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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • DIOR! Fashion dramz!


    • Oh right! That does imply dramz!

      Well, the Fug Girls may have loved her Dior but they were much less impressed by . . . whatever this is?

      Fug Girls: Huh. Maybe through Dianeís 3D glasses, this outfit looks like itís finished, and Norman Reedus looks like Chris Hemsworth.


      • That pink outfit was bad.

        Meanwhile, the NR fandom meltdown continues apace. It's been hilarious to watch over the last couple of days and like Vanessa says, almost makes the breakup worth it. Both JJ and NR fans watching to see what happens next with both sides on the lookout for reconciliation or displays of true romance. The anticipation is that NR maybe will turn up to support DK at Cannes OR that they've had a big falling out and it's all over and he's trying to overcompensate by suddenly liking all her pics or posting supportive messages.

        The cross-pollination of the fandoms is funny, the CDAN crowd found the new JJ website and have been linking to it.

        Does anyone know if that's it for her red carpet stuff or what? She did the photocall this morning and the showings of the movie are all today.

        Not sure where The J is, he's been keeping v quiet.

        DK's friends are rallying round big time in support. There's anticipation she may even win best actress for this film she's in.

        Rich people's problems!! Great stuff.
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        • Not sure where The J is, he's been keeping v quiet.

          Did he for sure leave France? I was hoping he'd stay around long enough to hang with MW.

          So cute! SO FREAKING CUTE.


          • Oh. Much less cute.

            SO MUCH LESS.


            • Ew, that second dress. I love her pixie hair, but I feel like it's gotten old. She should try growing it out.


              • Completely agree about the hair, a little longer is better.

                Did he for sure leave France?
                He's not been spotted anywhere since the Cannes pic afaik. I think reconciliation is extremely unlikely (unless they are holding out till the 1-year mark but why bother?) but that pic did give me pause, especially as he was was trimmed just how she likes him.

                The movie is not getting great reviews but DK's performance is and she got a standing ovation at the premiere last night, so that should make her feel better about everything. Her JWu dress looked great and, bonus! Toledo liked the pic on JWu's IG


                She and NR are still communicating via sm. He's all "congrats you guys" and she's "thank you babe". My guess is they are still dealing in a casual way and he never intended to be claimed as the bf but they have had to acknowledge in some way. Weirdos.


                • HOLY SHIT THAT DRESS.

                  That is like, literally, the widow dress of my dreams. Like, that's the dress I am going to wear around the house every day after mr.o kicks it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.


                  • DK won best actress. Maybe all the breakup misery was worth it? Or, at least, this will go some way to making her look less 'sad'.


                    • Y'all . . .


                      • I don't even know what to make of that.


                        • Well, they were together for ten years and obviously loved each other very much. I am glad he said something.


                          • Though I'm sure it's very sincere, it's masterly too. In one go he gets to do several things:

                            Secures his reputation as best, most supportive and classiest ex. Also plays beautifully to the 'she downgraded like woah' mantra (nearly everyone).

                            Gets maximum publicity for her win through all the gossip sites, whilst also making him look good.

                            Makes it clear it's coming from a platonic place - he's signed it!

                            Yep, well played indeed.


                            • ITA, Laura. It's actually like a PR masterpiece? I mean he might as well have signed it "Pacey Witter" because it reminds everyone that he is the world's best (ex)boyfriend. Reedus's weak sauce emoji game never stood a chance, lbr. And the fact that he did it on the same weekend as DK and Reedus's Instagram-official coming out is pretty amazing. So far, my Google alerts are talking about this just as much as they are about DK actually winning an award. The feminist in me is irked that any dude's congratulatory message is more widely praised than the woman's achievement for which he is offering congratulations, but like this is so impressive, that I am also The Rock.

                              And I haven't been able to play here or comment on any of DK's Cannes fashion, but in no particular order...

                              I liked the princessy Dior, but was not into that color. It looked like a dirty Swiffer wipe.
                              I HATED the pink jumpsuit. Kill it with fire.
                              And the rest of what she wore was all black, all the time and I was bored with all of it by the time we got to her award ceremony dress. The lace JWu was a'ight, if we're grading.


                              • First of all, I'm genuinely excited for her to win an award that isn't for her style. I've seen about 2.5 of her movies, but she does seem to take every project so seriously and this must be HUGE for her.

                                That said, dude, that congratulations is seriously all of the things at once and I can't get over it. It's so sweet and yet it might as well have been signed "Best..."