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  • Jennie Garth is dating someone who is NOT Luke Perry. I am not happy about that.,00.html

    It appears Jennie Garth has found a man with positive energy.

    The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star, 40 – who recently said that's the quality she now seeks in a partner – is dating musician Jeremy Salken, a source tells PEOPLE.

    Garth and Salken, 31, the drummer for electronic group Big Gigantic, met in October and spent New Year's together.

    Garth, who last March split from longtime husband Peter Facinelli, has been linked to several men since her breakup, including real estate agent Jason Clark and photographer Noah Abrams.

    PHOTOS: Hollywood's Weight-Loss Winners

    The mother of three even Tweeted about ringing in 2013 with her new man.

    "@biggiantic blows it out the house!!!!!!!!!" she wrote in an Instagram post she linked to on Twitter, accompanied by a shot of the pair looking cozy. "#lovechicago #happynewyearyall"

    Meanwhile, her Twilight actor ex has most recently been dating Jaimie Alexander, an actress he met on the set of Loosies and worked with on Nurse Jackie.

    Having shed 30 lbs. since she and Facinelli called it quits, Garth recently told PEOPLE that she "is happy [Peter] is happy," but hopes "there will come a time when [the split] won't sting so bad."
    Somebody want to do the math and figure out if Jaimie Alexander is who he must have been cheating with?


    • The Kristen and Adam thing needs a little bit of context.

      First, Adam got into acting because he was bored at junior college in San Diego and the money and perks (and fame) appealed to him. He has always been very candid about this, that it was never about some compulsion to do what DeNiro does, he thought it was a means to an end - the end being a cool car and pretty girls. The honesty is refreshing, I never faulted him for it, BUT it also closes him off a little bit to the possibility that there are young actors who see acting as the end. Also Kristen started acting when she was 9 while Brody was 19 when he moved to L.A. He had other hobbies and interests, he'd been to school (he hated it), etc. Kristen has only ever acted. She didn't go to school, she didn't make a lot of friends, all she's ever wanted is to be on set, telling stories (now, at 22, to her detriment IMO.)

      Second, Adam Brody can't even fathom the kind of fame Kristen Stewart has or the toll its taken on her every day life. He wishes he could but he can't. He'll never know it. And he'll certainly never know it as a 17, 18, 19 year old girl. Being as famous as Kristen is, is his pipe dream but it's not hers and it never has been.

      Third, Adam has worked with Kristen. They were costars in a little underrated IMO movie called In the Land of Women (written & directed by Jon Kasdan!) Maybe he ignored her every second they weren't filming together (although that's not how the story goes) but at the very least, he's seen her work ethic and how passionate she is about character and acting so it's particularly disingenuous for him to cavalierly toss off that she should fucking quit if she hates it so much when he, more than most other people in the world, is in a position to know that she actually loves it more than anything (sometimes more than is healthy.)

      And finally, (and this is where I think Rachel ruined him forever) there was a time when Adam Brody fought to maintain all of his privacy and cursed paparazzi and took issue with invasive media and got defensive or evasive when people asked about his relationship so the whole episode with Diablo Cody just struck me as entirely disingenuous and bitter.

      I know y'all heard that as the teacher in Charlie Brown but *I* think it's relevant.

      Right so Adam and Rachel hooked up around September 2003 and I ed them. I was totally on the ground floor of that ship because I could tell there was something up with them and for months it was random US Weekly sightings of them together that sustained their fans. They would hang but only in groups and flirt at OC press events but not enough that it was undeniable /Seth Cohen. Then a kissing pic! In a club in New York of them wrapped around each other.

      The. Pic. That. Changed. Everything.

      They never publicly confirmed. They never talked about it. They both constantly avoided the question. They just covertly did super coupley shit like going to some event honoring her grandpa and cuddling at Coachella and picking up the paper together

      They were low-key and boring and had a cute house off Fountain in Hollywood and ate at Canters and got a dog and would babysit her baby half sister. Adam was in a band and Rachel went to all the shows. I saw them macking at one such show once and it was awesome.

      Adam & Rachel
      Walking with Penny Lane:
      Hiding from paps:
      Complementary Halloween costumes:
      Kissing with Penny Lane:
      She is a pixie:

      K, so that gave me all the feeeeels. *sniff*

      Around fall of 2006 they finally started being more open. He went to the premiere of The Last Kiss and she mentioned him by name in some Cosmo article or something. Then she wasn't at one of his shows one weekend and on Monday it was reported that she was in the Couve filming Jumper. Irony: she got Jumper because director Doug Liman was friends with Adam. *sigh*

      By December, she and Adam were over and not long after that, she was ~with Hayden. It was gross. Hayden was gross. She looked like a starfucker. Adam looked miserable. It seemed amicable enough and they still had four episodes of the show left to film including the finale where they get married! Neither has ever seemed the same since though admittedly, I stopped following them. I really thought Rachel was bearding Hayden which made her even grosser bc she threw away her real relationship for it but then I heard not so much and she hooked up with Hayden pretty much as soon as she got to Vancouver. (There's also some spec that she banged Zach Braff during TLK because Braff bangs all his costars but it was only way after the fact.) Rachel and Hayden are still together, sort of, sometimes, IDEK. And Adam does whatever. I literally have not seen anything he's done since The OC. Of the two, she's probably had the stronger career.
      It was a blessing that The OC ended around the same time Adam and Rachel did. They were together just the length of the series which maybe says it all.

