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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • OMB- not only teen dream, but “the love of her life”?? Oh, DK, you know that’s not going to hurt JJ now.

    I am kinda over MW with her woke speeches. Of course she’s right about the voting thing, but I am going to be sad if every time she wins something it has to be a Serious Speech.


    • So Jodie posted this.

      Basically saying the J is the bestest evah. I can't help it! I love them together.


      • She’s going to be on the Graham Norton show next week. Wonder if they’ll talk about how she’s now married to and having a baby with friend of the show Pacey Witter.


        • Oh shit! dada is a believer!

          I wish they were going on Graham together, but I guess it’d be hard to answer questions while canoodling.


          • I like them together, too! And she's doing the lord's work by sharing some cute shit with the rest of us plebs.
            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • JTS also dropped this gem in her recent interview.

              We are obsessed with each other,” said Turner-Smith, who admitted she “went back and rewatched a lot of [Joshua’s] movies. I do it whenever we’re apart because I miss him so much. He loves that I am obsessed with him.
              I mean, it must be amazing for The J to finally have a significant other who is publicly expressive about how much she's into him. I really do think DK was nuts about him too in the beginning, but she was always more of a public shunner which is fine, people love differently. We're two months away from the baby's arrival so it's probs time for ophy to start the name predictions.


              • Jackson Turner-Smith-Jackson if it's a boy! Jackie Turner-Smith-Jackson if it's a girl!

                Hee. No really, I haven't a clue. If she watches a lot of his old stuff, maybe something from Mighty Ducks?

                I don't know that I've got enough of a sense of what she'd lean towards. Probably not something French and pretentious, I suppose!?

                Also, probs not Josephine, Pacette, or Dawsonelle.

                My gut says something plain and solid, like Joe or Anna or Jane or even Joshua Jr. -- but I just don't know!

                Of course, if I was naming a kid in 2020 there's only ONE name I'd go with . . .

                (I completely love that she's obsessed with him!)


                • Aw, good for them for choosing to raise their kiddo (Vancouver Turner-Smith?) somewhere that doesn’t have active shooter drills in schools or a white supremacist president with, I’m guessing, dementia due to syphilis.

                  Remember how DK and The J mentioned all the time how they were equally disillusioned with the institution of marriage? Wonder what made him see value in it now.


                  • He’s surprised me, I’d have never expected him to marry a Pacey fangirl (assuming they’re definitely married)- but good for him!

                    The rest of the article gives more insight into what’s she’s like and is full off juicy tidbits but it’s paywall, long, and I’m not copying out the whole thing but here’s some:


                    “Well, this is odd: according to the tabloids, the British actress Jodie Turner-Smith (breakout star of the new hit film Queen & Slim) married Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek, The Affair) in Beverly Hills last August. Photos of them “gracing the red carpet in their debut as a married couple” appeared after the Golden Globes. She: chic and statuesque with her cheekbones and crop. He: tangle-haired and tired with a graze of greying beard.

                    Yet here I am, sitting opposite Turner-Smith, 33, who is seven months pregnant and wearing a marquise-cut diamond ring the size of a brazil nut, and she’s refusing to confirm or deny any nuptials. She presses her lips together in a private smile. “I haven’t said to anybody, ‘Yeah, we got married’,”
                    BIB - Poor The J! Accurate but harsh. But it is weird they still won’t confirm it. And I’m not sure I buy the excuse she gives later in the article. However, it does look like he’s gone for another indiscreet woman -yay!

                    “I wanna talk,” she says apologetically, rearranging her long silk dress, “but I’m learning if you talk, you invite opinions.” She orders eggs, green juice and an oat-milk matcha latte, and when they don’t have matcha, “oat-milk latte with coffee”. I’m not sure if it’s her “team” that gave her this advice (like everyone in LA, she has a manager, agent, publicist, life coach, acting teacher), but exactly how interesting can her wedding be when she is so indiscreet about everything else?

                    Over three hours Turner-Smith happily gossips about the “weird methy-heads” and “arms dealers” who live near her in Topanga, California, about a “c***” she recently worked with, about nudity and her friends constantly telling her to “put your breasts away, Jodie”, about racism in modelling, how she doesn’t want to bring up a child in Donald Trump’s America, and how she travels flanked by two big black chow-chows (called Brother and Tuesday). And she’s funny, too, saying that when people comment on the bump, she replies, deadpan, “But I’m just fat”, and that she’s hoping for the “energy” of her sister, who recently gave birth in 25 minutes, “the bitch”.

