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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Yeah, that sounds like some weird spin from her camp that got garbled in translation. Between the friendship with Reedus (riiiiight), Josh being the heartbroken one (this I believe), and her fierce independence? This sounds like pro-DK spin.

    I fully believe she fucked Reedus on location, J found out and let her redeem the Oliva Munn card and was willing to work it out and she took her fling with Reedus too seriously and had stepped out emotionally as well as physically. And they are probably having one of those looooong ass uncouplings because their lives and possessions are so entwined.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • If DK's camp put that out they've done a crap job of making her look good. She disses Hollywood, New York and attending red carpets as a power couple? She said repeatedly on her IG that she loved New York and she has to be mad if she thinks solo red carpet appearances are going to have anything like the impact of their power couple ones. Maybe it IS just garbled. What nobody is denying though, is that it was her decision to end it. This article feeds into the 'they were growing apart and wanting different things' argument though.

      What I don't get is what DK wanted to achieve by the six months silence. If it was just to give things another go, or to save face herself, why she couldn't keep a lid on things with Reedus. The jaunting around Europe with him (hearsay) and the going to swanky parties together (truth) were never going to feed into either of those narratives. I present as further concrete and not-at-all dubious evidence the following tweet from a few days ago:

      @fuggirls also, friend of a friend was on same short euro flight as a making out Diane and Norman
      Whatever, I hope we don't have to follow her too much after this (unless she hooks up with someone hot) or delve into the DK banging Reedus evidence because it gives me hives just to think about it.


      • I ended up seeing Sky last week. It's perfectly mediocre. I forgot Josh was also in it until he came on screen. Interesting few minutes of performance from him.

        Imho, especially from a Euro mindset, there's no reason to bag Reedus unless you have serious feelings for him. I have yet to meet a fancy socialite that would go for his brand of... "disheveled" . Ugh.

        The J will be going to Emmys tho - Maura Tierney got an emmy nomination so it will be interesting to see if he pulls his act together by then


        • I do want all the details on her fling with Reedus because it's so repulsive to me that it's like a car crash and I'm rubbernecking.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • I just had a complete freak out at the thought of being 40 and dumping a guy who can't stop touching you while you're grocery shopping and really cares about issues in the world and smart shit to banging an old man with lady hair who flips off cameras like a surly teenager.

            I just threw up in my mouth a little.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • You and me both, bb. I can only guess that she is going through some crazy mid-life shit and is burning everything down because she hates it all. And Reedus is part of her self-hate. Because

              And DK has always liked cute boys! If this had happened with Matthias Schoenaerts, I'd be all grumbly about the breakup, but like I'd GET IT. Guillaume and The J are legit cute and while Reedus may have been back in the day, that was a solid 15 years and 1 functional liver ago.

              I'm also watching JJones in all of this. I don't know why, but I just FEEL like she'd be down to make a move after a little while.


              • Yes, I could have forgiven her Schoenaerts but Reedus? Bleurgh.

                Ooh, JJones make a move on The J you mean? Even though she's DK's BFF? That would be interesting as it would def be revenge on his part. Bring it on.


                • I'd ship JJones/DK, actually. But yeah, I could see her with the young, clean, eyes-open male-model version of Reedus.


                  • Yeah, I don't know why I feel like she'd jump on that, but I do. I don't know if y'all know this, but JJones moved out to Topanga a couple of years after she and DK became friends. I just feel like she's been watching that relaysh for a long time and not necessarily biding her time, but just like WATCHING, you know?

                    Oh and I forgot to mention another DK insta flail. So before she left for Sri Lanka, she was in Paris for a few days and posted a pic of her with a former co-star, Raphael Personnaz, and her caption was that little heart emoji. It was a new picture, like they were hanging out that night at a bar or something. Well a few peeps on her comments blasted her for being tacky af because they misinterpreted it as her debuting her new boyfriend on her insta a week after announcing the end of her decade long relationship. Someone else asked her if it meant that she had stopped fucking Reedus and then this little bit happened...

                    ...aaaaand she deleted that mofo altogether. That's my screen grab btw. I thought maybe she'd start deleting comments after people were mean to her so I saved it because I will forever have REGRETS about not screen grabbing the Greece pic.

                    If we do a mini dive into her insta right around the time of that trip, she is full of emo. Hindsight being what it is, I bet they did decide to end it either on the trip or ended it a little while before they left and decided to go anyway as a goodbye to each other (SOB!).

