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  • He's gay. She's a sociopath.

    Well, that would explain how even-keeled her social media has stayed throughout their 'separation'. Not a sign of angst anywhere, and they are still working together on their album.

    Nina is friends with Lucifer? That's going to end well for her.

    They did a #GetCovered PSA together last wkend, and they hang with some of the same people in LA. I have no idea if they are actually 'friends'. Nina never interacts with her on twitter or anything -- and other than the PSA, I've never seen them together outside of social functions. Definitely not besties. (yet).

    Nina might be in the market for a new LA bestie, though. She's not been spending much time with JH since JH started dating that hockey player. A newly divorced NR might be more available for fun beach time, who knows?


    • Swiped this from someone (you know who you are . . . ).

      Classic Nikki Reed moment:

      The best is the smirk Nick (Rob's manager) gives her after she gets indignant at being cut off.

      Anyway, posting this for Goonies reasons:


      • Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are engaged.

        Johnny Depp Confirms Amber Heard Engagement: My "Chick's Ring" Is a "Dead Giveaway"

        Depp-initely engaged! Johnny Depp isn't one for explicit, direct public statements about his private life -- so when the Lone Ranger star, 50, "opened up" about his top-secret engagement to Amber Heard in Beijing on Monday March 31, it was typically quirky.

        The Associated Press reports that Depp was asked whether he was, in fact, engaged. "The fact that I'm wearing a chick's ring on my finger is probably a dead giveaway. Not very subtle," Depp replied. The AP explains that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was wearing a ring featuring a "single diamond on a band around his ring finger. And indeed, it really is a "chick's ring," one source tells Us Weekly: The engagement ring Depp gave Heard, 27, was "too big for her, so he started wearing it," explains the source.

        Us confirmed back in mid-January that Depp had proposed to his Rum Diaries costar Heard after about a year and a half of dating. Promoting new film Transcendence in China Monday, Depp also fielded a question about any potential wedding plans. "I think that I would be better at making women's shoes than I would be at wedding planning, I can't plan anything," the 21 Jump Street alum reasoned. "I'm really bad at that stuff."

        As previously revealed, the future spouses celebrated their impending nuptials at an engagement party held inside The Carondelet House in L.A. March 14 with pals like Marilyn Manson, Steven Tyler and Mandy Moore in attendance.

        It will be the first marriage for Heard and the second for Depp, who was married to Lori Anne Allison for two brief years in the mid-80s. He and French actress/singer Vanessa Paradis were in a relationship for 14 years before announcing their split in June 2012. They share kids Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11.
        So I guess it was Vanessa who must not have been into marriage all that time?

        ETA a pic of the engagement ring:

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        • Vanessa is bitter as fuck right now, let's be real.
          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • I don't even know where this belongs really, because it's about Heathers, but it's also about how Shannen Doherty is a megabitch and everyone hated her on set:

            LEHMANN When Shannen came in, [our casting directors] pulled me aside and said, “This girl is really good, but she wants Veronica.” And I said, “We’ve already cast Winona.” And they said, “She knows that. She’s willing to read the Heather Duke part, but she just wants you to know that’s not the part she wants.” She was amazing in the reading. I think she actually came in hoping we’d think she was so good that we’d just give her the Veronica role.

            WATERS She wanted to be the lead Heather. And Veronica too. And J.D.

            SHANNEN DOHERTY Heather Duke I don’t remember that, because I remember Winona was already hired when I got the script. Originally they wanted me to audition for Heather Chandler. When I read it, I loved Heather Duke. I loved the fact that she started out weak in the group. Bullimic and the dog that you kick. And then she became — their term — a “megabitch.” I loved that. Originally, they wanted me to be blonde. Going blonde would’ve destroyed my hair, so we all settled on me as a redhead.

            LEHMANN She had a television career, and she was a really talented actress, but a bit of a handful.

            WATERS Shannen’s mother [Rosa] kept throwing Our House in our faces. “Well, you know, Shannen is the star of this TV show.” She was very ambitious.

            DOHERTY I just remember thinking Winona was the coolest chick in the world. She dresses cool. She’s beautiful. Very intelligent. Very artsy. It was a little bit of hero worship.

            FALK I hung out with Winona. She stayed at my house a lot. Kim Walker was really sweet. I barely knew Christian. He’d always be in his trailer or smoking cigarettes.

