must be doing it.

              Also I heard a story about Busy tickling Michelle on set with their good buddy James watching on in amusement. Before helping Michelle back to her feet, Busy even gave her a little kiss on the stomach. True Love.

              Josh encourages girls to perform private strip shows for him.

              Josh constantly mocks D/Jers.

              Josh, Michelle and Kerr can start laughing for no real reason at all on set (esp. Josh) which is inconsiderate seeing as how focused James and Katie need to be. Josh actually deliberately tries to distract people at times, and has often mooned Michelle during her big emotional scenes. He would not dare with James or Katie."

              Now remember, none of this is necessarily true. In fact, a poster named Fiona (which happens to be Josh's mom's name) also posted these comments soon after this gossip was first posted:

              "I know it's fun to suggest all of this salacious behavior, but I don't believe most of it. First: Josh Jackson is too smart to have continual unprotected sex; as noted below, how come he doesn't have a string of illegimate kids? Just because he is close to his mother doesn't make him a "mama's boy"--that type needs to have mommy do everything for him. It is pretty clear that the opposite has been true for Josh. He has been the sole support of his family since he was about 10 years old.

              As to all of this bisexual stuff (for all of the cast), I know there was a time when "experimenting" was cool in the Ivy league schools, and it sounds so titilating--but really. I doubt that a young man with the kind of father issues he has would be seriously drawn to men. There's a reason we all are drawn to him--he's cute and he obviously loves women! And, he loves his dog! No need for ugly comments about that--dog lovers are good people."
              I like to think that actually *was* Fiona Jackson at the end there, because why not. But who was the one feeding us the info at

              More that they took from

              Meredith used to put on a red cape and over sized, red shiny boots, to become "Captain Fun"

              Busy is "80% gay and 20% straight" and she likes her girlfriends to be shorter than her so she is "physically dominant"

              MW and BP have "naked pillow fights" together.

              JJ was furious when a guy disagreed that his little sister is hot. JJ thinks she's stunning and has model looks. He couldn't get how any man wouldn't want her.

              MW is good friends with Seth Green in real life.

              Mark Matkevich (Drue) was originally going to stick around in season five but the WB didn't rate him and wanted DC to replace him with "rising star" CMM.

              Mark was well liked by other cast members and was a very charming guy in real life.

              Josh and Michelle have been in a lot of threesomes together. Sometimes with another guy, sometimes with another girl. Once Busy was the other girl, but it wasn't all that successful because Busy isn't actually that attracted to Josh, and also "doesn't like to share"

              This was reposted from Fan Forum on
              The Michelle and Busy gossip is true. Their nickname on the set was “Bosom Buddies,” if you know what I’m saying. Not only were they veeeeeery touchy feely whenever they were around each other, but they also made a point of always commenting on each other’s breastessses. Let’s just say that these two have no qualms about their sexuality. Equal opportunity all the way. It wasn’t out of the norm to see them kiss. If anyone is bi, it’s these two. They were all for a Jen/Audrey hookup on the show.

    ’s no secret that [Josh is] known for giving “presents.” G is the word. Rosario discovered that herself. It’s one of the reasons why she dumped his ass. Yes, *she* broke it off. Not Josh. If anyone had commitment problems, it wasn’t just her. She parted ways with the gift that just keeps giving.

              Things were bad [between Josh & James] during the real life Show Me Love showdown. A lot of crappy things were said and done...When this real life drama spilled over into the show, digs directed toward James from Josh in the media didn’t help matters any.
              The way I have heard it 'from the horse's mouth' so to speak was during filming of Season 1, James and Katie were a couple. However, sparks were flying between her and Josh, much to his roomie James' dismay. Josh and Katie began dating soonafter, leaving James feeling betrayed and angry; this and the overall personality differences have led to the fact that James and Josh are not what anyone would call friends.
              Katie and Josh dated until mid/late 1998 when he broke up with her. I heard that little relapses occurred between the two of them here and there....

              Yeah it's interesting how stories get turned around...Katie did begin to briefly see James once again after her and Josh broke up, pretty short return to "courtship" though. James met and began dating Heather McComb in late 1998 and I never heard about any cheating; in fact people on set actually waited for her arrival because it was then that James was in his best moods on set and easier to work with! It was obvious from the start that he was very much taken with Heather.