      Totally random: Kristen has a small role in Jumper and hers is the only scene I've ever seen of it.


      • You ask and em delivers!

        That's a beautiful thesis and I am now bitter on your shippery behalf. They really were adorable together. It sucks the way it ended!


        • I love that your old RLTL commented on your epic RLTL and it chafes you. I get it! And I love it!

          I adored those two together (but only in a casual: "aw, look at these adorable bbs" while perusing Us Weekly). That said? Holy cow those pics are a testament to how completely pretty they were together. She looked so fresh-faced. Can I say her skin straight-up looked moist back then? Because it does! And he looks all young and they are just sooo cute together. They will never be that adorable with anyone again, ever.

          Yeah, I accept that she broke him. And for Hayden Christensen! So baffling. Whenever I see a random pics of those two together I am still surprised and it's been years! I don't get it.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • More fallout from the GGs . . . KBell throwing down with Lainey:

            Kristen Bell Verified
            @LaineyGossip only an asshole spends their time judging & gossiping about people they dont actually know anything about-its sad. you're sad.
            She tweeted that late last night LA time, so I guess it was in response to this post from Monday that called KBell one of the worst dressed at the GGs.

            {for the record, this was written by Lainey's bestie, not Lainey}
            I feel like I am running so much game for Kristen Bell and I am just getting sh-t in return. I talk about how smart and thoughtful her portrayal of Veronica Mars was, and people counter with how much time and attention she takes from other Craig Ferguson guests. Or I say she’s doing some interesting stuff on House Of Lies -- which by last night’s indication is being watched by only the Hollywood Foreign Press – and people counter with films like When In Rome and twee talk show appearances on Ellen.

            So it is hard for me to defend her at the best of times. This dress is not the best of times.

            I mean, from what I understand, when you’re pregnant everything is bigger, and assuming that includes boobs, why would you want to put them in a rhinestone prison? What do you get out of doing that? The dress isn’t pretty and you look like the whole thing would break in a million directions if you tried to drive a car. Then combine it with the pastel shade of lavendar, and it’s basically a Toddlers & Tiaras dress with a few extra feet of fabric tacked on.

            She was there because…her husband is an NBC star? Not really clear. She presented. Fine. But when you’re barely invited, why make yourself the Not Ready For Prime Time guest?

            I try to get people to see that there’s stuff there to like. But on days like this, I really wonder why I bother.
            That's a seriously annoying critique, even if her dress had been terrible (and for the record, I thought it was a great dress, and she looked absolutely gorgeous), because she didn't just criticize the dress, she questioned Kristen even being invited. She is a tv star on a current tv show and her partner is also a tv star. She is also, legitmately, a movie actress who completed a movie not that long ago. She was asked to be a presenter. Holy crap, how is that 'barely invited'? WTF crankypants?

            It's not like she's a random Real Housewife for fuck's sake. She's KRISTEN FUCKING BELL. She gets to go to these things because she's earned it.

            Also, she's the most adorable pregnant lady in the world, and she was doing us all a favor by going in public and letting us collectively squee over her adorable pregnant-ness. So step off.


            • For the record? I thought the dress was awful. However! I don't question why she was even invited! That's just bizarre. She's been on several TV shows and starred in movies. I'd question Alba's attendance first and even she works for a living.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • It was a very snide comment regardless. "I'm not a hater! But soooo many people are haterz, and I'm just TIRED of trying to defend the nearly indefensible!" It was a super snotty way of saying that KBell sucks.

                I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.

                Also? I am PMSing. So . . .


                • You know, it could be that KBell wasn't irritated that much by Duana's article as she was by the one that was linked from it:

                  This one *was* written by Lainey:
                  Pre-natal famewhoring
                  November 6, 2012
                  Posted at 11:27 AM

                  Posted by Lainey

                  Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard announced yesterday that they’re expecting a baby. I’m staying at Duana’s right now in Toronto and when I told her this on Monday morning she got all giggly and happy and immediately started researching due dates. It’s a Veronica Mars thing.

                  As you know, Du and I disagree on K Bell -- she adores her and I find her insufferable. Will she be less so now that she’s carrying a baby around? It hasn’t been a great start.

                  Oh look! They just happened to release a statement about their pregnancy on the day that Dax is scheduled to appear on Jay Leno! Coincidence or conspiracy?

                  Oh look! Here’s the first photo of K Bell with a tiny bump - click here to see - conveniently published on the day of the announcement even though it was actually taken A WEEK BEFORE by Startraks, the photo agency that also does all of Blake Lively’s set-up shots. Coincidence or conspiracy?