            DOHERTY Christian was a tiny bit aloof. He definitely was embracing J.D., for sure.

            SLATER I got so into working with Winona that I had blinders on to everyone else. It was almost like J.D. didn’t have patience for any of those people, either. I stayed away from Shannen. She seemed to not have any interest in me, so I just kept my distance.

            LYNN The only one in the cast who stuck out like a sore thumb was Shannen. It’s like when you get a paper cut, and someone just purposely squeezes a lemon on it. She was the lemon. She was just so bitchy.
            She was the lemon! I love that phrase.

            Also! The RLTL tension between Slater and Winona, given that he was dating Kim Walker (Heather Chandler) at the time.

            Though Slater was dating Walker, his onscreen rapport with Ryder was undeniable. But the actors don’t exactly agree on whether they ended up dating after the shoot.

            SLATER Yeah, yeah. We tried.

            RYDER We never went out! He was dating Kim Walker. And I had, like, such a big crush on him.

            SLATER It’s one of those early lessons. It’s better to keep things professional than to try to mix them as far as emotions go.

            RYDER It’s funny, the last time I watched the movie, I was like, “God, we have really great chemistry!” And I wonder if it was partly to do with the fact that, you know, I wished I could. There were a couple of times where we tried to go out, but there was always some sort of drama. Nothing happened until after the movie. Then I do remember, like, making out with him a few times after he broke up with Kim.

            SLATER You end up at times crossing boundaries and confusing things.

            RYDER I felt a real closeness to him. Maybe it was because—I’ll just say it—I was a virgin. I remember getting the talk from my mom: “When you make out with someone, it doesn’t mean they’re your boyfriend.” I was like, “Really?” [Laughs] I was always trying to figure out if we were actually dating, and he would never really answer me. I remember when we were on the college [publicity] tour, he told the audience we were getting married, which of course sent me into this giggling thing. But I remember always thinking, “What’s going on? Like are we…?” And he never really answered me.

            SLATER I definitely love her today. She’s a great actress. And that was a unique time for both of us.
            Also, Shannen sounds like a dumb lemon.

            DI NOVI I don’t think [Shannen] at the time quite got what Heathers was, and that actually worked for us. She made that character real.

            DOHERTY The first time I saw the movie I was definitely a little bit in shock. It was so dark and so funny, and maybe a little over my head.

            FALK People would laugh at things that you didn’t think were that funny. I do remember Shannen just kind of going, like, “You’ve got to be kidding.” She didn’t realize it was a comedy, or maybe know what a dark comedy meant.

            RYDER I remember [Shannen] got interviewed 10 years later, and she was trying to say how dark and funny and cool it was. You can’t blame her. She doesn’t want to be remembered as the one who ran out sobbing, “No one told me it was a comedy!”
            No one told her it was a comedy!

            How could she not have known??
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            • I've read that before, that Shannen had no idea it was a comedy. She thought it was a straight-up drama. She was dumb. She had to have been to have pissed away her career like that. But she was great in that movie and I still Brenda.

              That Winona/Christian gossip is awesome! I totally would've shipped them if it hadn't been for Johnny Depp. They are still my OTP. Winona Forever!


              • Winona reads there like somebody I would love to hang around with and talk about boys.


                • Winona is a goddess today, tomorrow, forever.

                  I LOVE every juice bit of of Doherty gossip no matter who is telling it. I could read Doherty gossip all day forever.
                  It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • I was going to say Winona and Slater should date now, but I guess he just married his 26-year-old gf, plus the rumor is she's squicked by the Johnny/Amber age difference, so even if that ended soon... Double oh well.

                    Doherty's online college course commercials are one of my favorite things.


                    • Did she ever get that degree in liberal arts?

                      Winona/Johnny 4evah.
                      "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye


                      • @ 1:22. I'm rooting for La Lohan always.


                        • This is in no way mean-spirited because I love them and find them adorable, but everyone needs to see Garstone dancing to Spanish music on a Monday morning. I like to imagine that this is what they do at home.



                          • They are too cute to be truuuue. That's the same interview in which the hosts ambushed her with a FaceTime with Sporty Spice, I think? Emma Stone's nerding out over the Spice Girls (and Andrew Garfield's quiet, slightly embarrassed support) warms my soul.


                            • For isadora:

                              This is why twitter was invented, right?


                              • Why do those two torture me so? *swoon*
                                It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.