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  • YES. SG's persona seems so rational otherwise, and it's not like her world isn't full of Biebz-aged famous boys who aren't self-destructing. The egging thing kinda didn't surprise me after he peed in a bucket. And last year he kept speeding down his street when there were small children playing and a fed up ex-NFL neighbor chased him into his garage. It's like he's trying to create childhood mischief way too late while also taking off his shirt every chance he gets, like, "Look, guys, I'm beefy now! I'M A GROWN UP! Can everyone stop calling me Ellen?" The fact that he's mostly shenanigans makes his disconnect from reality feel like an 80s child star throwback. The Anne Frank incident still blows my mind.

    Anyway, yep, I think she thinks she can fix him.


    • I, too, feel bad for the Bieb! I mean, he's a ruined asshole now, but at one point he was just a little kid with terrible parents. He's NINETEEN. That's impossibly young and he's also impossibly rich and famous and his whole life is just so fucked up.

      Children should NEVER be famous. No children allowed in your CelebriDome, ophy!
      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • No children allowed in your CelebriDome, ophy!
        Except for the ones we are breeding inside the Dome!

        The only downside to leaving all child actors outside of the CelebriDome is that their current roles will have to replaced by CGI versions or creepy robots. I'm okay with that, if the Committee is.


        • Adding Bill Cosby to the list of celebs that I now side-eye and avoid.


          What Cosby never mentioned was the civil lawsuit he settled just two days earlier with Andrea Constand, 32, a former Temple University employee who claimed Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in his Philadelphia-area mansion in 2004. Constand's lawyers Dolores Troiani and Bebe Kivitz ended up with 13 witnesses, most referred to in court documents as "Jane Does," who came forward voluntarily with strikingly similar claims of drugging and or abuse by Cosby. Terms of the settlement, reached before any of the women could testify, were not disclosed. But PEOPLE reporters have interviewed five of the women and share three of their stories now.

          As in so many cases alleging sexual assault, these women make imperfect witnesses. They are talking about events two or three decades old. Many of their recollections are fragmentary, and in some cases, they are not even sure what happened between them and Cosby, though that is not unusual in cases where a possible date-rape drug is involved. None of the women ever contacted police with their stories, either at the time of the alleged assaults or in the years leading up to Constand's revelations, and two of the five women reached by PEOPLE allowed Cosby to pay part or all of their travel and/or living expenses for some time. Three accepted cash from him years after the incidents, and two even went on to have consensual relationships with him.

          But none of them stand to profit from suing Cosby for monetary damages; the statute of limitations on all their charges has expired. And their stories, which take place in several cities and span two decades, illustrate the same pattern of behavior, primarily the accusation that Cosby, then one of the most powerful entertainers alive, targeted them because they were vulnerable and gained their trust by promising to help their careers. PEOPLE contacted Cosby to get his response to the allegations; through his longtime publicist David Brokaw, Cosby said he had no comment.
          Ugh. I don't remember this story when it came out in 2006.

          Gross stuff.

          But news reports about Constand's subsequent civil suit are what coaxed Barbara Bowman, 39, out of hiding. The Denver-area native—who first told her story to Philadelphia magazine in November—was an 18-year-old model and aspiring actress in 1985, when her agent Jo Farrell arranged for her to meet Cosby. "It was overwhelmingly exciting," remembers Bowman, whose first meeting with Cosby took place at a comedy club in Denver. "He questioned me quite extensively about my personal history, my relationship with my father. My father abandoned me when I was 14." She says now, "In hindsight I look back and I realize what he was doing. He was getting information of where my vulnerabilities lay." In that first meeting, she claims Cosby gave her an acting exercise that struck her as disturbing: "He wanted me to imagine fully that I was inebriated, that I was out of control, drunk or drugged.... He wanted me to just slump in my chair, and he wanted my limbs to be limp, and he would whisper in my ear what he wanted." After Farrell arranged for her to move to New York City, Cosby continued to mentor her and even introduced her to costars Phylicia Rashad and Lisa Bonet. "I trusted him totally," says Bowman's mother, Pat Hubbard, 68. "Who wouldn't trust and love Dr. Huxtable?"

          It was in a hotel in Reno, claims Bowman, that Cosby assaulted her one night in 1986. "He took my hand and his hand over it, and he masturbated with his hand over my hand," says Bowman, who, although terrified, kept quiet about the incident and continued as Cosby's protégé because, she says, "Who's gonna believe this? He was a powerful man. He was like the president." Before long she was alone with Cosby again in his Manhattan townhouse; she was given a glass of red wine, and "the next thing I know, I'm sick and I'm nauseous and I'm delusional and I'm limp and ... I can't think straight.... And I just came to, and I'm wearing a [men's] T-shirt that wasn't mine, and he was in a white robe."

