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  • Just watched on the link Is posted on FB and HOLY SHIT. What a time to be alive.

    Her rage is an epic poem. She is MEDEA for fuck's sake.

    You know, I was blown away by Formation, but this was like turning it up to eleven. It was beautiful, it was tremendous, and so fucking moving.
    Who else is centering the black female in America experience the way Bey is doing right now? Nobody, that's who. Sheer artistry with amazing heart.

    As a dumb white girl who didn't even understand all of the words and who knows THIS WASN'T WRITTEN FOR ME, Imma just stand to the side and cheer.

    (and I think the Country Music Awards should make up a trophy for Beyonce for that ridiculously good country song that she just casually tossed into the middle of everything.)


    • and forcing your husband to even appear in the movie with you? I MEAN REALLY.

      But this is my fave so far:


      • I've listened to this today. I can't even.....
        I was way too easy on my ex. just sayin'


        • Jenny Slate and Chris Evans!

          Nice of Jenny Slate to Give Ol’ Chris Evans a Chance

          People confirms:,00.html

          There's a hot new couple in Hollywood!

          Chris Evans is dating actress Jenny Slate, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

          "They're enjoying spending time together," the source says.

          Reps for the stars have not commented.

          News of their relationship comes just weeks after Slate split from her husband of nearly four years, Dean Fleischer-Camp.

          Evans and Slate, both 34, met while filming the upcoming drama Gifted.

          Last month, the twosome also appeared on Anna Faris' "Unqualified" podcast in a joint interview. "I didn't know what to expect when I met Chris. I was a little scared because I kind of felt like, Well, I don't know him. He's a giant man with huge muscles and he's Captain America. How could we ever connect?" Slate said at the time. "[But the] first night that we hung out, I was like, Wow, I could hang out with Chris for, like, 90 hours."

          Evans appeared to share the same sentiment. "Oddly enough, I've only known Jenny for a few months, which is insane to say because we're like the same animal."

          [pic from set in Oct 2015]

          Same, Jenny. Same.


          I am very into this news, and it brings me joy.

          Jenny and her husband just announced their divorce a few weeks ago and Jenny and Chris met a few months ago, so the timing might be a *little* bit on the shady side*, but wevs. I feel like even married ladies should get a pass when it comes to a shot at Captain America, just sayin'.

          Other things to note . . . they are both 34 and grew up in the Boston suburbs at the same time, which is kinda sweet. I know folks are like "whaaaa?" but this one makes sense to me and I LURVE IT.

          * okay, breaking down the timing on this because I promised myself I would write at least 900 words today on my Hollywood ghost book but I DON'T WANNA, I wanna do a deep dive on celebrity twitter timelines to figure out relationship overlap instead and because I'm a grown-ass adult, that is what I will do.

          From Jenny's tweets, it's pretty clear things were not hunky dory between her and her husband Dean Fleischer-Camp even before she met Chris, and continued to be not-hunky-dory afterwards.

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 30 Jul 2015

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 30 Aug 2015
          Can I give a TED talk on what happens on earth after yr husband tells u "U sound like an idiot" after u say "I want a sectional couch".

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 15 Sep 2015
          Fyi guys screaming I AM NOT AN ASSHOLE at your husband doesn't make you feel like anything but a huge asshole

          Then she went to Savannah to film a movie with Chris and Octavia Spencer.

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 12 Oct 2015
          I sent my husband a really ugly picture of me why isn't he writing back

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 19 Oct 2015
          U make a new friend&it's like you've been doing the same dance for yr whole lives separately, but now u r together!

          Chris Evans ‏@ChrisEvans 23 Oct 2015
          If you don't know @jennyslate and @octaviaspencer I feel sorry for you. Do yourself a favor and get on board!! #FF

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 23 Oct 2015
          Right back at u w a v tru #FF @ChrisEvans @octaviaspencer bc I would follow u anywhere bc I [❤️] playing running charades w u bc u compete HARD

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 23 Oct 2015

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 26 Oct 2015
          One of my beautiful problems is that I am always putting myself in front of an emotional 18-wheeler

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 27 Oct 2015
          Being new/exciting to someone, or an idea of something,is not as precious as being known & loved. Get the good stuff! I want the good stuff!

