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The Core Four (and more): The Post-Creek Gossip Thread

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  • Maybe this is his way of making amends and saying, "I forgive you for stealing Katie (D/Jer theory of RLTL). You really saved me from a bullet there."

    In other news, Beek and his newer wife met while studying Kabbalah?
    "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


    • Is that true? Because that would make all kinds of sense to me. They are both sanctimonious and just because he has liberal leanings and makes a sport of making fun of himself does not mean I have to like him now. I really find his tweets tedious and pompous. And his self-deprecating thing was cute a few years ago but feels desperate and sad to me.
      Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • Yeah, the kabbalah stuff is supposed to be true.

        During the summer of ’09, I went to Israel with my Kabbalah teacher and some of his students. It was there that I met my future husband, James.
        They got married at a Kabbalah center, too.

        But this was my fave from her People blog:
        Don’t get me wrong — these experiences I carry close to my heart. Exposure to different ways of life has colored me into the woman I am today. But it did not teach me about true and utter happiness. I’m talking about the kind of happiness that comes when you fall in love and have children.
        You can't *truly* be happy until you get married and have kids! Awesome.

        Business was challenging and fun. I dabbled in nutrition, publicity, eco-home building and most recently strategic advising. I traveled the world for the first time. From festivals in France, to working with the sheikhs in Abu Dhabi, and traveling to Israel with former heads of state, life seemed but a dream. But this dream proved to be unfulfilling on many levels.
        Can someone tell me what kind of strategic advising a woman in her 20s with a Bachelor's degree in Communications from a State school does for sheiks and former heads of state? Really? My bullshit meter is *ringing*.

        This idea makes me happy. Jason Segel could write the soundtrack!
        when asked if she's ever going to do a movie with her best friend Michelle Williams, Busy said...

        "My husband is a screenwriter, so we've been bugging him and his writing partner to write a movie for the two of us to star in and Harvey Weinstein already said he was going to produce it, so we just got to get it going."
        I have about a zillion ideas for this movie. Most of them involve Busy and Michelle playing lesbian life partners, though.


        • Aw, they met cute!

          The happy couple wed at the Kabbalah Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel on Sunday, August 1.

          “We looked at this wedding as a sacred union of our souls,” James told Life & Style. “For us, there was tremendous freedom in not having to worry about the food getting cold or the DJ playing ‘YMCA’ again!”

          “I first noticed Kimberly in Jaffa,” James added. “I was telling my friend and teacher Shalom [who was at the wedding] that after everything I’d been through, I finally felt ready for a relationship — someone I could grow old with, change with…a soul mate. I was in midsentence when, from behind us, a female voice interrupted. At first I was annoyed — who had the nerve to butt in on such an important revelation? Then I turned around and saw her.”


          • A meet-pretentious! Gwyneth and Madonna are somewhere going "CALM YOUR ASSES." And sheikhs in Abu Dhabi? My eyeballs hurt from all the rolling.

            I can't wait for the Busy/Michelle dramusicomedy extravaganza!
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            • Hmm, when did Beek and Mrs Beek even meet? A quick Googling shows their daughter was born 10 months after he filed for divorce. I guess the van der penis celebrated the filing with some unprotected sex.

              And damn, he pays spousal support of 1/5th his income? Get a job, McComb.
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              "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


              • Wait, she went to Washington State and got a degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology but moved to L.A. and somehow "dabbled" in international business?

                Without question she was a call girl. Or a "party" girl who was working a circuit. And now she's trying to parlay Hollywood Mom into a career a la Tori Spelling? Ok.

                I did the math because I shit like this.

                April 2009: Beek and his wife (allegedly) separate (no announcement; Beek said this later)
                Summer 2009: He and Kim meet pretentious at the K-bah center.
                November 2009: Beek files for divorce (unclear if California requires a separation before filing for divorce--I don't think it does. I think you have to have six months before it can become "final"?)
                March 31, 2010: Divorce is finalized
                April 9, 2010: Beek announced Kim's pregnancy via Twitter (nine whole days after the divorce is finalized).
                August 1, 2010: Beek and Kim tie the knot in Israel, relieved to not have to pick out a DJ--being 7 months pregnant probably would have made that exhausting for poor Kim)
                Sept 25, 2010: Olivia is born.
                March 2012: Joshua (hee) is born.

                At least she didn't get knocked up until Beek officially filed for divorce...if those dates are accurate.
                Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • Lmao. I started trying to do this on a Post-it at work, fully expecting someone to walk in so I could say, "I'm calculating Beek's sex life." :Luvhands:

                  I have more useless degrees than the average bear and even I think a general Communications degree is bullshit.
                  "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


                  • Gotta say I was *thinking* high class escort, but didn't want to be the first to say it.


                    • Thirded on the high dollar hooker! I couldn't stop rolling my eyes at her pretension. And OF COURSE Dawson Van Der Beek wants a soul mate. And of course, she would turn out to be this chick.


                      • Did any of you guys watch Homeland? There was a whole storyline in there about girls who have her job - on the show, one was a CIA informant, of course.


                        • Hee! On Community last night, they were trying to push Britta toward corporate espionage:
                          Okay, this conversation is over! I'm not a whore! And, not that I've done the math, but if I were, I'd be the super-classy kind that gets flown to Dubai to stay at an underwater hotel!


                          • damianholbrook ‏ @TVGMDamian Close
                            @vanderjames so I asked Josh Jackson about your son's name: "Mwahahaha....My master plan is complete!"

                            I don't know what I love more. The initial question, The J's response, or the tweet to Beek about The J's response. Just full on love for all of it.


                            • The Beek's new EW interview:
                              The *comedy focuses on naive New York newcomer June (Dreama Walker), who moves in with the possibly sociopathic Chloe (Krysten *Ritter), whose ex-boyfriend/best pal just happens to be James Van Der Beek. The Apartment 23 incarnation of the Beek is a womanizer who *seduces fans to the strains of Creek’s “I Don’t Want to Wait” theme song and launches his own line of jeans with the slogan “Put your cheeks in a Beek.”
                              “I love doing it,” says the actor. “I love the ego assassination that comes with it. It’s just so healthy and so good for me.”
                              So hoping that his character isn't a rip off of Barney Stinson.

                              What did you think watching Michelle Williams at the Oscars? Is it like seeing someone you went to high school with?
                              Yeah. It makes me feel really happy. ABC asked me to do a pre-Oscar interview and I was talking about Michelle and I started thinking about the [Dawson's Creek] pilot and everything Michelle has been through and the reaction to her when the show first came out — because she was set up as the character you hate. I just started feeling so warm and fuzzy inside. It was like I had three glasses of wine. Just really, really happy for her.

                              When you see Katie now, is that the same Katie you knew years ago?
                              In some ways, yeah. She seems a little more mature, to be honest with you. I think people transpose whatever preconceptions they have about the whole thing onto whatever behavior they see. Honestly, I don’t see a big shift or difference. It’s her, but a little more mature and I think comfortable in her skin.
                              Would you ever do a Dawson’s Creek reunion?
                              I mean, if somebody came up with a brilliant idea how to do it, why not? I always love that Michelle is like, “I definitely wanna do it! I’m in!” which is so easy for her to say because her character is dead. I always smile when I see that. [Laughs]
                              Bitters me that they asked about everyone except his son's namesake!


                              • Aw, years of not working has humbled him into reconsidering the idea of a DC reunion! I think his vaguity about KH (and XENU and E-METERS and DIANETICS!) is probably because Kababbablahalhalhah is also so "misunderstood." Boo, EW. Y U no ask about baby name?