                    Just as I’m recovering from this, she adds that she was a heavy weed-smoker before she was pregnant. “I used to smoke a lot of weed, every day,” she says matter-of-factly. This intensified during the filming of Queen & Slim, in which she stars alongside the British actor Daniel Kaluuya. “Some people use it to focus,” she says. “But for me, it was good for anxiety. It’s so important to decompress. Queen & Slim was so intense, I needed to smoke a joint at the end of the night. It was, like, ‘I need this, I gotta chill out.’ Also, when you’re doing night shoots and you get home and the sun is coming up, I would make ganja tea to help me go to sleep.”
                    Next thing she was arriving at the LA studio of Hype Williams, the music video director, taking in the black SUVs and thumping hip-hop. Before they had even got through the hellos, Williams was handing her “this thing that looks like white tissue paper”, saying, “ ‘See if this fits.’ ” The tissue paper turned out to be a Hervé Léger swimsuit, and shortly after she put it on in a trailer, she was, indeed, in front of a camera, shaking her booty beside Kanye West in the music video for Walkin’ on the Moon. (“Kanye kept shouting ‘Look more scared’ at me, and I was thinking, ‘But I’m shitting myself!’ ”).

                    “Most of Smith’s stories are like this, littered with walk-on parts by megastars (Dominic West is “the best kind of insane”; Colin Farrell, “super-caring”; Reese Witherspoon, “kind”). She was in the video for Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk, appearing alongside Gigi Hadid, which I’m fairly certain she hated. She did it as a favour for a producer friend. “I thought, ‘Why did I f****** let this friend…?’ ” she trails off.”
                    “She asks what I thought of a big sex scene in the film, and I venture there was a lot of boob. “I’ve always been a person who is” — she makes a burlesque, as if to say “easy with my body” — “and people getting to know me are like, ‘Oh my God.’ But friends say, ‘Yeah, we’ve seen Jodie’s tits a thousand times.’ ”
                    “Her pregnancy has been mellow, she says (indeed, she was six months pregnant at the time of the Style shoot). “Joshua tells me every day, ‘The way you’re handling this is incredible.’ He’s more tired than I am.” Does she get cross? “Of course.” Her interior voice is a forthright Jamaican woman, whom she often has to suppress.”
                    “Relaxed, she opens up a bit about Jackson. “We are obsessed with each other,” she declares. She was a fan of his Dawson’s Creek character as a teen and recently “went back and rewatched a lot of his movies. I do it whenever we’re apart because I miss him so much. He loves that I am obsessed with him.” She then tentatively explains her desire for secrecy over the marriage. When the news was reported, she says, “there was this wave of people who were upset that I was possibly married to a white man. In America interracial dating or marriage is not something that is as accepted. Certain people feel strongly against it, in both communities. I felt it from the black community. It is so complicated. I don’t want to give it too much energy. The horrific things that people were saying, it makes you …” She stalls. “I’m learning there are certain things I have to really keep for myself.”
                    She seems like quite a handful anyway. Hee.


                    • She looked stunning on the GN show. People either love or hate the exposure of the baby bump but seriously, wow. She doesn’t care does she

                      ETA just watched it. No mention of marriage or The J. Obviously they referenced the pregnancy. She didn’t talk a lot but I liked her, she was funny.
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                      • I love her and I am not usually much for the exposed baby bump (though why not; it’s just a stomach!), but on her it looks fantastic.


                        • I don't mind exposed bumps anyway but I think she did it very well.

                          I do think she's a handful. The J likes it that way!


                          • I like that she said Americans are racist and get weird about interracial dating. I still think this was the #1 reason Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx kept out of the spotlight at all costs.
                            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • What she says is probably true but I doubt it’s the reason they won’t confirm the marriage. I think they may not actually be married and that’s why they won’t confirm, but if they’re a couple and they’re having a child together, where’s the difference?

                              It was interesting reading Lainey’s take on Jodie’s comments about them not raising their children in the U.K. or US but maybe in Canada. She’s right, there’s racism everywhere, it’s just sometimes not so obvious. And homophobia and misogyny too. A couple of years ago people still thought that the U.K. was the more open, tolerant place, but when I grew up racism was prevalent and obvious. In recent decades, like many others I thought (or hoped) we were moving on and it was just the older generation, unused to a mixed society who held on to those views. America too, I remember being very happily surprised when President Obama was elected. But it’s always there, latent and waiting for permission to be let loose. Brexit has happened and things don’t look good at the moment. The can of worms has been opened. It’s so very sad and depressing and easy to give up hope, but I’m in awe of all those people who continue the fight.


                              • She looks UHMAZING.

                                I like that she said Americans are racist and get weird about interracial dating.

                                I do get that everywhere, even Canada, is pretty racist these days, but at least in Canada the racists are slightly less likely to be armed, right? And the cops are less likely to shoot brown boys for no reason at all? That would definitely influence me on where to raise my kids if I were them.