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  • I always feel bad when kids are the main source of income in their families. And when will the Fanning parents start their shelter for teenage celebrities already? There is clearly a need for it. I feel like Dakota and Elle are only in the news for their work and the occasional fashion show, but otherwise, they stay hidden. If they're off doing blow in bathrooms at private parties, they've at least been taught how to keep that shit quiet.



      Such a brave woman.

      What’s your favorite Woody Allen movie? Before you answer, you should know: when I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim, closet-like attic on the second floor of our house. He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set. Then he sexually assaulted me. He talked to me while he did it, whispering that I was a good girl, that this was our secret, promising that we’d go to Paris and I’d be a star in his movies. I remember staring at that toy train, focusing on it as it traveled in its circle around the attic. To this day, I find it difficult to look at toy trains.

      For as long as I could remember, my father had been doing things to me that I didn’t like. I didn’t like how often he would take me away from my mom, siblings and friends to be alone with him. I didn’t like it when he would stick his thumb in my mouth. I didn’t like it when I had to get in bed with him under the sheets when he was in his underwear. I didn’t like it when he would place his head in my naked lap and breathe in and breathe out. I would hide under beds or lock myself in the bathroom to avoid these encounters, but he always found me. These things happened so often, so routinely, so skillfully hidden from a mother that would have protected me had she known, that I thought it was normal. I thought this was how fathers doted on their daughters. But what he did to me in the attic felt different. I couldn’t keep the secret anymore.

      . . . .

      What if it had been your child, Cate Blanchett? Louis CK? Alec Baldwin? What if it had been you, Emma Stone? Or you, Scarlett Johansson? You knew me when I was a little girl, Diane Keaton. Have you forgotten me?

      Woody Allen is a living testament to the way our society fails the survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

      So imagine your seven-year-old daughter being led into an attic by Woody Allen. Imagine she spends a lifetime stricken with nausea at the mention of his name. Imagine a world that celebrates her tormenter.

      Are you imagining that? Now, what’s your favorite Woody Allen movie?
      The whole thing is worth a read, of course.


      • The amount of victim-blaming going on in response to this is just maddening. I can't even get why people are like that.


        • Ronan Farrow interviews Miley Cyrus:

          This my favorite part:

          When she tells me that at Thanksgiving with the Cyrus clan her brothers “literally got in a fight over, like, aliens,” I ask, “Immigration?”

          “Yes. So he’s just—”

          “Where did the family land on that?” I ask.

          “Well, my older brother is obsessed with all those documentaries that have been banned. My brother’s convinced it’s the government not wanting us to know about aliens because the world would just, like, freak out—”

          “Oh,” I say, realizing there’s been a misunderstanding. “Literal aliens.”

          “—and so my younger brother is like, ‘That’s completely bogus.’ ”

          “Tell your brother I worked for the government and saw no aliens.”

          “I’m not so sure,” she says, telling me she once saw suspicious lights in the sky in the Bahamas. “My dad told me it was a satellite. But the way it zipped off was really weird.”

          “I think it was a satellite,” I offer.
          He doesn't patronize her or anything, but it's pretty clear that we are not dealing with the sharpest crayon.

          . . . which makes me think less of Liam Hemsworth, tbh, for sticking it out so long.


          • Esquire looks at some scenes and dialogue and themes from Woody's movies that seem OH SO CHILLING in hindsight.


            This might sum up why it's so much harder to do the whole art/artist thing in Woody's case:

            So what are we supposed to do? Every comedian alive, every writer alive, has been influenced by Woody Allen. In a way this dilemma is nothing new. Artists can be scum. Every grownup knows this. Roman Polanski was convicted of violating a thirteen-year-old girl, but he still made Chinatown. Charles Dickens had terrible sexual secrets. A recent biography of Walter Benjamin, the German essayist who is a personal intellectual hero of mine, revealed that, when it came to his wife and child, he was, not to put too fine a point on it, an irresponsible asshole. The first compiler of the tales of King Arthur, Sir Thomas Malory, was a well-known rapist. Separating the quality of the art from the life of the artist is necessary for anyone who wants to enjoy anything.

            But with Woody Allen, such a separation is impossible. His movies are so thoroughly about himself, and about his own condition.


            • Ok, I have got to wade into this minefield.

              To be clear:
              1. I have nothing but sympathy for Dylan Farrow and I support her right to speak out completely. I don't blame her for anything, even if she's suffering from a false memory (and I do not presume that to be the case).
              2. I have major issues with some of our very obviously known things about Woody Allen. Hooking up with Soon-Yi was a HUGE transgression even without Dylan's accusation.

