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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Seeing rumors that KH and Jamie Foxx split up . . .

    Jamie Foxx Says He’s Single at Charity Oscars Gala

    “It was very nonchalant,” a source tells Us Weekly. The 51-year-old offered the update while during his half-hour performance at the third annual Entertainment Studios Oscar Gala Supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which was hosted at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. “While he was referring to married and single couples, he just dropped the line ‘I’m single.’”

    Despite the declaration, the Robin Hood actor was spotted with longtime girlfriend Katie Holmes as recently as December 2018. The couple enjoyed a Miami vacation together around New Year’s Eve, during which they were photographed kissing on a yacht. “It was foolish!” Foxx said of the Floridian getaway during an exclusive interview with Us a week later.

    Foxx and Holmes have been dating since October 2013, getting together just over a year after the Dawson’s Creek alum finalized her divorce from Tom Cruise. Us Weekly broke the news of their secret romance in March 2015.


    However, the Sleepless actor has been spotted with other women recently. Just days after Holmes left Miami to go skiing with Suri Cruise, for example, Foxx spent time with model Olivia Culpo and actress Cara Santana on a yacht.

    “Jamie does care for her, but his recent behavior makes people question that,” the insider added in January.

    I've seen pics, and he had a mike in his hand and there was a crowd, so presumably lots of people heard this. Maybe he just meant 'single' as opposed to 'married'?? 6 years is a long ass time to be 'single' with somebody, though . . .

    JF was also at the Beyonce and Jay-Z party after the Oscars . . . maybe with Jess Szohr, dunno.

    Twitter is assuming all of the above as fact and just running with it. It's kinda sad if so!

    And I'm NOT saying that Josh should break up with his (probably quite nice) gf* and run to KH if it's true she is single, but I am not NOT saying that either.

    * do we actually know if they are still together? I'm totes clueless.
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    • Yeah okay, The J and his gf appear to still be together. They were spotted having dinner in New Orleans (where she is filming something) a couple of weeks ago, and she's been tweeting about him as well.

      But still!


      • The thing with JF makes me so uncomfortable. At a certain point it's going beyond privacy and into shame, so I hope they really are over.


        • I'm with V. He has always denied they were together, but he's a little too vehement in his denials if you ask me. It was foolish? K. It's been MANY YEARS of seeing her on the sly. Maybe they're just the kind of people who fuck when they see each other? And that's fine if they're both cool with it, but I dunno. He treats her like a moped.

          I like that Jodie is into The J. I get it, girl, I DO. I didn't see it lasting when I thought she was 25 but she's 30 and he's 40 and woke and whatnot. So maybe.
          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Yeah, I guess what starts bizarre ends bizarre.

            Jodie is enjoyable so far, especially if she really was fucking with that insta-troll trying to shame The J for dating someone who acknowledges that she and her boyfriend like to Do It. She kinda sounds exhausting but in a fun way.


            • When you think about it, Jodie is like the anti-Jamie Foxx, because she's embracing the whole thing and entirely upfront and unashamed. I'm on board with that!

              And if it's true that the reason why KH and JF were such secretive weirdos was JF's mehness about her and unwillingness to be committed then the whole thing is even sadder. Choose better next time, Toledo!


              • I love Jodie. That’s totally how I would be if I found a hot woke rich guy.


                • KH and Jamie Foxx! Not broken up after all!


                  “Katie and Jamie see each other as frequently as they can,” a source toldPEOPLE in January. “They have known each other for years, and both turned out to be great parents, so they also have that in common. They are dedicated to their careers. Plus they give each other space.”

                  'they give each other space' = she's decided that she's okay with the fact that he's a ho.

                  But! MW and her hipster musician husband have split!


                  It was too good to be true. We invested too much, too soon, and today we cope with the cold reality of this world: Michelle Williams and her husband, Phil Elverum of the band Mount Eerie, have separated. The Hollywood Reporterrelayed the news. It was just last summer that Williams, making the very rare decision to open up about her personal life, confirmed that she and Elverum got married in a mostly secret ceremony in the Adirondacks.


                  But according to an unnamed source, Williams and Elverum made the “amicable” decision to separate earlier this year.

                  In a way it's kind of a bad news/bad news sort of sitch? Not that I have any right at all to judge, but I still think Toledo deserves better, and I'm also really sad for MW.


                  • Man, MDubs didn't even make it a whole year with the new dude. Maybe he was still dealing with the loss of his first wife?

                    It's a big divorce day, y'all. MDubs, Adele, and the couple from Pitch Perfect all announced their splits today and all three couples seemed low key so their announcements legit came out of nowhere.


                    • Poor MW! No one can catch that rainbow.

                      I also think Toledo deserves better, but I guess we should respect her weird but grown wishes and be happy she only truly needs Suri and mediocre cupcakes?

                      Busy had CMM on her show and she cannot hide her half-giggle-half-eyeroll whenever KH is mentioned. It’s delightful.
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                      • I also think Toledo deserves better, but I guess we should respect her weird but grown wishes and be happy she only truly needs Suri and mediocre cupcakes?

                        Okay, FINE, I'LL BE A GROWN UP ABOUT IT..


                        • I think I am not a grownup, because I say Toledo is running from love and happiness by attaching herself to JF, who is clearly not that into her. And maybe she is using him too, but what she is really doing is making it so she’s not finding someone better.

                          MW’s split is super sad because she seemed so into him, but I can def see it being a too soon thing for him. In my life dating middle-aged men, I run into men who have super-short second marriages ALL THE TIME. They do the long marriage with kids, then divorce, then make a quick rebound marriage, and that never ever ends well.


                          • I'm sorry, you guys, but I always thought MW's marriage wouldn't last. It was too soon! He was a douchbag to remarry that soon anyway, so she's better off.

                            I think Toledo and Jamie are waaaaaay closer and have a more stable thing than they let on; they are just too phobic about making it public.


                            • I think if you are that phobic about it, then something is fundamentally wrong with the relationship. Yes, even with Katie’s history with Tom, because that was a lot of years ago and therapy exists, as do modern psychiatric pharmaceuticals. If you are in love, enjoy your love.


                              • Busy's show didn't get picked up. She seems sad obviously, but considering how emotional she usually is over very small things, she actually seems ok about this. I don't know what type of platform would be likely to pick up her show. She clearly loved making it so I hope they can find it a new home. I didn't watch it regularly, did she ever settle into a nice groove over the last six months? When I tuned in during her first week, she seemed really REALLY nervous and finicky during her interviews.