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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Okay, the Mr. is watching a show I donít care about, so I can finally get into this madness! Is, I KNEW youíd notice that dopey smile when KH is talking about being new! Heís remembering the sweet, green Baby Toledo who spilled about their young lurve to reporters! Agree with the assessment of KH acting more guarded, but that may just be her default when it comes to all media stuffs now. After photographers yell at your toddler, I kinda donít blame her. Re: the question about the finale choice, I do think that one was just her being Ohio-polite in front of both costars. She answered it on James Corden, right? TOTES agree that Josh ainít grudging. Can someone check on DK? Because I would be on my sixth bottle of wine today.

    So Iím trying not to complain about this gift, but again, why not give the people an hour of interviews Paley-Center-Style? Anyone who gives a crap about this reunion remembers everydamnthing those staffers were saying and more. Also, their recap of the finale was weird. Like, Joeyís final scene with Dawson was basically him talking at her about how it doesnít matter if they end up together romantically. We already know she chooses Pacey when he declares his eternal love and she tells him she doesnít want to be let off the hook, and that couch kiss at the end was just confirmation. Am I nuts?

    I figured olí pin-wearing Josh would be more fond of MM, but everyone seemed like they wished sheíd stop talking. Yikes.

    20 years later, Kerr is still kinda surprisingly tense even talking about playing a gay man, but OMB Michelle interrupting Kerr was the cutest.

    The J giving the Beek shit about his ugly cry was one of my favorite parts, tbh.

    Michelle was mouthing the lyrics while Busy was singing and it was the second cutest. I donít buy for a second that the Core Four doesnít remember the words to Paula Cole. Beek, please.
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    • Its hard being on a different time zone. I was keen to see Isís reaction yesterday but had to go to bed.

      That little moment of head on back is like someone showed me proof unicorns are real. Iím very happy. Never thought weíd get anything at all, tbh.

      Iím going to live in my bubble where I believe The J and KH have been in touch since her release from TC. To make this work in my head, heís now comfortable enough since heís not in a committed relationship, to appear at ease and show his fondness for her. She is super guarded in everything she says and how she acts publicly as sheís learned the hard way that itís best. Sheís been outed as with Foxx now and she also doesnít want to start the rumour mill.

      The seating arrangements at dinner donít fit this theory, so to make it work Iím going to say they see each other regularly enough that they donít need to sit next to each other or opposite each other when out with others. Thatís now fact.

      Beek is hotter than he was but his face still annoys me, I canít help it.

      I may have screenshot the head-on-back as soon as I saw it. Also bits of the Beekís instastory.

      Still have a faint hope there may be more pics and clips to come but if this is it, itís still more than I believed possible.


      • I love everything in here but particularly, Is' timeline. Laura, I also believe that KH and the J have been semi in touch. I can never be proved wrong, ha!

        I also liked this thread because something was off with JVDB in this interview imo.

        That was the best birthday gift ever. Sorry, Is and everyone, this was all for ME!
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        • I mean, this is just the stuff we got! IMAGINE EVERYTHING WE DIDN'T GET.

          why not give the people an hour of interviews Paley-Center-Style?

          YES! Just as long as there were couches to lounge on beside exes and no audience there, because it would have been way stiffer in chairs with people around, but otherwise, yes!

          But considering the flame out of both of their past high profile relationships and their new dedication to being media ninjas, if RLTL ever did get back together, it would be so undercover that Is and Laa would have to quit their jobs and form a PI firm just to track it.

          We'd never know! That makes me hella sad!

          Can you IMAGINE him behaving that way if he was still with Diane? Because I can not.

          In my head canon, they've been 'in touch' in a tentative way, like maybe a casual email interaction now and then, but not like, a 'let's hang out in person' way. But that's just because the way Josh's face softened every time she talked looked like a novelty/nostalgic thing to me, like he'd thought about this moment but was still surprised by all of the feelings that were brought out by the actuality of it.

          BUT, I swear if you watch him when she's talking you can actually see the dopamine hit his brain. It's very impressive, just for the science of it.

          OMB YES. They were both REALLY AWARE of the other person, like there's so much THERE still there that it is actually PAINFUL to watch.

          Is Josh still with that Mystery Brunette? I would be none too happy about that look on his face if I were her.

          Also? Every time his hand slides down her back in that gif, I feel it in my uterus.

          and focus on KH instead, her sudden shift up and weird, tight smile gets weirder. Did she like it? DID SHE NOT? I AM NOT CLEAR.

          She seems hella tight! But I swear when the cheek first hits her shoulder, her smile quirks just a tiny bit up on the side, and it doesn't look like a recoil AT ALL. But then her mouth opens and she starts talking away from Josh's direction and I wonder if that was nervous chatter to deflect deflect deflect from THE FEELS.