              **Josh did seem to 'get around' with the ladies. He is famous for those drunken evenings around town, some of which I have been privy to and let me tell ya, it was pretty interesting! I did notice an interesting fact and one that's not too unpredictable....Josh may have gotten girls but it wasn't for his trying. They always came right to him. It was virtually effortless for him and if you put any 20-something guy in a bar with his pick of the ladies, he would do the exact same thing.
              I always heard murmurs here and there that there was a certain local girl here that he became very attached to and continued to see on and off for several years.

              Now I will be honest in that I never heard an absolute CONFIRMED reason for the breakup between Josh and Katie, but from what I've gathered, they were moving in opposite directions. He was her first serious boyfriend so clearly she was very serious about a long term relationship, whereas he was coming into his own professionally and wasn't ready for a fully committed relationship. I think he wanted to put the brakes on ultimately to keep from hurting her in the long run...rumor has it that she is one of the few that he didn't mess around on, which is commendable.

              Everyone can say what they will about JVDB as well, but in the few experiences I have had around him (fewer with him than any others), he was always the utmost professional and actually held a nice convo with me before he had to get back to work. On the other hand, I have witnessed the frustration of others upon working with him; he can be somewhat testy to work with at times...

              Things especially got interesting when the guest stars (like Brittany Daniel!) started to arrive!!

              Busy seems to get along with most of the cast. I've seen particular instances in which she has been out and about with Katie at the movies or around downtown; also with Michelle at some local bars.

              From someone at TWOP who witnessed it firsthand:

              Here you have a group of crazy D/Jers, who were oh so in love with Josh, only to have them make themselves look like complete fools when they whip out a huge D/J poster from Season 6 for him to sign. ( I know this story has been around the boards since last Spring.) To which after little chit chat amongst them, he signs their poster with:

              "Enjoy the END of the show"

              Just like that. Hee. I loved that. So. much.


              • rumor has it that she is one of the few that he didn't mess around on, which is commendable.
                Told y'all. Besties 4esties.


                • Going to keep posting this ancient goss until y'all tell me to stop.

                  found some goodies from someone who's friend worked on set.

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                  Posted: Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:19 am Post subject:


                  ok well they were broke up by then. my friend was asleep and so im going to talk to her tomorrow about yall questions and maybe she can 3-way her brother... thanks so much for helping me and giving me website address. i do know that whenever there was a kissing scene in the script between JOsh and Katie both got pretty giddy about it but tried not to show it which made it more far as the losing virginity thing..josh is a gentlemen and didnt really brag or tell anyone about it, but i think it was like 5 or 6 months into their relationship

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                  hey pacenjoe well it wasnt that they werent getting along it was just built up tension. I mean i can only imagine how i would feel if the person i waws probably still inlove with was dating someone else and i had to work with her also. The A.j. thing was suppose to last longer and Josh and Katie thought that "pacey and JOey" had good on-screen chemistry and that they relationship would make more sense instead of adding a new character, but also thought that the a.j character would serve as a pivotal role for the "joey and Pacey" character. Does that make sense???

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                  okay stealingbeauty i know that they are alot of that went on on the set. I know that Katie and Josh flirted like crazy all the time and that Michelle and josh flirted some too...the way my source describes josh he is just a big flirt... but katie and josh flirted like all the time. Katie(who is addicted to her cell phone) would often spend time in Josh's dressing room(nothing lewd or anything) just laughing and having fun the only time they wouldnt hang out is when their significant others were down....My best friend's bro says that they would hang out all the time...he said that James(which im sure is a nice person) didnt really interact with the cast that much. I will try to find out and remember more details for you.

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                  hey okay well this is what i was told.....Katie did infact lose her virginity to Josh and they did date longer than 8 months if you count all the times they were off and on. I also know the final nail in the coffin so to speak was when Josh "dumped" katie for that Eve girl(i think my source said that her name was Britney or Bethany or something like that-- she played Eve on the show). According to what i have heard Josh and Katie dated off and on for about 1 1/2, but they dated 9 months straight and then broke up and then got back together and then broke up and etc. WHen Josh started dating "Eve", Katie was so upset that her publict( i think) was tired of her crying and got her hooked up with Chris through Chris's publict(SP?).... and that is how Chris and Katie got hooked up.
                  That was for the RLTLers!