                    I don't have a ton of time to post all her emo right now, but I'll do it later. It's super revealing and also hints that what Laura said is true (at least from DK's perspective) and that it's not one-sided. Real quick, just as an example, she posted that quote pic "I bet she bangs like a fairy on acid" the same day or the day after the pics came out of The J and Crystal Reed. Heh.


                    • I am all onboard with a JJ/JJ ship, or DK and January. Either would be pretty and fun.

                      I took a scan through the last year and a half or so of DK's insta. Not an Issie deep dive, but a gloss to pick up trends. You can see a definite change when she filmed Sky. Pictures of the J became rare to non-existent, when they used to be often. The tone became more emo. It is noticeable.

                      I just had a complete freak out at the thought of being 40 and dumping a guy who can't stop touching you while you're grocery shopping and really cares about issues in the world and smart shit to banging an old man with lady hair who flips off cameras like a surly teenager.
                      Caring about issues in the world and touching in grocery stores maybe gets old?


                      • Idk, I feel like it was def last summer when things changed. Whether it was because of Sky and the Reedus sitch, or whether that was a symptom or result of something else. It would never surprise me to learn The J got caught cheating again. IF that were true, I'd be impressed with DK's restraint in not blurting it out in her own defence. As it is, she's getting the blame and possibly only because she is not as good at keeping things under wraps as he is. Purely hypothetical, obvs, but it could be? 'Perfect couple' and 'perfect boyfriend' would stick in her craw then. If she gets enough snark on her IG she may well give the game away at some point. Constant vigilance required (sorry Issie).

                        In the meantime, I'm enjoying the idea of JJones pitching up at The J's with a casserole and a shoulder to cry on.


                        • Maybe JJones better get a move on - much excitement (from the excitable one) at FF as he's been spotted with Crystal Reed again



                          • I just looked through the instas for both Crystal Reed and her boyfriend, Darren McMullen. He's the host of The Voice in Australia soooooooo pretty much, he matters to no one. Oh, hey Anna Torv! What's up? Does he matter to Crystal Reed? I mean, maybe? But he is largely absent from her insta, much like The J was missing from DK's account for the better part of a year. But CR's dude just posted a pic of the two of them wearing matching shirts on his account about a week ago. I'm guessing that means that at the very least, he still thinks he's dating Crystal Reed. Whether she thinks that is up to interpretation.

                            If nothing else, I am annoyed about the end of DK and The J because I have now spent more time thinking about a cast member of Teen Wolf than I have spent actually ever watching that show. But she is very pretty and looks nothing like DK, so whatever. Get dat ass, The J. I do hope that CR also knows herpes is contagious.

                            From a simple revenge fuck standpoint, The J could be all, "My new piece is xtra hawt, younger than you, and is your physical opposite so I don't even have to think about you when we bang and your....person is me if I shrunk and lived inside a dumpster for 9 years, consuming only vodka and rat shit."

                            I was gonna do DK's year of insta emo and I got started but then realized about 1/8th of the way through that I don't have the energy to do it justice right now.

                            And for timeline junkie purposes, as of today, DK still has a pic of her and The J as her profile pic on her private insta. But then she probably hasn't logged into that account for awhile because it's likely full of pics of her and The J, all the ones she kept off her public account.


                            • I watched years and years of Teen Wolf, and I still don't know much about Crystal. She's pretty and 31 and dated Daniel Sharman for awhile and that's about it? I remember liking her as Alison . . . and I guess she and The J would have 'acting on a teen show about high schoolers while not actually a teenager' in common.

                              I don't think she's as fashiony as DK (but who is?) but she cleans up nice and they would be lovely on red carpets, if it ever came to that.

                              . . . although she can go cray occasionally . . . .

                              That's a noooope on the bangs, gurl.

                              I know it's a long shot (and that Josh is probs too old for Nina), but I was still holding onto a tiny bit of hope for a much more Canadian pairing altogether . . . .

                              I mean, if only they'd gone the tri-poly route in the first place, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess.


                              • My twitter friends (mostly av club folks) were heavy into teen wolf for a while. I'm pretty sure there was something super dramatic about the Daniel Sherman relationship. They had plenty of chemistry but because their own relationship blew up violently I don't think much of it came of it on screen. Honestly don't remember much but about 70% percent sure there was more to that story

                                That last combo would get more twitter hate than Nough. Amd remember that time Nina instagrammed Katie H. coming to the Met gala like a fan girl?

                                Also I find it interesting that DK sub-instagrammed the Crystal Reed coffee