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TomKat - most annoying couple, most annoying moniker! Evah!

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  • TomKat - most annoying couple, most annoying moniker! Evah!

    TomKat it up, peeps.
    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.

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    They have to be the most annoying celebrities ever if even other annoying celebrities are getting annoyed.

    Rosie's blog:

    after watching tom on o
    and then everywhere else
    in the free world
    i think i may need to up my meds


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      Tommie boy is being interviewed here on Rove Live Tuesday night. Let's see how he goes on a light entertainment show. Katie was on a couple of weeks ago and Rove *never* mentioned Tom, TomKat, her lovelife, her personal life - NOTHING! - and yet she managed to squeeze in lots of mentions of it herself. Of course, it was nothing but the words "wonderful" and "amazing". But it was crazy that she brought it all up, especially when he actually wasn't referring to it. Hence the website sarcastically stating and -- yes -- he might just mention Katie, too.


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        Cruise & Holmes to Tie the Knot at Scientology Headquarters

        Los Angleles, CA (AHN) - Tom Cruise and fiancee Katie Holmes are planning a Scientology wedding that will take place next month.The British newspaper, the Sunday Express, reports Cruise is set to tie the knot at the Scientology headquarters in Los Angeles before honeymooning on a yacht with his soon-to-be third wife.The 43-year-old actor has previously been married to actresses Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman.A source at the religious center says, "Tom has encouraged Katie to embrace our faith and they have both agreed to a Scientology wedding service."According to another report, a source explains, "It has become a prerequisite of Tom's that the closest people in his life should also be Scientologists. He was mortified when Nicole turned her back on his faith, but he is overjoyed that Katie has embraced it."
        Well they had to do *something*, news was starting to die down.

        And a website to visit before Tom's legal team kicks into gear.
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          Even though they seem to have disappeared for a bit, Morford questions if Cruise is the new Gibson-like nutball! Links galore. Most of which we've covered. But heeeeeee!


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            The $cientology wedding ceremony -- do they have to wear funny hats or hold those little cans so John Travolta or Jason Dohring's dad can monitor their levels of honest/preparedness? -- has my head spinning.

            Perhaps Joey Potter and Katie Holmes share the same liquid backbone? Not that I had any real respect for Katie Holmes as an individual or even as an actress but DAMN she just seems like such an unformed person for being 26. Does she not have any of her own convictions? She bugs my tits.
            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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              Went digging . . haven't found any reports of tin foil hats or e-meters present at a clam ceremony. However, the text sounds wackadilly.

              Beliefnet's take on TomKat

              Rejoice you line of struggling life from eons gone, for here again, your track is sped and winged into a future fate by this, the union of a man and woman, crossing this bridge, whose child shall pace a future span . . .

              After their vows, the couple may exchange rings embossed with Scientology's ARC triangle, which stands for Affinity Reality Communication

              Okay, so first, I'm changing the vows to my own ceremony to include something about being a life form from eons ago and crossing a bridge, yada. And then, I am rushing out to get this triangle thingy tattooed on my butt. Even their most sacred religious crap sounds like the name of a third rate company incorporated in Delaware! If someone said something about Affinity Reality Communication to me, I would assume they were trying to sell me a local highspeed connectivity package. Speaking of corporations and the clams, Jason Dohring's dad just sold Neopets to Viacom for a bajillion dollars. Cha ching.

              Other ceremony links:

              Overall, their ceremonies sound depressingly normal according to this forum post:

              and this tiny pic here, also looks depressingly normal:
              official pic
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                normal, yes, but the minister in the first pic is dressed like he should be on the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise.


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                  I've never understood why Katie had the devoted fans that she did. She always seemed personality-less to me, aside from her love of vomiting in bar bathrooms and affinity for wanting fame at any price.
                  "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye


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                    Katie's on the cover of the new W magazine. She's been totally brainwashed and sounds utterly nuts. Read and weep:
                    She crazy.
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                      Actually she's not sounding so brainwashed to me anymore. She's sounding frigging programmed.
                      "I'm learning," Holmes says, as the makeup artist applies eye shadow, "to celebrate my own spirit, my own being."
                      This must mean you totally lose what little discernible personality you *had* and spirits and beings have nothing but rote statements to offer.


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                        That W story confirms so many things that I thought were just gossip page fodder! Jessica the Clam is so scary! When she started answering questions for her? I just wanted to run out of my office because it was creepy!

                        Creepiest replies:
                        Do you worry that this might be a rebound romance for either of you?

                        "I've never met anyone like Tom," Holmes replies, her beautiful green eyes focused on nothing in particular.

                        Did you learn anything in your previous relationship (five years with actor Chris Klein, which came to an end when they called off their engagement this past winter) that has been a benefit to this one?

                        "Chris and I care about each other and we're still friends. Tom is the most incredible man in the world."

                        If Holmes were actually answering the questions posed—rather than simply reciting the same mantralike love letter—she'd be making a somewhat provocative point: Her relationship is not like other relationships, with their conflicts, compromises and complications; there will be no apology flowers, nights spent on the couch or couples therapy for these two (as a practicing Scientologist, Cruise strongly disapproves of psychiatry).

                        Has it been a challenge to make his kids feel comfortable?

                        "They're just exceptional people."
                        I really don't like how The "Kate" Bot has taken to calling Tom's children people. They are not people. They are his children and they are still quite young and this must be reasonably weird for them.

                        Wow, do I hate this pairing! But I love their crazy! I'm so conflicted.
                        It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          I was reading that and kept thinking that it sounded TOO MUCH like recall, coached answers. I mean, I nevah really liked or cared about Katie other than she might have made the J happy but it's really scary to think she's been $tepford-ized.


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                            The end of that article...was that a joke? I subscribe to W and I...I don't want that in my house. Really, that article was all jokey, right? Right? Hold me.


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                              So, who thinks that during the 16 day absence, she was put in one of the training camps and totally brainwashed? That article that someone linked up about the Laura Declaration, or whatever, makes me totally think that they got her to go to one of the camps, and is now totally entrenched.

                              Blech. That's quite scary. I wonder if in 10 years (or is that 9 years and 11 months?) when they get divorced, she's going to come out with the truth behind it all, or whether they've got her washed for good?