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TomKat - most annoying couple, most annoying moniker! Evah!

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  • Another blind that is supposed to be about KH here.

    This dark-haired actress has developed a weird eating style. On the rare occasions that she does eat, she doesnít like the food to touch her lips. She opens up her mouth really wide and pulls the food off the fork with her teeth. We donít know if this behavior is related to the ongoing problems she is having with her teeth, which were absolutely destroyed by an eating disorder in her teens. They became so eroded that she had to have them shaved down and have porcelain veneers applied to every single tooth at $2000 a pop. She can afford it. Itís just too bad that the eating disorder appears to be back. Conveniently for her, so are baggy boyfriend jeans.
    Folks are pointing to this pic to prove that it is KH. Kind of a no brainer. Those are some fucked up teeth.


    • Think about her hair during the last two seasons! Poor thing. She's a big ol' mess.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.