              That said? I think Mia Farrow is a loon of the highest order and it sincerely would not surprise me to learn that she planted this idea in Dylan's head (though I'm not convinced she did). However, I do believe it's POSSIBLE, more likely than in the average case like this. The thing is, it makes me uncomfortable to admit that because I am not the kind of person to blame the victim, ever. When one of my dearest friends was raped last year she called me and told me and we talked and cried and I was the first person to say to her: This is NOT your fault; you trusted a person who violated you. That doesn't make you wrong. It makes the rapist wrong for being somebody who can't be trusted. Every other person in her inner circle was filled with questions that pointed the finger back to her (including her own husband and her parents). I was proud of myself for not joining that group at the time.

              I have been following this case since it broke in the early 1990s. I have read soooo much about this and I have to say that I think there is room for reasonable doubt here. It makes me feel like a HUGE asshole to admit it out loud. I actually think the much-maligned Daily Beast article summed up many of the things I thought as I was reading all these anti-Woody pieces. He points out things that have stuck as lingering concerns/doubts in my mind over the years.

              Yes, Woody hooked up with Soon-Yi. It was WRONG like whoa. Yes, he has a history of liking the nubile ladies in his movies (and I've always found that to be problematic, too, but honest in the sense that lots of shallow men would prefer to date hot 20-year-olds forever).

              I think that Esquire article you linked above is grasping at straws, however. I JUST watched Stardust Memories and the scene they pulled was NOT about Woody being hot for a little girl AT ALL. It about his sadness at having lost his lover to her mental illness. In flashbacks she's often unstable and emotionally overwrought. Also, ALL of his movies are steeped in Freudian psychoanalysis. That's not a sign of pedophilia; it's a sign of too much neurotic Freudian psychoanalysis. And the quote from Manhattan? That's just silly parsing of dialogue. Everybody has moments they would regret their ex writing down and telling people about! And the "carrying around an awful secret" theme (that they say coincides with Dylan's birth) also neatly coincides with his affair with Soon-Yi.

              And, as an aside, I really think Mia's behavior is VERY problematic. I mean, she was defending Roman Polanski (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in court in 2005. WHAT THE FUCK MIA. WHAT THE FUCK. She gave permission for her image to appear during the Woody Allen tribute at the Globes!!!!!! Why would you do that if your grown daughter was still clearly totally fucking traumatized by the sight of him? It's crazy to me. Moses (the older adopted kid who was so upset he photoshopped Woody out of every family photo) is now estranged from Mia and has reestablished relations with Woody and Soon-Yi.

              I think Woody hooking up with Soon-Yi broke Mia's brain (as it should--it's awful!) and COULD have created a chain reaction of events in that household that rippled out and continues to plague them all. I'm not saying that is what DID happen. But Salon had a good piece about lingering doubt and why/how we might have it and why that complicates matters. I mean, investigators at the time reached the conclusion that Dylan was not molested and that her mother had likely coached her into believing it! And people keep saying that the investigators were paid off or intimidated by Woody Allen? That's total hearsay (and is Woody that powerful outside a small indie movie world?)! Woody being powerful and intimidating is about as valid as everything else that shows up in the average Vanity Fair hit-piece (the same kind of hit-piece that Mia's friends wrote for Vanity Fair--twice--and the same kind of piece she testified in court against VF for when defending convicted child-rapist Roman Polanski).

              Anyway, I HATE that I have these feelings of doubt but I do. I think in just this ONE case? There is so much bad behavior that both Woody and Mia are probably pretty awful/weird/immoral people who I would not want for parents and would not trust to raise my non-existent kids in the event of my death. And I pity Dylan for being at the center of it.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • A rational adult can read the situation the way you are reading it, so I do get what you are saying. I don't read it the same way, but that doesn't mean your interpretation lacks validity. Without solid knowledge, this is going to be a somewhat subjective discussion area.

                (shorter ophy: Totes agree to disagree with no hard feelings.)


                • Totes agree to disagree with no hard feelings.
                  Whew! I was nervous about this one!
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • Charles Dickens had terrible sexual secrets.
                    What? What is he talking about?

                    is Woody that powerful outside a small indie movie world?
                    I think he is. However, even though I'm 99% certain that Dylan is telling the truth, I can never be 100% because it was never proved. I'm giving the benefit of a doupt to everybody.