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 29 Oct 2015
          Imagine a fancy public restaurant. And then "FUCK U GUYS"- @MarcW cc: @ChrisEvans #manners

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 6 Nov 2015
          I just randomly got weepy in my hotel lobby. I'm a cartoon heart w grey clouds around it&yellow lightning bolts&im alive&its all or nothing

          She tweeted that she cried on the plane when she had to leave Savannah, so obvs that means (something? nothing?). There's nothing obvious about whether or not she and Chris were hooking up on set, though. I'm guessing not, because there were zero rumors about it and people watch Evans closely everywhere.

          Their twitter interactions are pretty jokey and sparse . . . but he does jump into her convos with other people without being tagged to make jokes, so he was clearly watching her twitter closely.

          She hasn't posted any pics with him on twitter or insta, there's been nothing on her social media at all that would give away an interest in him beyond 'co-worker who has become a friend'.

          After wrapping, Jenny spent Thanksgiving with her husband with her family, and the December holidays with his family.

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 23 Nov 2015
          a true thank u to @DFLEISCHERCAMP for hunting for an outlet for my weed vape& saying "Cuz my boo boo needs that chill herb" #partnership

          {Chris retweeted something about astronomy in Dec that I can't c&p, which he does a lot because he's obsessed with space stuff}

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 11 Dec 2015
          @ChrisEvans geek.

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate 26 Dec 2015

          Dean Fleischer-Camp ‏@DFLEISCHERCAMP 26 Dec 2015
          @jennyslate dear wife: I love u wife. U r my favorite, wife. I am sorry that I told u to chill & I feel lucky that ur still here w me (wife)
          After the holidays, Jenny stops mentioning her husband on twitter. But! he was still RTing her or mentioning her on Twitter as late as Feb and mid-March.

          Dean Fleischer-Camp ‏@DFLEISCHERCAMP Feb 25

          my chill af wifey @jennyslate is on the Tonight Show 2nite!! I'll be watching bc she is bubbly & brilliant, and also bc I miss her [😑]

          In comparison . . .

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate Feb 18

          I do. I do get fooled a lot. I do. I do need a helmet for my heart!

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate Mar 12
          My feelings are not my actual self or reality but they are still hurting me right now

          . . . then she soon moves into a friend's house, so . . .

          And she is spotted out to dinner with Chris and his brother in March as well.

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate Mar 19
          I want to feel connection that is balloons plus lightning zaps plus muscles plus fresh air plus safety plus freshness plus gentle oldness

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate Mar 24
          As the image of myself becomes sharper in my brain&more precious, I feel less afraid that someone else will erase me by denying me love

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate Mar 25
          Trying my best but very unsure but also prone to vibrant happiness.

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate Apr 4
          I just want someone to grab my little face and scream "ON PURPOSE, ON PURPOSE I AM GOING TO CARE ABOUT YOU"

          jenny slate ‏@jennyslate Apr 23
          A good rule: give someone the chance to love u if they say they want that chance. Give yourself the chance to accept that they want to do it

          Looks like mid-March-ish is the crucial transition point.

          But her ex is fine with it? The day the news broke about Slevans (Jenris?), her husband tweeted:

          Dean Fleischer-Camp ‏@DFLEISCHERCAMP May 11
          guys im fine, it's chill. u can all --->

          Anyhoo, there you go. Not as messy as Ben Mackenzie/Morena Baccarin . . . still cutting things kinda close and re-boundy, but honestly . . .

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          • OMB I love this. All of this.


            • OMB I love this. All of this.

              Well then, this is for you, Laa . . .

              Not very many pics of Slevans out there yet, but here you go:

              On set:

              With Chris Pratt and Anna Faris:

              OMB her eyes in this one:

              She's all like HOW IS THIS HAPPENING HOW.

              But that's it! Didn't locate any other pics.

              Chris is supposedly a huge dork, so he is probably having a lot more fun with a comedian than with, well. . . yet another Minka Kelly, for example. I also like how everyone is all, "Wow, this makes me think SO MUCH BETTER of Chris Evans now".

              Anne Helen Petersen
              Verified account ‏@annehelen May 11
              dating Jenny Slate makes Chris Evans infinitely more interesting

              And it's so true . . . She's age appropriate! She's a writer! She has all kinds of indie street cred! She's a very outspoken feminist who tweets smart vagina jokes!

              If this is just a PR move, it's actually a really good one, for both of them. (But after perusing Jenny's timeline, I don't think it is. Not unless she is crafty on a Machiavellian level.)

              I don't see any record of Jenny having done a couple's pap walk in the past, but I'm still crossing my fingers for one this weekend.


