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  • I feel like we need a Mazel Tov thread, because so much of what goes in here isn't mean spirited at all.

    Jodie Foster got married!

    Congrats to Jodie Foster and her new wife Alexandra Hedison.
    I can exclusively reveal that the Oscar winner and her photographer girlfriend of almost a year got married this past weekend.

    A rep for Foster confirms the happy news.

    As E! News first reported, the two started dating sometime last summer.

    "It's pretty serious," a source told us in September. "They're totally in love."

    Internet chatter about the two began in the summer when the two were photographed together at a technology seminar at Fox Studios in Los Angeles and out to dinner with friends a few days later. Both were at the opening of Alan Cumming's Macbeth in NYC back about a year ago, but they weren't photographed together.

    Hedison, who dated Ellen DeGeneres for about three years before things ended in 2004, has had her photography shown in New York and Los Angeles. She also has several acting credits, including playing Dylan Moreland on Showtime's hit lesbian drama series, The L Word, for three seasons.

    In accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes last year, Foster thanked her ex Cydney Bernard, spoke of her need for privacy and also declared that she did her "coming out a thousands years ago, in the Stone Age."

    Foster and Bernard, who are coparents to sons Charles and Kit, called it quits after 20 years in 2008.


    • Aw! Lovely lovebirds.


      • Cydney must be sooo fucking bitter.
        Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • I'm meh about this. Jodie kind of freaked me out at the Globes and I didn't appreciate her writing about the Kristen ~scandal as if she were knowledgeable on fucking anything associated with the specifics of that situation. Also 20 years with the partner and less than a year with the wife? Meh.

          <-- mean-spirited


          • Sometimes you meet someone and you just KNOW.

            She and KS did that safe room movie back in the day. Maybe they stayed in touch?
            "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


            • I like that you can't even publicly defend K-Stew without incurring em's wrath.
              Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Another Mazel Tov!


                Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Welcome Their Baby Boy Otis

                It’s official, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are now parents.
                The couple welcomed baby boy Otis Alexander Sudeikis on Wednesday, April 23.
                Or in Wilde’s words, “Otis has left the building!” (Apparently she’s the building).

                The gorgeous photo of mother and son snuggling was Wilde’s way of announcing his slightly early arrival, as the baby’s due date was reportedly May 4.
                Welcome to the world, Otis — we couldn’t be happier for this new family. Congrats, Olivia and Jason!
                Even though it's a totes hipster name that conjures up a suspender wearing professional banjo player who lives in Brooklyn and displays his decoupages in a gallery on Bedford Ave, I kinda love Otis Alexander, and I think it fits them nicely.


                • Jodie's essay was in defense of KS. And about how the media attacks child/young stars. Sorry but if there's an opinion on that, I'd say Jodie's in a position to know what she's talking about. She wasn't talking about the specifics of KS allegedly screwing a married man.

                  Otis. Otis? Well okay.

                  (Edited to spell her damn name right.)
                  Last edited by NeoMaxy; 04-24-2014, 04:56 PM.
                  "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


                  • The piece ran on August 15th and included in the headline "breakup". Anyone even a little bit close to the situation would have known that wasn't remotely accurate. She fueled the fire of the very thing she was claiming to denounce AND anyone who knew her post Panic Room would know what a truly damaging influence her mother is while JF's Daily Beast piece makes her sound like mother of the year. I don't think she wanted to hurt Kristen with it but it certainly didn't help her or anyone else involved in that situation. And of course her mother tweeted it and thanked Jodie for her kind words, of course she did.

                    And in fact, Jodie presented Breaking Dawn with Best Picture at the MTV Movie Awards just two months before and explicitly said backstage that she hadn't seen Kristen in a long time because everyone was making a big deal about the Panic Room reunion onstage. Which fine but then don't write about the events of later that summer as though you have any idea what's actually happening.

                    Part of that is legit ire and part is just for Is. Ha.

                    Yay Otis Sudeikis!


                    • Is it possible she didn't write the headline and someone else did as click bait? Because I read it too and there was nothing personal in there about her relationship/breakup.
                      "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


                      • It is possible but not being accountable for the context in which your words are presented to your readers is an unimpressive cop-out to me. Contributing your commentary to a site that would use that headline as clickbait also doesn't wash. I don't think she's evil or anything but the consensus in fandom was that that op ed did way more harm than good at the time and I've always viewed Jodie differently since she decided to publish it.