                  Why hold off for a week?

                  Please. Don’t you remember what happened last week? Sandy cockblocked everyone. They pushed it back to get maximum coverage right out of the weekend. They’re not the first and they won’t be the last. Pregnancy is a PR device now. Which is fine, I guess. Because for some reason, we keep fame-rewarding people who have babies. But once you give away the privacy, you don’t get to ask for it back, right? I get to be all up in Kristen Bell’s personal business now. And she doesn’t get to complain.
                  Yeah, that's kind of mean spirited. Just say congrats on the baby, that's really all that's necessary. Of course, in Lainey's twisted world EVERYTHING is a PR conspiracy and nobody gets cut any slack. Never gives anyone the benefit of the doubt unless they are her own faves (like Jakey G.). She's been so laughably wrong about R&K stuff that I side-eye just about everything she says about everyone now. When she doesn't know something, she makes shit up.


                  • It is a little vicious! I mean, K-Bell seems pretty innocuous to me. I don't even think it's surprising to time the announcement of your baby or anything. They are actually famous It's not nearly as craven as Goop's super stagey photos of her husband touching her belly! Don't EVEN get me started on that! And K-Bell is not very good at her fame-whoring if you even try to compare her to Blake Lively. She was ENDLESSLY papped before getting together with Ryan Reynolds (who clearly is not down with that nonsense).
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • I know! She's more or less completely inoffensive as far as Hollywood peeps go. It's not like she and Dax are ubiquitous the way Speidi was, or staging Whole Foods runs every day for the photogs.

                      Not saying KBell can't play whatever game she needs to in order to get the shit done for her career, but I don't understand the 'insufferable famewhore' accusation. Especially on a baby announcement! That's just mean. It's a BABY not a PR gimmick.

                      ETA The Fuggirls, btw, gave KBell a Well Played, so SHUT UP, DUANA.

                      Also this:
                      I think my very favorite thing that happened at the Globes was when Marion Cotillard came up to talk to Seacrest and was all, “Kristen Bell is pregnant?! I LOVE her.” Is there anything more adorable than the idea of Marion Cotillard curled up in her French bed, eating French cheese, and watching Veronica Mars reruns? No. There really isn’t.
                      If Marion knows who you are and loves you, then yeah . . . you probably have every right to attend the awards show you WERE INVITED TO.
                      Last edited by ophy; 01-15-2013, 02:36 PM.


                      • Also, is it even true that KBell has a lot of haters? I don't exactly follow gossip that much, but I haven't ever heard of her having a lot of haters. Which would make that article even more obnoxious, because it's such a passive aggressive way of getting criticism in that has nothing to do with the dress (which is not terrible, even if I don't love it). Also, Kristen is arguably more famous than Dax, I think. So WTF is up with questioning why she would even be there?


                        • Yeah, its the 'out of left field' aspect which makes it all very WTF. Other than Lainey, I don't actually know of a KBell hater. Folks that only know her as Sarah Marshall and never watched VMars might be 'eh' about her, I guess? But she doesn't seem the type to inspire general vitriol.

                          So . . . totally passive aggressive and also lazy.


                          • Yeah, I've never encountered a KBell hater, not even online where everyone has haters. Lainey is basically the only person I've ever seen hate on her so much. But then Lainey and her fellow bloggers mostly interact with other BTS entertainment people so maybe that's where the hate lies? The general public either doesn't care about or know who KBell is and the ones who do almost unanimously find her adorable.

                            I didn't like her dress either and I thought it gave her linebacker shoulders, but none of the stuff she's done with regard to her pregnancy has been famewhorey to me. They announced it, but everybody does that so that's so not a big deal.

                            Now with all that said, I kind of cringe whenever a celebrity responds to a blogger. It gives them a sense of power or importance that they don't deserve if only because they get to believe for a day that they got under your skin. You're famous and fabulous, rise above and learn to ignore. But I'll give KBell a pass 'cause I was way more irrational and ragey during pregnancy and thus more likely to shoot my mouth off.


                            • ITA! Now Lainey can be like, "Oohoohoo, KBell reads my blog! I'm that important!" It hurts my brain trying to come up with a reason why anyone would find KBell "insufferable." According to Lainey's friend, she's not even famous enough to be overexposed, but she hasn't been famewhorey at all either. She's a regular ol' actress that is wee and loves sloths and lives her life. If Lainey has backstage info to back up the hate, she hasn't shared it. Crazy annoying when people dislike something and then try to claim everybody in the world feels the same way. Seriously, Lainey's friend, "how much time and attention she takes from other Craig Ferguson guests"? Who is saying this shit? Your other personality?


                              • I'm kind of late to this, but I cannot abide people shit talking KBell. Are you kidding me? There was nothing wrong with that dress, and NO ONE has ever come off less fame whorey than Kristen Bell. Veronica Mars is my favorite TV heroine of all time, that is just ridic.

                                PMS or not, I think you might have even understated it, ophy.