              • I love this so much. And I don't even have strong feelings about him. And I l love that the Vulture investigative team are on it:
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                • Chris Evans and his biceps can do no wrong in my book.

                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • We finally got to go see Civil War last night and it was everything I wanted it to be. They even made me like the new Spidey even though I still have some residual sads about Andrew G's version not working out the way he hoped. RIP Stonefield.

                    In completely unrelated news, I have a new couple that I'm basically just gonna write fan fic about. Or maybe they can help me kickstart my new career as a young adult author because imagining all the dramz involved in their potential relationship could totes fill a novel the length of Gone With the Wind. She's the hottest young model around right now and basically everyone and their dad wants to sleep with her and she dates Zayn Malik who seems like he has anger issues. He's the reigning MVP of Major League Baseball and also seems to have anger issues or at least he seems to yell at umpires a lot? Or enough to get ejected from games semi-regularly. They are both in their early 20s and hawt like fucking fiyah. Also, they both have glorious hair for their respective genders.

                    Dear world, can Issie has this? I fuckin' need it after DK and The J keep putting me through break-up tension hell.

                    I'm gonna carve out time and make myself a Gigi/Bryce avi at some point so I can wish upon it before going to bed every night.


                    • Well, that was fast. Amber Heard divorces Jonny Depp.



                      • Is anyone shocked by this? I was more surprised that they actually got married in the first place.


                        • It's getting nasty:

                          Amber Heard claims domestic violence


                          • I don't get how some internet commenters think Amber Heard Gone girled him. If you're rationalizing so hard that you reach a conclusion Amber Heard is a brainiac then really you must be coucou for JD

                            And also I don't think they got the point that Nick Dunne kind of deserved almost everything that got him in that book. Sigh


                            • She has texts from JD's assistant for crying out loud. What more do they want?


                              • Ugh, the fact that the media hounded Amber into withdrawing her request for spousal support steams me up. She put up with his entitled abusive drunken ass for years, she deserves to take him to the fucking cleaners. There's no way she was able to perform up to her own earning capabilities during the time period he was traumatizing her either, and she should be compensated for lost potential income.

                                In lighter news, holy beekola. Hiddleswift, y'all.

                                I didn't care two cents about the Swift/Harris break-up until we found out Loki was involved. I'm all about those Marvel folks hooking up with other beautiful people right now.



                                Canoodling at her estate!

                                Yes, that's exactly how I would dress to scramble over rocks on the beach in June, okay.


                                Apparently they were seated next to each other at the Met Ball randomly and then had a dance off that night.

                                Also there are pics of Tom coming out of Anna Wintour's house with Idris Elba on a different night, and you can see Taylor lurking in the doorway in the background.

                                Calvin seems petty about it. He deleted the tweet where he said there was nothing but love and mutual respect between them after the break-up, then unfollowed Taylor, blocked her brother, and tweeted this:

                                He deleted that, too. I also read on twitter that he snapchatted himself giving the finger to a TaySwift song, but I haven't seen a screenshot so . . .

                                People denies the bitterness:


                                There's no bad blood betweenCalvin Harris and Taylor Swiftwhen it comes to her seemingly budding romance with actor Tom Hiddleston.

                                On Wednesday, photos of the "Shake It Off" singer, 26, and theCrimson Peak actor were printed by U.K. tabloid The Sun, and a Harris friend tells PEOPLE exclusively the DJ, 32, wasn't blindsided.

                                "Adam is aware," says the source of the deejay, who was spotted stepping out shortly after news broke Wednesday. "He always just wanted the best for Taylor. He just wants her to be happy."

                                Additionally, the Scottish music producer "has moved on and is happy" himself, adds the friend. "He has no opinion about who she hangs out with."

                                People left this part out . . . Tom is 35, btw.

                                Anyway, I am particularly into this news because of my super warm feels about Hiddleston right now. He was a magnificent golden beast in The Night Manager and made me go all swoony multiple times.

                                But! it would be a bit surprising if Hiddleswift lasts any longer than a week, given that Tom has to be in Australia to film the third Thor movie in a couple of weeks. So this is probably just a fleeting moment of ridiculously tall blond glamorous giraffe romance and that is FINE.

                                ETA The Cut has a theory about this, which sounds plausible:


                                Doesn't explain why Hiddles would go along with it, though. Maybe he wants Bond even more than he has let on?
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