                  (Oh, and SB was also posting in the goss thread, fyi)

                  Oh, and also.. here's some actual proof that JJ didn't get along with The Beek, JJ said these things himself:

                  "Myself and James, who played Dawson, never got on. We were like oil and water, it might have had something to do with James liking Katie Holmes as well. If it hadn't been for Kate defusing the situation I don't know what would have happened."

                  "Sometimes it did nearly come to blows on the set between us."

                  "It was the year anniversary of finishing the show last Sunday and I met up with Katie in London to celebrate. I would never see James now because we were not friends."
                  WHAT WENT DOWN IN LONDON. Well, there's the answer. 'Celebrating'.

                  Back in 1998 Joshua Jackson was filiming the rowing scenes during the Skulls down where i live (st. catharines) and my sister knocked on his trailer & the guy was completly buzzed lol (he was smoking pot lol) About an hour later he came out smoking ciggarttes - bad boy lol
                  HE DOESN'T SMOKE HE HAS ASTHMA.

                  Last week while on vacation, I met someone who goes to school in Wilmington. Being the Creek-obsessed person that I am, I immediately asked her about Dawsons Creek (I must have sounded so, so lame). She kind of rolled her eyes at my initial questions, and told me she was glad they were gone from the town. She is a bartender in some bar down there, and told me she used to see Josh Jackson quite a bit. According to her, he was always kind of prickish, used to get really drunk and go home with random people quite frequently. She did not have possitive things to say about him.

                  Hearing these negative stories about my TV boyfriend really stung (she sounded very credible), but it only confirmed a couple of these other stories on this thread so I thought I'd bring it up.

                  She said she saw Josh the most (as he came into her bar quite frequently), saw Michelle Williams twice (once in a coffee shop, and once in a book store), and saw Katie Holmes once walking and talking on a cell phone. She never saw James or Kerr (or Busy or Meredith-although she may have left Wilmington before her time) the entire time the DC cast was in Wilmington.
                  From my source who claims to have had sex with JJ... He was extraordinary in bed... She said that he was the best she has ever had... She also stated from her time that he did mention KH and only said positive things about her... And that he did have a lot of love for her to this day however he wished her the best with CK...
                  Is anyone else waiting to hear a comment from one of the DCers on Katie and Tom?

                  The only thing I've seen so far is from Josh in Entertainment Weekly: "No topic is out-of-bounds, save the love life of his ex, Katie Holmes ('I do care deeply,' says Jackson, 27, 'but I can't talk about it')."
                  I think Meredith went to both Kerr's wedding and also James'. She seemed friends with everybody and was particularly close to James. Meredith has attended the premieres of a few of James' movies I think.

                  I think Michelle was at James' wedding as well. However, she didn't attend Kerr's wedding.
                  That was all the best stuff from the entire thread. I weep to think of all that was lost, though.

                  Oh, the things I do for you people . . .


                  • In a different thread, more RLTL:

                    super dor from TWOP posted this:
                    I was lucky enough to attend the Museum event, and since I'm a big dork and have a thing for Josh Jackson, I was watching him like a hawk!
                    He arrived last to the event, and definitely looked out of it. I'm guessing it was a long day for them. He seemed like he wasn't particularly thrilled with the paparazzi, wincing when the photographers started snapping pictures and signed just a few autographs.

                    Now the point of this post:
                    As soon as he got inside, he went straight over to Katie Holmes, rested his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes. She looked down at him, sort of hugged his head, and looked at him with genuine concern and asked if he was okay. It was such a cute moment, and I wanted to share that with everyone who's been posting that they seemed a little distant toward each other. As a P/J-er I was touched by that interaction.


                    • Aw! But seriously, hungover, right?


                      • AWESOME WORK, o!

                        Also, I have no memory of 80% of this gossip. And I was at the museum event and did not see any such moment. Although, to be honest, I remember nothing about that event except my excitement over seeing Sugz in person. That was the highlight for me, shamefully. I literally remember NOTHING about that event.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • OMB. MW in Cabaret!


                          • Ha!

                            I thought it was *the other* Michelle Williams who was in the Cabaret revival!

                            That was dumb.

                            She looks fab.


                            • Some of the gossip they claim was from sounds entirely made up. And dumb.

                              And if JJ incorrectly used "myself" in a sentence, it makes me dislike him a little bit.
                              "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.Ē---Kanye


                              • That shit has always sounded the fakest of the fake to me, too. Every sentence is jumbled and weirdly formal.