                    • A lot of people are doing round-ups and pulling up old stories about the Woody/Mia split (which was MESSY and HUGE in NYC). Somewhat off topic (I really only see it as tangentially related) but about a month after Mia found out about The Soon Yi Situation (around V-day) she gave Woody a box as a gift when he was over to see Dylan and Satchel (I think). He said thank you and then opened it in the car on the way home and it had a pic of Mia and the kids in it with a knife stuck in her heart and skewers stuck in the hearts of the children!

                      That's so cray-mazing to me.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • In further Mia/Woody news, I'm very confused about why the kids were all in therapy at five years old!

                        Here's an article from the NYT from 1993:
                        March 30, 1993

                        Doctor Recounts Threats By Farrow Against Allen
                        By PETER MARKS

                        A clinical psychologist testified yesterday that she warned Woody Allen that she feared for his safety because of threats made by Mia Farrow. The threats were made in the months after Ms. Farrow learned that Mr. Allen was having an affair with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, the psychologist testified.

                        The psychologist, Dr. Susan Coates, also testified that while she considered Mr. Allen's relationship with his own adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, to be "inappropriately intense," the therapist never observed him acting in a sexual way toward her. And she reported that an evaluation of Dylan conducted in 1990 found the girl easily "would be taken over by fantasy" when asked to describe something as simple as an apple tree.
                        WTF is Dylan doing in therapy in 1990? She would have been five years old and this was nearly two years before Mia found out about Soon Yi. And, below, Ronan was in therapy, too, as a very young child:

                        The testimony of Dr. Coates -- who regularly treated the couple's biological son, Satchel, from 1990 to 1992, and often conversed or met with both parents -- appeared to provide an alternative explanation for Mr. Allen's behavior toward Dylan other than the one advanced by Ms. Farrow.

                        The actress's accusation that Mr. Allen had molested Dylan at her country house last Aug. 4 is a central issue in the custody trial in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. Mr. Allen has denied the accusation.

                        Escalating Rage

                        Dr. Coates was questioned by Mr. Allen's lawyer, Elkan Abramowitz (STILL HIS LAWYER TO THIS DAY). Dr. Coates -- one of several psychologists and psychiatrists whom various members of the couple's family had seen over the years -- portrayed Ms. Farrow as filled with escalating rage after discovering Mr. Allen's affair with Ms. Previn in January 1992.

                        The psychologist said that Ms. Farrow's actions in the following months, which included angry phone calls and a gift to Mr. Allen of a Valentine with skewers through the hearts of her children, had convinced her that Ms. Farrow might harm herself or Mr. Allen.

                        "I understood from Mr. Allen that Miss Farrow had repeatedly called him and said that she thought he should be dead, that she wanted to kill him," Dr. Coates testified.

                        "I felt it was a really dangerous situation," she said, explaining she told Mr. Allen that he should not visit Ms. Farrow and her children at their country home because Ms. Farrow remained so distraught. "In my clinical evaluation, this was a place where protection was needed."

                        A Knife Through a Picture

                        Earlier in the day, Ms. Farrow, concluding her three days on the witness stand, explained why she had sent the Valentine with the skewers and the steak knife through the picture of herself.

                        "It was not a threat, it was an attempt to depict to a man who didn't know or didn't care what he had done," she said. "He seemed to have no concept. The morality of the situation seemed to have totally eluded him. I wanted to depict the degree of pain he had inflicted on me and my entire family."

                        Dr. Coates characterized Ms. Farrow's behavior as increasingly erratic as the months progressed. Dr. Coates testified that on Aug. 1 of last year Ms. Farrow called her after having learned that the affair with Ms. Previn was continuing. Ms. Farrow described Mr. Allen as "satanic and evil," Dr. Coates said, adding that Ms. Farrow pleaded with her to "find a way to stop him."

                        Dr. Coates testified she was taken aback after Ms. Farrow mentioned at another point in the conversation that she and Mr. Allen had the week before been discussing the possibility of getting married.

                        "Do you think I should marry him?' " said Dr. Coates, reading from the notes she took at the time and quoting Ms. Farrow.

                        "I said, 'Are you serious?' " Dr. Coates said. "She heard my reaction to it, and realized there was something absurd about it."

                        Four days after that conversation, the psychologist testified, Ms. Farrow phoned again, saying that Dylan had begun complaining that Mr. Allen had abused her. Dr. Coates characterized Ms. Farrow as having been extremely calm during the call, in contrast to her agitated state in other calls.

