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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Okay, so I suddenly totally wanna know why Pheebs unfollowed The J.

    If they were 'just' platonic former co-workers, she wouldn't have done that! WHAT DID Y'ALL DO HUH.


    • Huh! Is the Dirty J back?


      • There is definitely some secret drama over Ruth's exit from the show and she obviously can't talk about it, but I think it's about Sarah Treem. If Pheebs is pro-Sarah and The J is whatever,SARAH, maybe that caused tension? Or you know, they banged it out a few times and now that it's over, PT isn't trying to follow any of that any longer. The JJones unfollow is more interesting! She had been liking his posts with regularity until recently so it makes me think something happened. It's not like the tone or content of his SM has ever changed. He's heavy on the political stuff and is very upfront about his liberal POV so it'd be weird if she was suddenly like, "UGH, I can't take all this!' especially since she shares most of his views. I need answers, JJones!


        • Iím not sure Dirty J ever went away completely!

          On The J site they reckon Pheebs unfollowed at the same time she posted a vid of Chris Isaakís Wicked Game (which stars Helena Christensen!), so if thatís connected, sheís definitely not happy with him for some reason. The JJones unfollow IS more interesting. Did she finally get sick of the fact he was never going to notice her?! Or thereís something else going on? If he goes public with Jodie it could be related to that somehow. Or - DK is due to pop v soon and that whole situation is still weird, theyíre obvs still involved in each otherís lives. Idk, intriguing stuff.


          • Oh, I believe The J banged Phoebe. WHO WOULDN'T? She likes "serious-minded" liberal dudes, too.

            THe JJones thing is more interesting. Maybe she feels like he never reaches out and she's slighted? Inneresting. I didn't know Ruth exited The Affair because I don't care about that show, but I feel like I need to catch up. I'm laid up recuperating from surgery for a month and I'm tempted but I hated everyone that show SO MUCH it was hard to deal with. Maybe I'll just YouTube for the dirty parts.

            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • The cat sharing will perplex me for the rest of time!

              Another weird thing: so DK basically moved to NY after the break up and I was under the impression that she'd be there and The J would make LA his territory. But he hangs out in NY more than ever, even months after The Affair and the play have ended. From what I can tell, he's in NY more now than when they were together. Is he trying to be close by during her last trimester so he can cat sit? And who tends to the Topanga garden of love and cucumbers anymore!?

              Pheebs may be pissed about Jodie, that's totally a possibility. Although if I was Jodie, I'd be annoyed that the new dude in my life asked me to watch the cat he shares with his ex while he's off doing whatever else in another city.


              • Well he is working in NYC right now on the Central Park Five miniseries. He was filming last week. He also seems
                to be busy doing his company thing. I do laugh because DK clearly wanted to claim NYC as hers and he basically has been working in the area for 2 years between The Affair and the play and now this show. I guess it is good for the cat though but since I suspect DK monitors his feed still wonders how she feels about Jodie staying there.

                Maybe Phoebe is just not into the political posting. I did find it interesting he just started folllowing Crystal Reed even though she has followed him since the coffee ďdateĒ. Maybe his following Jodie so quickly is a sign he is into her at least as a current whatever.

                Also he is not returning to the Affair and actually was supposed to be done after season 3 but was convinced to come back. Something is going on behind the scenes there. Ruth did an interview praising the cast and mentioned all the fun they had; specifically mentioning Maura, Dom and Josh by name and she noted then she was not sure if The J was coming back. I need a deep dive on what is going on there that half the cast bailed


                • Phoebe and the J having sexy times that ended badly is the true enough story for me. I want to say the same about JJones, but even I know thatís just my delusion. We need way more info on all of this.


                  • I believe The J canít do just one TV show for too long, even a prestige cable drama, because the Creek scarred him, and I wonder if he and Ruth high-fived over wine before the show threw more money at him.

                    I also choose to believe DK and The J were playing passive-aggressive tug of war with NYC until the baby news.

                    The JJones unfollow is intriguing and I need to know more, but I feel like he and PT totally either had a thing and/or, in true Dirty style, he banged one of her friends.
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                    • I kind of like the idea that JJones suddenly realised just how close The J and DK are still and felt foolish for taking his ďsideĒ in the break up. Probably not but itís one possibility.

                      The J siteĎs people are good detectives and, though itís almost certainly not related to The J, this is also intriguing- Caroline Stanbury went to DKís baby shower(?) in NYC in August and posted this pic of her and NR:

                      which she she has now removed and sheís apparently unfollowed him. May be something or nothing.


                      • Maybe Phoebe is just not into the political posting.

                        Phoebe is ALL ABOUT liberal politics, so that ain't it. Her last three insta posts were Stop Violence Against Women, Christine Blasey Ford = Hero, and this:

                        She and The J would have made an adorably serious non-US-born-yet-US-politics-obsessed couple if they had bothered to become one.

                        When is DK due? Wanna check out the earliest possible pics to see if there's any potato-nosedness. (But she'll probably pull a Nikkian, and not ever post pics at all, huh.)


                        • I think she's due in the next month or so? AFAIK, she's never confirmed the pregnancy, but she posted something about wishes coming true back in May that I pretty much took as her confirmation. While a potato nosed baby would certainly make me interested in both of them again, I think they tried and tried for years unsuccessfully and that's that. Actually, despite the cat sharing, I don't even think they talk much anymore beyond basic pleasantries and I def would be surprised if they were still close.

                          Caroline Stanbury went to DK’s baby shower(?) in NYC in August and posted this pic of her and NR which she she has now removed and she’s apparently unfollowed him. May be something or nothing.
                          CS is pre-Micah and would obvs be Team DK over Team Reedus so I'm guessing there's probs some drama surrounding that unfollow, but everyone other than The J throws unfollow tantrums on insta and it's usually stupid and reversed within days. We'll see if there's any longevity to it. All of these people are in their 40s and their insta behavior is mortifying and gives me secondhand so I try not to pay that much attention.


                          • Actually, despite the cat sharing, I don't even think they talk much anymore beyond basic pleasantries and I def would be surprised if they were still close.
                            Maybe not, but after all the shenanigans of the past few years nothing would really surprise me.


                            • Relatedly, I can't believe how emo and teen and crazy adults are? Like it amazes me on the daily.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Not sure how interested anyone still is in The Jís love life? Quick round up anyway just in case.

                                Following this, (which I think is a genuine exchange):


                                Jodie got the last laugh as she and The J went to the Bahamas last week. She gave as many hints as she could get away with:


                                she he also seems really into him:


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