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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • !!!! I ship it, if only for the secret weirdo skills.


    • There's been some fun arguing about whether Reedus would join DK at Cannes for the premiere of her movie which is actually in the competition. So imagine my surprise to find not Reedus, but The J show up in a fan pic at Cannes a couple of days before DK is supposed to be on the steps and when he could certainly be in Massachusetts rehearsing for his new play that opens in a month. I can't link the pic, but it's here on this dude's page. As far as I know, he has no business in Cannes so I mean... this is in.ter.esting.


      • As far as I know, he has no business in Cannes so I mean... this is in.ter.esting.



        • And! Haircut! He looks young and clean, yo. Are we sure this isn't just an throwback that someone posted and hashtagged with 2017?


          • According to the new JJ board an Animated movie from his new media company was showing and got picked up. I do secretly love the idea he is trolling DK/Reedus by showing up there and living the life but does appear work related. Also his V neck sweater. He is literally Dave from happy endings with the v neck addiction.


            • I saw that pic and was so convinced it was a throwback I didn't even bother with it. Ha, this is funny. Whatever happens, I will laugh if my 1-year timeframe proves correct after all, or if it's just a coincidence if they both happen to be at Cannes this year.

              Eta: she's only just talking about packing, if that's true and he really is in Cannes, she's not there yet so they didn't travel together. I still keep checking for her re-following him or for any change on the private account but there are some signs she and NR may have decided to abandon any real or pretended romance. Maybe.
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              • but there are some signs she and NR may have decided to abandon any real or pretended romance
                Who knows, but her latest song post has lyrics about how the relaysh was fun for awhile, but there's nothing more to be had. I mean, when you go from a guy who proudly holds umbrellas over you in public to a greaser dude bro who won't even admit he's dating you, no matter the depth of your self-loathing, there's got to be a moment when you realize you are slumming like whoa and deserve bettah.

                According to the new JJ board an Animated movie from his new media company was showing and got picked up.
                I legit thought we'd never see The J on Le Croisette again so I will happily take this surprise appearance with the new and improved version of Boss J. His live tweeting of Tucker Carlson's show while he was on his flight to France was also A++. And his new company seems to be focusing largely on animation so far which is an interesting approach, but a bit strange given that he doesn't have much experience in this genre. But wevs, good for them that their movie got picked up! Make that paper, bb.

                I will laugh if my 1-year timeframe proves correct after all
                I have conflicting EMOTIONS about any possible reunion. Firstly, I still think it's VERY unlikely. AFAIC, when The J walked away, he didn't think there was anything left saving and he was ready to close that chapter for good. His readiness to be friendly with her on social media speaks to a benevolent IDGAF on his part. And he really has seemed to be living his best life over the past year. He looks happier now than he has since like 2015 and that's got to be largely attributable to his dramz free life these days. OTOH, I mean, these two crazy kids loved the hell out of each for a decade and they were mega gorg together so I'd be living in a cave of lies if I pretended like some part of me wouldn't get giggle jumpy over seeing them get gropey at Coachella again. I am cautiously watching this space, is what I'm saying.


                • Well, it looks like there may be time for a Cannes reunion if they are so inclined - Kenny Leon just posted this:


                  Ok..I'm busted. Chilling in Fla before heading to the Berkshires in 7 days to work #childrenofalessergod#broadway #theatre #joshuajackson #laurenRidoff


                  • If this post is not a latergram, then he might already be back in Topanga (assuming that he's involved in this photoshoot and that Lyman isn't just borrowing the house without him there).


                    If he's still in Cannes, he's being very quiet. Apart from that one pic, there's been nothing. I get that everyone schmoozes and plays dealmaker behind the scenes, but he wouldn't be hurt by making an appearance at a yacht party or something. If he wanted to troll like a boss, he'd hit up Uncle Karl for an invitation to Amfar at the end of the week and volunteer to donate another kiss to some bored CEO's wife since DK is one of the gala chairs this year.


                    So, you know I've been speculating that DK and Uncle Karl are on the outs lately, right? She's been repping Dior, hasn't been to a Chanel show in AGES, and does not seem associated with the house at all anymore. It'll be interesting to see if she wears Dior to Amfar since that would pretty much confirm my suspicion.

                    In a related fashion twist, Cotillard has been a Dior rep for forevah evah and there's a rumor that she got the boot recently. She showed up to her Cannes premiere in Chanel instead which was a giant EFF YOU to her old fashion house. I love fashion dramz most of all so this had me Michael Jackson popcorn giffing like a pro.
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                    • My FAVE podcast, Who Weekly, interviewed Busy this week and it was fab. They even asked her about Toledo and Jamie Foxx and she kinda confirmed and then said "To be clear, we don't speak"


                      • Busy has seemed very emotional this week, even for her. She started getting teary over a koala filter on her insta stories and then she cried about something else last night. I mean, maybe all actresses are like a 10 on any emotional scale and Busy seems beloved by all, but she seems like someone I would enjoy only in small doses.


                        • DK on the carpet in Cannes:

                          Wearing Dior.

                          The Fug Girls loved it but I think it looks like a depressed prom dress.

                          . . . and she doesn't look real happy either. Poor DK!


                          • I agree she doesn't look happy but I thnk the dress is fabulous.


                            • I've come to the conclusion that DK is just an extremely emotionally needy person. I really feel she would do better with a devoted non-famous person. French, preferably.

                              Busy is probably a a really fun but exhausting rollercoaster personality, I'm not sure I could cope with her for too long but I love her anyway.

                              Actresses! So much dramz.


                              • Busy did say something about planning a memorial service for a friend, so I will give her a break this week. But she's dramatic in general. Fine for Instagram, but likely exhausting in real life.

                                I hate gray, so DK's dress is not my fave.