                        'She Was Very Calm'

                        "I was puzzled, because in that conversation she was very calm," Dr. Coates said. "I did not understand her calm."

                        Dr. Coates, who had continued to see Mr. Allen as part of Satchel's therapy, broke the news to Mr. Allen of Dylan's allegations a few days later. She described it as "one of the worst moments of my whole life."

                        "He sat on the edge of his chair and his eyes were very wide," Dr. Coates recalled. "He said, 'I'm completely flabbergasted. I'm completely flabbergasted.' He said it over and over again."

                        The psychologist testified that she first met with Mr. Allen and Ms. Farrow in 1990, as part of her preliminary evaluation of Satchel, whom she said was alienated from Mr. Allen at the time. She said the parents' own relationship was "in considerable trouble," with the two of them unable to agree on issues as small as whether or not Ms. Farrow should keep a child's thermometer in the house.
                        These people are off the charts nuttay is what I'm trying to say. I'm not anti-therapy but I find it strange that everybody associated with them needs intensive therapy by the age of 5.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Completely agree that there seems to be a whole lot of crazy up in there. And, absolutely, would consider none of the adults involved suitable caretakers for MY children. No thank you very much.

                          But knowing Woody sexualized and pursued a romantic relationship with a young girl who was supposed to be an adopted child, to whom he was supposed to at the very least act like a father figure towards, if not be a legit dad? THAT, to me, will forever cast him and his actions around all young girls in doubt.


                          • I totally agree that his clear interest in Dylan>>>Satchel is a red flag on top of his obviously deeply inappropriate interest in Soon Yi.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • I tend to believe Dylan since she's now an adult and is still adamant that it happened, that it wasn't a one time incident, and that she's still scared to death of him. I just feel that if it was fabricated and driven by her mother, she would've realized that now.

                              But what's really driving me batshit is the constant reminder of the fact that there is a huge, prevailing belief in this world that women and children frequently fabricate sexual assault stories. [And, just to be clear, I'm not talking about anyone here.] I've lost count of the amount of people (and really, I should just stay off Fark, so it's kind of my fault) saying things like, "People make this stuff up all the time. Remember that lacrosse team? That could've ruined their lives!" And it just makes me crazy. Very few people lie about being assaulted. There is next to nothing in it for them. It's humiliating and they're almost never believed. There are way more instances of people being violated who never tell anyone than ones who aren't and lie about it. And because men are the usual perpetrators, and they're still controlling the narrative all over this planet, they're able to keep perpetuating this bullshit that most accusations are a means of revenge or a misinterpretation of a situation.

                              So while I have no real investment in this story, not being a fan of Woody Allen or Mia Farrow, the reactions that I'm seeing to it, mostly from men, is making me super ragey.


                              • That's why I felt weird even saying I had reservations about this case. Generally speaking? I do not believe adult women make this shit up. And I'd also say that children are telling the truth the vast, vast, vast majority of the time.

                                But I also know that there are situations where children can be made to believe something happened and I think it's important to look for corroborating evidence because of that. If you think about all the satanic panic cases of the 1980s and some other high-profile sexual abuse cases where there is a big gaping hole between the truth and the victim's memories then it's important to be prudent.

                                Memory is a tricky beast and, can be easily manipulated--much more easily than I'd like to accept (if the studies are to be taken seriously). In the late 1980s and early 1990s, there was a movement in psychology to "recover" memories that people were blocking out for whatever reason. This type of therapy has been known to create false memories that people whole-heartedly believe.

                                For example, my best friend had a vivid memory--one of the best of her childhood,' she told me sadly--of her renting bikes and spending a day with her father on Mackinac Island (you have to take a ferry to get there--it's in Northern Michigan). Her father was inattentive and sickly for most of her life. When she mentioned it to her mother when she was in her early 20s her mother looked at her like she was crazy. She sad that there was no way that ever happened because he'd never even been to the island. Her father had no memory of it, either.

                                From the wiki page on False Memory Syndrome:
                                Human memory is created and highly suggestible, and a wide variety of innocuous, embarrassing and frightening memories can be falsely created through the use of different techniques, including guided imagery, hypnosis and suggestion by others. Though not all individuals who are exposed to these techniques will develop memories, experiments suggest a significant number of people will, and will actively defend the existence of the events, even if told they were false and deliberately implanted.
                                I'm not saying this applies to Dylan Farrow. It's tangential to the overall conversation of childhood abuse and the idea that an adult can strongly believe something happened that didn't actually happen.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.