          A month or two later, she was in Atlantic City and says she was given another glass of red wine and felt "completely doped up again." Confused, Bowman somehow made it back to her room, but the next day Cosby summoned her to his suite. After she arrived, Bowman says, Cosby "threw me on the bed and braced his arm under my neck so I couldn't move my head, and he started trying to take his clothes off. I remember all the clinking of his belt buckle. And he was trying to take my pants down, and I was trying to keep them on." Bowman says that not long after she resisted the assault, Cosby cut off contact with her and had her escorted to the airport for a flight back to Denver. She didn't tell authorities about what happened, but she did approach an attorney who "wouldn't take it seriously," says Margo Singagliese, 52, the friend who went with her to see the lawyer.
          By then another accuser had already come forward. Tamara Green, 58, a former trial attorney who first told her story to the Philadelphia Daily News, says she was a young aspiring model when a doctor she knew introduced her to Cosby in 1970. One day Cosby asked her to lunch, and when "I told him I felt awful, he gave me what he said were Contac," Green recalls. "Suddenly I felt like I was stoned out of my mind." She says Cosby took her to her apartment and "started taking off my clothes. He had his pants down and was all over me." Green resisted and Cosby left.
          Her story is similar to the one told by Beth Ferrier, who was a model and recent college grad when Jo Farrell introduced her to Cosby in the mid-'80s. "I was very vulnerable," says the Colorado native, whose father had died and who had just survived a serious car crash. Cosby "came on as a mentor, almost a father figure," she says. "He was there to help me with everything." But then one night, after drinking a cappuccino in his dressing room in Denver, she claims she blacked out. "I woke up in my car in the parking lot with my clothes all a mess," she says, still not sure exactly what transpired. "It's one of the pieces that keeps bothering me. I was definitely drugged. All I had to drink was coffee and the room was spinning. Then I wake up with my clothes a mess and my bra unhooked. I wondered, I still wonder, 'What did he do with me? Why was my bra unhooked? What happened?'" When she later asked Cosby about the incident, "He said, 'We'll never speak of this again.'"
          PEOPLE asked Jo Farrell about introducing Ferrier and Bowman to Cosby; now retired from show business and working as an image consultant, she says she only supplied Cosby with tapes and portfolios of her clients. "He wanted to look at children and girls for his show," says Farrell, 75. "I wasn't in on personal interviews."
          He was shopping for victims. This is horrible.


          • Ugh, I hadn't heard any of this before. I find that I am not that surprised, though. Something about him sort of icks me out.


            • WTF. HOW have we not heard of this before? This is so gross!
              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Dammit, I'm so bummed and disgusted. I LOVED The Cosby Show! I've seen every single episode and have so many memories of spending time with my mom and dad watching it and now it's gross.


                • I'm kinda heartbroken. I LOVED Bill Cosby.

                  My high school history teacher would play Bill Cosby comedy records (yes, as in real records) in class to reward good class behavior and we loved it.


                  • Art =/= Artist <---I stand by it.

                    I never cared about Bill Cosby and never really watched The Cosby Show. I preferred Roseanne (who is different kind of crazy).
                    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • This kind of reaction is probably how he managed to bury this story in the first place. It ran in People for crying out loud, and there doesn't seem to have been any follow up or general outrage and none of us had even heard about it.

                      Blergh. I will never be able to say "There's always room for Jell-O" again without thinking of a roofie being snuck in there.


                      • And we are back to this nonsense.


                        Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI and drag racing in Miami Beach on Thursday morning, Miami Beach police have said.

                        NBC 6 South Florida is reporting that Bieber was in a yellow rented out Lamborghini at the time of arrest. The singer is said to be currently in police custody but no other details about the arrest are yet known. BuzzFeed will update when we have more information.


                        ETA updated with mug shot:

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                        • OKay, I'm not going to get all obsessive about this b/c wevs, Biebs, but I do have to point out this oddity in the arrest report:

                          "The Driver had slow deliberate movements and a stuper look on his face."

                          Stuper. I don't think he was going for 'stupid', right? So he must have been making a connection to 'stupor', as in 'a drunken stupor', but even that doesn't work within the grammar.

                          This is going to bug me. If I was the arresting officer, I would so EMBARRASSED over making a mistake on my one and only crazy high profile arrest, really. Poor Officer Medina.

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                          • This kind of reaction is probably how he managed to bury this story in the first place.
                            I think it's also somewhat related to the fact that he has never been charged with a crime. I mean, I think it's wrong and I actually think it's very plausible that he is up to no good. He SHOULD be charged but the simple fact of the matter is that rape is a free crime in this country and it's extra super duper free if you're rich.

                            There are RARE cases that cause the rich person some problems but it's VERY RARE for women to be taken seriously with crimes like this in general. He operates in shadows, clearly shops for vulnerable victims and pays them off as soon as they threaten to open their mouths. Those factors, coupled with our society's tendency to think women are looking to "ruin" (famous) men with their dirty vaginas? Means he gets a free pass. I don't approve of the free pass and I would very much like the word of victimized women to be put above the word of predatory men but I don't see it happening in my lifetime.

                            But I actually don't think taking a stand against Bill Cosby will make much of a difference. Now talk to me about policy? And I'm allll ears!

                            As for The Biebs? AND SO IT BEGINS in earnest.

                            Children should not be famous, and I have a long essay in my head that I want to write that boils down to: Children do not have the capacity to understand what fame can mean to their lives and so they should not be subjected to it even if their parents think it's okay because the parent's life will not be under scrutiny in the way the child's life will. You can't take that kind of choice away from a person (even a child who doesn't get to make that many of their own choices anyway). It's too much to grow up under that kind of spotlight. It's also too much to ask that a child's work be the family's primary income. It's wrong.

                            I also have another long essay about the Mia/Woody thing percolating in my head that relates to their public images, the incredibly nasty break-up and custody battle that was going on when the abuse allegations surfaced and how Mia is certainly winning the long-term PR war but, in 1993, Woody was more than holding his own so it mitigated the fall-out.

                            ETA: I used to have to go through police reports as a local reporter and I have never seen a police arrest that was not riddled with horrific and crazy errors to the point of it making the incident described hard to understand.
                            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • He looks high as shit in that mugshot (allegedly).
                              "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye


                              • Poor dumb Biebs.

                                Oh, right. That *is* what is inside your skull.

                                He looks high as shit in that mugshot (allegedly).
                                I don't think you even have to say 'allegedly', Neo. They found pot, alcohol and prescription drugs in his bloodstream when he was arrested.

                                FACT, BELIEBERS.