                        • And also chose to defend Mel Gibson post drunken, sexist anti semitic rant.


                          • So an article where she basically says 'cut her some slack and leave her alone' is garbage because someone used the word 'breakup' in the title? When they did in fact breakup for a short time by some reports? Or at least he supposedly moved out for awhile. And a marriage also did break up? Um, okay. I guess well have to agree to disagree then. I don't see the damage here. I see support from a big name.

                            I do, however, agree with Scientologyguru. Tru dat.
                            "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


                            • They didn't break up. They never broke up in 2012. 2013 is murkier but even that isn't cut and dried.
                              And Rupert and Liberty were in on it together; the divorce was in the works long before SWATH even concluded filming. The only tragedy there is that those kids have a predator and famewhore for parents. We obviously don't have to agree on this but trust that I have more knowledge on this topic than whatever the tabloids reported.


                              • I can sympathize with the impulse that caused Jodie to write that, especially since it went into 'addressing a larger issue' topic, but it was one of those wickedly convoluted situations that an actual insider would have known it was better to stay mum about entirely. That said! I'm happy for her if she is happy and weddings and happy and all that. It reminds me a little of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, right? A gazillion years with a gf and no wedding, and then almost immediately marrying the next partner. Makes me think it was Cydney and Vanessa that were not into the whole marriage shebang, not necessarily Johnny and Jodie.

                                Now I'm imagining Johnny and Jodie getting married, and that's weird?

                                Okay! I think *somebody* (ahem, SNICK I AM CALLING YOU OUT) might be interested in this.


                                Did Tori Spelling Fake a Cheating Scandal to Land a New Reality Show?

                                Tori Spelling's new reality show True Tori is supposed to document—practically in real time—her marital problems with estranged husband Dean McDermott, who checked into rehab after it was reported in Us Weekly that he cheated on her. But the entire first episode rang so incredibly false that many are now questioning whether there was ever a cheating scandal to begin with, or if this was all a machination by the financially-strapped couple to land a new TV show after their long-running Oxygen series was canceled.

                                On the show, which premiered last night on Lifetime, Tori is presented as the strong single mom who is just trying to keep the pieces of her shattered life together long enough to make it through another day with four young children. But as the hour-long episode progressed, it didn't feel like we were watching a woman in the midst of an emotional crisis—it felt like we were watching a bullshit artist attempting to create her masterpiece. Let's review the evidence.
                                Never seen an ep of this show at all, but it was always one of the 'less real' reality shows, right?

                                Tori Spelling ✔ @torianddean

                                This isn’t another scripted story. This is my life #TrueTori
                                5:00 PM - 21 Apr 2014

                                Uh huh. The evidence Jezebel presents to the contrary is compelling.

                                The 28-year-old Canadian woman at the center of this cheating scandal mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth just after selling her story to Us Weekly in December. It's strange that Us did not do a photo shoot of the girl. In fact, the magazine didn't run any pictures of her at all! Nobody has come forward saying they know her. She didn't do the circuit of entertainment news shows interviews that most "other women" seeking their 15 minutes and a quick payday typically do. Nobody at Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Extra or Inside Edition managed to snag a few minutes with her?

                                She has no social media presence. (There seems to be just one other Emily Goodhand in Canada, on Twitter at least, who has denied having any idea who Dean McDermott is.) That's beyond bizarre for a 28-year-old low-level star fucker.

                                If Emily wasn't trying to make a quick buck or grab a little attention, then what was the point of coming clean in Us? Who benefited?

                                Within weeks, people began to suspect that Emily Goodhand was made up. (Her name does sound like a James Bond babe.)

                                I have never paid any attention to Tori and Dean, so I was surprised that Tori has 'written' FIVE books about herself in the past six years, *plus* had a reality show about her life during that time and is basically raising her kids on camera. Those are some deep psychological waters, yikes. I hope those four kids have somebody who is, you know, actually smart and stable and un-crazy to look out for their interests, because she and Dean both sound like a nightmare.

                                There . . . now maybe that will draw Snick out of hiding, because WE MISS YOU.