          I get why Toledo is uptight about this. She's still got overexposure PTSD from TomKatapalooza because of course she does. And she's spent the following post TomKat years in a totally locked down ninja relaysh, so she's conditioned herself to be an automaton of secrecy where her feels are concerned in public . . . if nothing else, to protect herself and Suri. And really! If she and Jamie actually are all committed and monogamous (maybe? I mean nobody really knows) then you can't blame her for needing to put some serious distance in between her and her first love. I was surprised we even got them next to each other on the couch. Some maneuvering by Josh, maybe? He was mos def the most comfortable one there. I feel strongly that if he had still been with DK, his butt would have been parked between James and MW on the other side for reals. They both have to know what kind of media attention any interaction between them is going to garner . . . so Josh must have been okay with that happening, but maybe KH was much less so. She's got more at stake! Theoretically!

          And Ophy has felt it since she made eye contact with him at the Wilmy airport all those many years ago!

          BLUE EYES MET BLUE EYES. He's a handsome DILF now, yo!

          That was the best birthday gift ever. Sorry, Is and everyone, this was all for ME!

          (happy birthday! you are right, this was a damn good prezzie.)

          That stroke down the back is worth literally every second of the decade plus wait.

          jennchum!!!! it's been YEARS! PM me and tell me how in the hell are ya!

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          • The Beekís head is forever huge though! I almost forgot until this, but next to MW? Holy wow. 10x worse!

            KH tensing up...There are so many possible explanations it hurts my brain. (Deep breath) If KH and Jamie are more exclusive than we think, her distance makes sense. If the tables have turned and KH is mildly grudging because The J was kinda cold during her apology call (because he was with DK at the time) and now heís all warm again, that makes sense. If she she wanted to appear as neutral as possible, even throughout a slow back stroke and googly eyes, because she anticipated that entertainment media might latch onto any interaction, that makes sense. I mean, I donít know, man. MOAR CLIPS.


            • Part of me keeps thinking there HAS to be more coming. No matter how standoffish K might have been feeling, did they really get away with zero couple/triangle pics?

              I actually feel like there's some really obvious pairings missing. Mary Beth/MW, MW/Kerr, the triangle, god help me, even Josh/Meredith.

              It makes analyzing the dynamics pretty interesting. Definitely feels like a lot more baggage still going on with this group than with previous reunion photoshoots.


              • She says it was ďoverwhelming because I was brand newĒ and he gets this fucking soft smile and dreamy nostalgic look that I was like: JFC, Josh, try to maintain some chill, bb.
                No joke, I actually laughed and rolled my eyes when he did that, partly because I was embarrassed for him, but also because OF COURSE he did. What are you gonna do? Shooters shoot and he has nothing to risk anymore so why not?

                focus on KH instead, her sudden shift up and weird, tight smile gets weirder. Did she like it? DID SHE NOT? I AM NOT CLEAR.
                Obvs, she kinda liked it but she is SO MAD at herself that she liked it and she's also trying to maintain in a public setting because then she'd be the weird if she didn't. *It's very possible that I have read way way WAY too many trashy books and can only create one narrative anymore, but it FEELS true. It's old school tru enuf.


                • Slightly slowed down and more isolated view of the back caress. For those who are into that kind of thing.


                  • Well, I think they probably had their agents say what kinds of photos they'd be up for (which seems like "mostly group") but there is more coming because EW keeps posting more web stories based on the interviews. I'm sure there's a lot of photos and more will trickle out (HOW BADLY DO I WANT TO BE RL FRIENDS WITH BUSY TO HAVE GOTTEN THE DIRT ON THAT DAY?) I have seen Jack/Andie pics but I haven't seen any triangle pics. I figured it was the over-involvement in KW, who had nothing to do with the triangle but now takes full credit for the "surprise" ending.

                    I have no idea if Josh's dopamine-rush of nostalgia would result in anything else, but they'd keep it under wraps forevah if it did. She might kibosh it just to keep herself out of the tabloids.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • Seriously, though. His face when she started talking! This is my happy place now.


                      • If she goes to see his play and we get Bigfoot 2.0, I will die. I will die.


                        • Seriously, what is wrong with this guy? Just Nooooo!


                          Dawson's Creek creator reveals plot for a possible revival... and it's seriously dark
                          So much for that happy ending.

                          Hasnt he always said they all lived happily ever after? There must never, ever be a revival.
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                          • I'm actually all good with flop Dawson and P/Jo having angsty middle-aged drama. However, since they wouldn't be able to resist throwing in a side of Joey/Dawson shame sex, nope. Shut it down.


                            • I have negative interest in a revival because the Core Four would never agree to do it. I don't need to see adult P/Jo if it's not The J and Toledo angsting on my TV. Hard pass.


                              • LOL KW, itís called The Affair.